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Aparajita on zee world, Friday 25th August 2023 update

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Aparajita on zee world Friday 25th August 2023 update, Aparajita asks Akshay why didn’t you tell me that house is on mortgage? He says what can you do? She says I would have supported you. Akshay says what would that do? Aparajita says I am sure you will be able to get money in a month. He says a month is not enough to collect money. She says I will pray for you. He says God Shiva even van’t help me in this matter.

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Niya is outside. Some goons threaten her and ask her to give her neckacle. Niya takes it off. She runs away. Aparajita sees her on the way. She runs after her. She sees the goons and beats them. The goons give her the necklace and run away. Aparajita sees Nia and hugs her. niya says I deserves this. She says please don’t tell dad about what I did. Aparajita says I won’t tell him don’t worry. Nia says Arjun will hate me. Aparajita asks do you love Arjun? She says yes I love him but he only considers me a friend. She says can you talk to dad about my marriage with Arjun? Aparajita says I will do that. Nia hugs her.

Nia meets Mohini later. Mohini says you have to make Aparajita believe you’re on her side and create a rift between Aparajita and Disha. Disha comes home and asks Asha where is Aparajita? Nia and Aparajita come home. Nia says to Aparajita I wanna tell you something. Disha thinks she’s gonna tell about her relationship with Arjun. Nia says Chavi got a new job. Aparajita hugs Chavi. She gets happy for her.

Akshay imagines Mohini and Manish coming to the house with police and asking for money from Akshay. Akshay is helpless and they arrest him and Aparajita. They kick everyone out of the house along with dadi. Akshay says I won’t let that happen. He breaks things in stress. He drinks. Aparajita asks Kalpana to go and check on Akshay. Kalpana says I am scared.

Aparajita comes upstairs. He says I am in this condition because you cursed me. Aparajita takes him of the bed and says I would never curse you. We will stand together as a family. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.