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His mistress’s child on zee world, Friday 25th August 2023 update

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His mistress’s child on zee world Friday 25th August 2023 update, The school authority declining to give admission to Krishna. Ashok calls Yashoda. Yashoda says they are asking for father’s name, or adoption certificate or undertaking. She ends the call and asks the staff to give admission to Krishna. The staff member threatens to rusticate both her daughters. Yashoda says how can you do this? A guy tells that the school staff is right, all schools have same rights.

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Yashoda argues why are they punishing Krishna. The staff asks her to maintain the decorum. She asks her to go and take this form too. She throws it. Ashok comes and holds it. He says all children have the right to study according to the Article 21. He asks her to refuse to give admission on record and the rest, he will do. The staff member tells that once they fill the form, they will admit him. Yashoda says who will adopt him so early. The staff asks why you are angry on us.

Yashoda says only one person is guilty, that is his father and doesn’t have the courage to accept his son. She calls him coward. She then asks Ashok to come. Ashok fills the form, much to everyone’s surprise. He tells the staff that he has written his name on Krishna’s father’s name. He says I am his father. Yashoda is stunned and goes from there. Ashok runs out and sees Yashoda leaving. He gets sad.

Later, Ashok tells Yashoda that he has hurt her to win this fight and didn’t think even once about you. He says I am your husband and related my name to another woman. He says you might be crying, but I didn’t have the courage to wipe your tears. Yashoda says I was angry and that’s why didn’t look back. She says when you have written your name on the form, as Krishna’s father, I felt ver bad, then I thought again and understood that you was right.

She says she feels proud of him. He hugs her. Yashoda says everything is fine and says lets sleep. Ashok says when everyone comes to know then how will we manage? Yashoda says we will see it, and fight this one too. Ashok smiles.

Next day, Arvind calls Ashok and tells babu ji about letter coming from schook. Babu ji checks and gets shocked. He shouts calling Ashok. Yashoda says lets face it. Amma asks what happened? Mahua asks what happened? Babu ji says Krishna’s name is written as Krishna Ashok Gupta. Kamini asks do you want to say that Krishna is Bhai’s son. Yashoda says I will say. Ashok says I will give my name to anyone, whoever needs it for education and says what is wrong if someone get educated. babu ji says this surname Gupta is not change in your pocket. Ashok says if I can’t use my surname for someone’s betterment then I will get it removed legally in the newspaper. He says after today, my identity will be just Ashok. Krishna says I don’t want to go to school. Kamini says nobody came to know else my money would have drown. Mahua asks Ashok if he wishes to adopt Krishna, as he doesn’t have any son. Yashoda asks her if she doesn’t know how to talk to her brother in law. She says they are happy with their grand children. bansal tells babu ji that his both sons don’t respect you. He says father is a father. Arvind asks him not to interfere.

Nupur asking Krishna not to worry and tells that her mummy and Papa will fight for him, and they win always. Aastha says they love you very much, and will fight for you even if the family members are against you. Krishna says how to ask them to stop worrying about him. Babu ji asks Ashok to search Krishna’s father. Aastha says even dada ji wants to know about your father. Babu ji calls Krishna as the sin of someone. Amma says Krishna will leave in 6 months. Babu ji wants him to leave before that and calls him sin again and again. Ashok says he is not a sin. Babu ji asks him to bring his father and says if he accepts that he is not a sin then I will accept. Kamini tells Bansal that Mahua is very intelligent in the house and smiles. Ashok asks Yashoda if Babu ji is not doing sin by calling him sin. Krishna comes there. Yashoda and Ashok asks him to study well for the school admission test. Krishna bends down and tells that his mother used to ask him to bend down infront of God, but he runs away from there as he don’t trust God, but trusts you both. He says you fight for me and providing me with everything. He says I just need one thing from you. He asks them not to search his father, if anyone tries to unite him with his father then he will run away from here. He praises Ashok and says he has changed his perception about a father. Yashoda asks how can you run and asks him to come with her. Ashok tells God that he is guilty of Krishna, and can’t bear his hatred. Kamini comes there and says your shoulders are bend down. She asks him to give 1 lakh Rs to him. He says I will give. Kamini says a big issue was made, as everyone came to know that you wrote your name as father’s name. She says if they come to know then how they will bear this and says if something happens to Amma or Babu ji. She says she is getting bad thoughts and that’s why he shall give her 1 lakh Rs.

Ashok talks to Manoj and tells that he was helpless to write his name. Manoj says when you have thought. Gayatri comes there and takes the call, asking who are you witch who is having an affair with my husband. Ashok asks what happened Bhabhi. Gayatri returns the phone and goes. Ashok tells Manoj about Kamini blackmailing him. Manoj asks him to tell truth to everyone, before they come to know from outside.

Ashok says he can’t snatch many smiles. Yashoda comes there and asks Aastha to help Krishna with the preparation. Aastha argues, but they ask her to help him. Sonu tells Kamini that Mahua doesn’t teach properly and say Sales as Sala and but as buut. Kamini thinks Krishna will not go to that school. Babu ji taunts Ashok and Kamini. Mahua says they shall decide. Ashok asks Aastha to bring curd and sugar. Kamini comes to the kitchen and mixes something in it. Aastha comes there. kamini tells her that if Krishna eats it, then he will faint after an hour.

She gives bowl in her hand and says you can tell what is mixed in it, then Krishna will study with you as your brother. Aastha comes out and gives bowl to Yashoda. Yashoda makes him eat. Kamini says he can’t let Krishna take admission there. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.