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We’re always happy when you enjoy our products, articles and we love to get feedback on them. With your help we can develop and adjust them to your needs and expectations.

You to help shape wikirise experience by sending articles and product review of the most popular and feasible ideas to make positive changes to wikirise to [email protected].

Here are some guidelines to be observed when sending feedback:

  1. Please let you feedback be unique and articulate.
  2. only feed back messages are accepted on the email listed above.
  3. Please attach your name, email adress, phone number, and wikirise account ID to your feedback message.
  4. Don’t submit a feedback message twice, all feedbacks are to be replied using the email you submitted.
  5. This form is for feedback and ideas only. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support here. For support, please find answers on our Faq page or [email protected].

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