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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 9th November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Shahana telling Prachi that Ranbir wants to help her really. Prachi says but he is helpless and good, that he couldn’t do anything. Shahana says why you are making the simple conversation complicated. Prachi says it is difficult for me, Ranbir does so much for Rhea, he cared for her etc, it is very difficult for me to see all that.

Shahana says he will get close to Rhea, if you go away from him. Prachi asks her to go and ask him to choose one between them to sort out the problems. Shahana says then he will choose you, and asks what you will do then? Prachi says I will say it is too late. She says when a thread breaks, it can be repaired with a knot, but it hurts always. She says you want to take away from tension, but it will be with me. She says if you think that I am creating problems for Ranbir then he deserves it.

Shahana asks her to come for few days. Prachi refuses and says I will not give them a chance to betray or cheat me. She asks Shahana not to go there and stay with her. The private investigator investigate the case and tells that he will get the CCTV footage of the road outside his house, and says we will know everything by tomorrow 2 pm. Ranbir says ok.

Rhea comes there and says I am sorry, Prachi and you are having fights due to me. Ranbir says we used to fight before also. He says fights don’t happen where there is no hope. Rhea says it happens in filmy world. Ranbir says I didn’t mean that and asks her to relax. Rhea says let me complete, and says fights do happen where there is no love.

Ranbir says like you and Sid. Rhea asks from where Sid came between us. He says you both don’t miss each other, and had no fights as there was no hope. Rhea says there is nothing between Sid and me, that relationship has ended and dead. She says we are now married and holds his hand. She asks if you want to say that Prachi and you fight with each other, as you both want to save your relation. Ranbir goes away.

Pallavi says whatever happened was not new, everyone is fighting, but that doesn’t mean that they are each other’s enemy. She says one quarrelling member shall be thrown out, so that all the family stays happy. Vikram comes there and asks for tea. Pallavi says it is here, as cleaning is getting done there. He sees Pallavi and Aaliya smiling, and asks his wife to stop thinking and stop controlling the children’s lives. He says I can’t make you understand more, and goes. Pallavi keeps the tea and says taste got bad. Shahana comes there. Pallavi asks why did she come? Shahana takes the tea tray. Aaliya says did you see her attitude.

Pallavi says she will reply to her misbehavior. Shahana comes to Dida’s room and gives her tea. Dida asks Ranbir to come and have tea with them. Prachi gets up to go. Ranbir says nobody shall go, as I have no time to drink tea. Dida says don’t drink tea, but listen to me. She says you both had a fight infront of Rhea and Pallavi. Ranbir looks at Shahana. Dida says she did right to tell me. She says she loves them both and they hurt her a lot because of their fights. She says now you both don’t even have tea with me. She tells that she always wished for a daughter and son, but she got only a son.

Then pallavi came and she found daughter in her. She says then when you was born, she thought she will get another daughter. She says she is scared to lose her family and says I can’t make Pallavi understand, but you both can atleast try to understand me. Prachi and Ranbir say no use. Dida asks them to have tea with her atleast. Prachi says I can’t and is about to leave, when Ranbir holds her hand. Rhea watches them from other side. Song plays….judaaiyan. He says lets have tea Dida. Prachi serves the tea in the cup and gives it to Ranbir. Ranbir takes the cup. Rhea gets angry and goes from there, recalling how he held Prachi’s hand to stop her and recalls their conversation.

She goes to Aaliya and Pallavi angrily and says my life is in danger and nobody cares about me. She says my relationship is on the verge of break up and nobody really cares. Pallavi says it is not like that. Rhea says she wants her to get Prachi arrested, and says else she will write police commissioner that there is a danger to her life and nobody cares. She says if this is not enough, then I will write suicide note that I took my life due to Prachi, then Police has to arrest her. She says you all will be responsible for my death, as you all haven’t done anything, and says Ranbir will be arrested. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea asks how to calm down myself. She says I can’t understand and losing everyone. She says first I lost my parents, husband and now my life and you don’t do anything, and says you can just say against Prachi, then can sit on your chair and sleep. She says I can’t bear it and asks her to get Prachi arrested. Aaliya says Rhea is right and asks her to get Prachi arrested. Rhea says right now, throw her out from here. She says I will die with fear. Pallavi says I can’t order Police to come here and arrest her, as we have problems with her. Rhea asks what do you want, shall I write your name in the letter also, then it will be published in the newspaper that a mother in law has killed his daughter in law. Aaliya says she is losing her mind. Pallavi says this way is not right. Rhea asks her to understand that Ranbir is thinking to patch up with Prachi, and then you shall be her saas. Pallavi says this can’t happen and calls Police. She says I guarantee that Police will arrest Prachi.

Shahana smiles thinking about Prachi and Ranbir having tea with Dida. She knocks on the door. Dida asks her to come inside and asks if they talked. Shahana says there was a moment between them. Dida asks what? Shahana says Ranbir held Prachi’s hand and stopped her. Dida says we have to make them have tea daily. Shahana says they need elderly advice, and says they will listen to you as you are elder. Dida says my words do effect them, as they love me a lot. She says they will unite for me, but their ego is not letting them unite. Aaliya comes there and says thank god, I saw you here, and asks her to call Prachi. She says Police came for her. Vikram asks Inspector why did he come? Inspector says we came to take Prachi. Vikram says she will submit the proofs. Inspector says we had given time to someone before and then we got the victim dead body.

