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Faltu September 2023 Teasers

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As Ayaan and Tanisha’s engagement beings, Pappi tries to abduct Faltu but in vain. When her reality is exposed, Faltu is thrown out and gets abducted. On the day of his wedding with Tanisha, Ayaan goes to rescue Faltu. Read Faltu September 2023 Teasers

Faltu September 2023 Teasers

Friday 1st September 2023

Ayaan confronts Janardhan and decides to reveal his secret; Ayaan gets angry when Tanisha speaks ill of Faltu.

Saturday 2nd September 2023

Faltu goes to a market to purchase flowers for Rijula, but Pappi walks in and notices her; Faltu might end up getting caught by Pappi this time.

Sunday 3rd September 2023

Pappi and his man arrive at Rijula’s house, but discover she has already left for Ayaan’s place with Faltu; Faltu picks a fight with Janardhan.

Monday 4th September 2023

As Faltu enters the Mittal house, Ayaan and Rijula make up a story to keep her out of trouble; problems arise when Janardhan meets Faltu.

Tuesday 5th September 2023

Tanisha mocks Faltu for eating from the expensive plate and refers to her as a servant; on the other hand, Pappi and Ratan learn of Faltu’s whereabouts.

Wednesday 6th September 2023

While training Ayaan to dance Garba for the Sangeet, Faltu shakes a leg with him. Meanwhile, Pappi and Ratan show up before Faltu can alert them.

Thursday 7th September 2023

Siddharth plots to expose Ayaan’s elopement with Faltu, while Pappi remains unwavering; Ayaan concocts a story and derails Siddharth’s plan.

Friday 8th September 2023

Pappi causes havoc in a fit of rage, but Siddharth calms him down with a different conspiracy; the Mittals partake in Tanisha’s Mehendi ceremony.

Saturday 9th September 2023

The families shake a leg and rock the stage during Tanisha and Ayaan’s Sangeet ceremony; Charan Singh gives an ultimatum concerning Fatu.

Sunday 10th September 2023

Ayaan instructs Faltu on how to get out of the house for her practice without getting noticed. Meanwhile, Sumitra records a video of them and realises their truth.

Monday 11th September 2023

Sumitra spots Faltu as she climbs down the pipes to escape from the house, but she assumes her to be a ghost. Later, a kind gesture by Ayaan impresses Faltu.

Tuesday 12th September 2023

The villagers gather outside Charan Singh’s house and threaten to cut off their rations if he doesn’t call Faltu back to the village; Faltu fools Sumitra.

Wednesday 13th September 2023

Ayaan learns about Faltu’s vision impairment and confronts her about it; Faltu’s family contemplate telling her the situation in the village.

Thursday 14th September 2023

In order to abduct Faltu, Pappi disrupts the wedding by holding the caterers at gunpoint; Tanisha shares her plan for Faltu’s future.

Friday 15th September 2023

Faltu comes to Tanisha’s home and saves her from a terrible accident; Sumitra accuses Faltu of being bad luck; Ayaan and Tanisha appreciate her bravery.

Saturday 16th September 2023

The Mittals celebrate Ayaan and Tanisha’s Haldi ceremony; Pappi disguises himself to enter the Mittals’ house and devises a plan to abduct Faltu.

Sunday 17th September 2023

When Pappi tries to abduct her, Faltu decides to fight for herself and give him an appropriate punishment. Meanwhile, Janardhan is disappointed with Kanika’s decision.

Monday 18th September 2023

Kanika gets shocked to see Faltu in the women’s cricket association club; Faltu feels disheartened when she comes to know that her name has been removed from the trial match.

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Kanika questions Ayaan about where Faltu is; his lies convince her that he knows the truth about Faltu; she also interrogates Faltu about her day.

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Siddharth convinces Faltu to go with them to the party and gets her drunk. Faltu confesses that Ayaan helped her escape to Mumbai.

Thursday 21st September 2023

Siddharth is disappointed for not being able to make Faltu confess the truth about how Ayaan is helping her; Kanika tries to find out how much Ayaan is hiding.

Friday 22nd September 2023

Kanika confronts Ayaan for hiding the truth about Faltu’s interest in cricket; the Mittals feel betrayed when Ayaan takes a stand for Faltu.

Saturday 23rd September 2023

While Ayaan gets blamed, Faltu apologizes to the Mittals and requests them to give the former another chance; the Mittals get shocked when Tanisha refuses to marry Ayaan.

Sunday 24th September 2023

Faltu makes a firm decision to leave the Mittal house and fight her battle all alone; Ayaan requests that Kanika give Faltu a fair opportunity to demonstrate her talent.

More Teasers To Be Added Soon…

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