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Lost in love on starlife, Friday 25th August 2023 update

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Lost in love on starlife Friday 25th August 2023 update, Bhavani tells Ashwini that its time for Virat to say goodbye to Pakhi. She asks Ashwini to think from her point of view what is best for their fmaily’s happiness. Sai drops inebriated Virat to his bed. Virat pulls her towards him and looks at her face. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Sai asks what is he doing.

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Virat asks why she always fights with him and leaves him alone, doesn’t she feel incomplete without him like he feels incomplete without her, how can she live without him, he feels suffocated without her. He reminds the promise they made, their first forceful marriage, and how she expressed her love for him during their second marriage. Sai recalls all the happier movements with him. Kuch Na Kaho.. song plays in the background. Virat recalls their happier moments next.

Virat says love never ends and never is incomplete; though there are differences and misunderstandings, never ends; why she is going away from him and not expressing her love for him. He falls asleep. Sai says she can’t express her love for him as the situation has changed, he married someone else, hence she doesn’t have any right on him. She tries to leave and finds Pakhi standing. Pakhi accuses her she is so desperate to get Virat that she is lying on a bed with Virat where they both sleep as a couple. Sai warns her to shut up and dare not speak a word. Virat murmurs Sai’s name in sleep. Pakhi angrily breaks her and Virat’s photoframe and other stuff in room and breaks down.

Sai gets Ajay Kamble’s message that within 5 minutes, everything will turn into an ash like the one he smeared on her face. She recalls the recent incidents and thinks if its Ajay Kamble. She finds ash on her forehead and recalls a man smearing it on her forehead. She rushes out and asks everyone about Vinu. They all say they don’t know. She rushes to Vinu’s room and finds him checking a bomb in a music player.

Bomb explodes. Sai shouts Vinu.. Virat wakes up from his sleep hearing bomb blast. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.