Vikram says Prachi is not a criminal. Inspector says she can hire detective and prove her innocence. He says she will be in PS until Ranbir proves that she is innocent or if Rhea says that she don’t want to file the case.

Inspector asking Prachi if she wants to say anything to prove her innocence. Vikram asks him to give him some time to do something. Inspector says dept strictly asked him to arrest Prachi and says I can’t do anything. He asks lady constable to arrest her. The lady constable is about to handcuff her, but the handcuff falls down. Rhea says I will help and picks the handcuffs. She asks Prachi not to try to come fast, and infact don’t try to come, says it is big as your sasural. She asks Inspector if there is bed in the PS. Inspector says yes. Rhea asks shall I make her wear the handcuff. Lady constable says no and takes handcuff from her. Shahana requests Inspector not to arrest her. The lady constable asks her to let them do the work, else they have to arrest her also. They are about to take Prachi from there. Ranbir comes there and asks them to stop. Inspector says you came just now, we have strict orders to arrest her. Ranbir says if I had come sometime back then you wouldn’t have arrested her. He says I have proves of her innocence and asks lady constable to open the handcuff. Inspector checks the proves. Ranbir opens Prachi’s handcuff. Rhea asks Inspector not to leave her, and says who will take up the responsibility if anything happens to me. Inspector says nobody and asks her to see the CCTV footage photos, says Prachi was not at home. He says we have to arrest your Bua, as your Bua had brought the tool box when the accident happened. Aaliya says I brought that tool box for house work and not to do anything. Inspector says it doesn’t look like Prachi has attempted murder. Ranbir says I knew and that’s why hired a private detective. He says it is clearly proved that Prachi has not attempted murder on Rhea and can never such thing. Inspector says all the best to Ranbir and goes. Prachi gets teary eyes and goes.

Rhea is standing in the balcony and says why I am not happy, I have everything, but. She asks shall I come to you and stands on the railing. She keeps her foot in air. Aaliya comes there and shouts Rhea. Rhea stumbles and is about to fall, but handles herself. Aaliya asks her to come down. Rhea asks what am I doing? Aaliya says you are trying to fall down. Rhea says if I fall from here, then all my dreams will end with me. She says I will fulfill my dreams and will not accept defeat easily. She asks her to give her hand. Aaliya gives her hand and helps her get down. She then hugs her. Rhea goes to her room. Aaliya comes to her room and asks her don’t even try to do it again. Rhea asks do you think that I can do suicide. She says I can never think of suicide, but family can think. She says she had done it before to show off or to make others scared. Aaliya says if I had not come then you wouldn’t have jumped. Rhea says she will not shed her tears when there is nobody and says she always needs an audience for every act. She says she stood there for a different feeling and it was amazing. She says I just love you so much and tells that she wants same Buji in every birth, I just love you. She says she wants God to give her same life in every birth. Aaliya says you have no idea, how I felt when I saw you on the railing, my life would have ended if you had fallen down. She says I promise that I will make Prachi leave from your life.

Prachi comes there. Aaliya says your mouth shall be closed infront of me and says you have troubled my Rhea much. Prachi asks why are you looking worried shall I bring something. Aaliya asks her to stay away from her Rhea.

Rhea comes out of her bathroom and sees Prachi going from her room. She thinks why did she come? She thinks it is good that she went, else my mood would have got spoiled. She thinks she has to look pretty for Ranbir. Prachi sees Ranbir coming. Ranbir asks her not to do, what she can’t else she will fail. Teri Galiyan plays…..

Rhea gets ready and looks for her mangalsutra. She searches it everywhere and thinks nobody came in the room. She then thinks Prachi had come here and had stolen her mangalsultra. She recalls and a fb is shown. Rhea says you are a complete failure and wants to become great for sacrificing your love for Mom and dad, but you did opposite and separated them. Prachi says you can’t be happy with anyone and not even with Ranbir. She says if you had loved him truly then you would have been with him. She says Ranbir never loved you and will never love you. Rhea says you are not between us, but this mangalsutra is with me and nobody can separate us. Prachi says this is jewellery and show piece for you, which you take off often, and says one day you will lose it and also Ranbir. Fb ends. Rhea comes out shouting and asks where did you hide it. Aaliya, Pallavi and Ranbir comes there. Rhea blames her for stealing her mangalsutra and asks her to tell where is it? Prachi asks what nonsense and asks her to go and search it. Rhea says nobody else will steal it and tells that yesterday night, Prachi had come to my room. Prachi says I had come to your room to take my clothes, which Mahua told that it is in your room. Rhea asks her to give her mangalsutra and says I am asking last time. She says if you don’t say, then I will snatch your mangalsutra. She is about to snatch Prachi’s mangalsutra, but Prachi holds her hand and stops her, asking her not to touch her mangalsutra. She says this is my mangalsutra, keep your bad eye and thoughts away. She says for you, mangalsutra is a jewellery and decoration stuff for you, but it is my identity, pride and respect. She says Ranbir made me wear this, when we got married. She says the black beads mangalsutra ties husband and wife in a relation, and asks how dare she try to touch it, and says if you touch it then I will break your hands. She says she has been wearing it since Ranbir made her wear it and she has not given rights to him to take it off. She asks who are you to take it off. I didn’t take it off, not like you who changes it with clothes. She says you couldn’t respect and care for it, and make it fall here and there.

She says a married woman can’t get it without any reason and can’t lose it mistakenly. She says Mangalsutra is made to wear and it is her responsibility and rights of being Ranbir’s wife.

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