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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Wednesday 7th December 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate on zee world Wednesday 7th December 2022 update; Pallavi asking Dida to stop Prachi from leaving the house and says if she goes away then? She says I don’t want her to leave. Dida hugs her and says you had asked me to ask her to leave and today you are asking me to stop her.

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She says you had ordered me then and now requested me. She says now Prachi don’t need my love, but need her saas’s love, she might stay back for few days if I tell her, but it is not solution. She says she is not a guest, but bahu and asks her to find out why she wants to go away from here. She asks her to go to the reason to find the solution. Pallavi goes. Wendy comes there and asks if everything is fine. Dida says everything will be fine now. Prachi comes to room and sees Ranbir and Aryan hugging each other. Ranbir asks Prachi to come.

Aryan says it is your room. He asks Shahana if the rain started and asks her come, as he feels scared. He takes her outside. Ranbir thanks Aryan. He closes the door and comes to Prachi. He makes her sit on the bed and says he is tired nd he knows that he is also tired, as she was sitting for a long time to take gifts. He asks her to change her clothes else she might catch fever. He gives her clothes and asks what are you thinking? He asks her to think only positive things. She goes to the washroom/changing room. He asks her not to close the door, as he heard that pregnant ladies might faint and fall down. He asks her to change, till then he will set the bed.

Prachi comes out after changing her clothes. He asks her to come and says he will make her sleep. Prachi lies down on the bed. He asks can I hold your hand. He holds her hand. Prachi looks at him. He says you have to close your eyes to sleep. Prachi thinks she can’t get sleep as this is her last night here in this house with him. He asks her to close her eyes.

Rhea makes Shaina sit in the cab and asks driver to take her. Shaina apologizes to her. Rhea asks her to go. Aaliya asks Rhea not to get angry. Rhea tells Shaina that she never loses and that’s why celebrate. She says Prachi will go in the morning. Aaliya thinks what happened to her.

Pallavi comes to her room and lies down to sleep. She gets up and says Rhea shall leave from the house. Vikram asks what happened? Pallavi says I have seen a dangerous dream and it was very dangerous. She says Rhea has to leave. Vikram is shocked. Pallavi sleeps. She then holds his hand and opens her eyes, and says she will ask Rhea to leave and let Prachi settle down. Vikram is shocked. Pallavi sleep.

Shahana and Aryan come out. Shahana says I want to go back. Aryan says you had said that Prachi is getting sleep. Shahana says I want to make her sleep. Aryan says her husband is with her. They argue. Aryan jokes and then asks her to make boyfriend. Shahana says why you want me to have boyfriend and sometimes call Stanley as my boyfriend. Aryan asks if he is your boyfriend in reality. He says there is something behind your ears and move her hair from her ear. He then says he made her owl. Shahana runs behind him. He runs. Shahana looks on and smiles a bit.

Aaliya asks Rhea if she has gone mad to behave this way with her friend. She says leg pulling and teasing is ok between friends. She says you share dark secrets with her and says when I am not there, she can help you. She says I tried to stop you, but you didn’t listen. Shaina comes there and says sorry. She says the taxi was not working so I have to come. She apologizes and tells that she will do as she says and will celebrate when she wants to. Rhea forgives her. Shaina hugs her and says you are the best. Rhea says she knows. She asks Shaina to go to Aaliya’s room, as Ranbir will come and sleep here. Aaliya and Shaina go. Rhea says I am the best. She sprays perfume on herself.

She comes to Prachi’s room and knocks on the door. Ranbir comes out and asks Rhea what she wants? Rhea asks what are you saying? She says she wants her husband. Ranbir says I will not come, as I want to be with Prachi. Rhea says how many times, I shall tell you that we are husband and wife. He says his wife is Prachi. She says we are married. He says I am irritated and done. He says he will do what he wants, and don’t care with whom he is married to. He says his heart wants to stay with Prachi. Rhea says she is pregnant with his baby and asks him to make his heart understand. He asks her to make her mind understand that Prachi is pregnant before her. Rhea says you are humiliating my pregnancy and insulting me. Prachi wakes up and hears them fighting. He asks did I tell you ever that I love you, that I want to be with you, that I don’t love Prachi or don’t want to stay with her. He says that night when Prachi and I had a fight, when I was crying in my room and drinking wine. He says I asked you to go away from me, I was drunk, but you didn’t go and you was not drunk. He asks did you know about which night, I am talking about that night when you got so called pregnant. He says Prachi is the one for you and not you. He asks why didn’t you leave and when I was keeping you away from me, then how did you get pregnant. He asks her not to show rights on him, as only Prachi has rights on him. Rhea says Prachi doesn’t love you and she wants to go away from you, forever and ever. She says infact she is going tomorrow morning, and says she heard Prachi telling this to Shahana, that she will go away from here. Ranbir is shocked and says ok, if this is last night for her, then let me spend time with her. He then go to the room, and tells her that his mom has stopped her and he will not let her leave. He asks her to leave them alone and goes. Prachi closes her eyes seeing him coming back. He sits on the floor and holds Prachi’s hand, says he loves her a lot.

Rhea comes to her room and breaks the things in her room. Aaliya and Shaina come there. Rhea says Ranbir refused me, and insulted and humiliated me. She says he has closed door on my face, he shall be with me. She asks Shaina, with whom Ranbir shall stay, with me? Shaina says yes. Rhea says even I am pregnant and asks if this is the respect of my pregnancy. She says shall baby shall be killed and says I swear, I will kill Ranbir’s would be baby (fake baby). Aaliya and Shaina are shocked.

Rhea asking what to do with this pregnancy and says such baby shall die before birth. She says she wants to kill this unborn child, I swear I will kill Ranbir’s would be baby. Shaina asks how can you? Aaliya stops her and asks how will you, as you are not pregnant. Rhea says only we know that I am not pregnant, but others don’t know and everyone thinks that I am pregnant with his child. She says she feigned to be pregnant and continued it so that Prachi leaves the house. She says Prachi was leaving, but Ranbir is stopping her. She says when I said that when Prachi will leave, he has to stay with me, he said that he will stop Prachi and will stay with her. She says my fake pregnancy is wasted. She says whenever Prachi try to leave, someone or other stops her. She says this time Ranbir. She says if whatever I want, will happen or not. Aaliya asks her to go and tell this to Pallavi. Rhea says yes, you are right and I need to talk to her. She says Mom will say Prachi has to leave, and says we will have this discussion in the morning with my sasumaa. Prachi wakes up and sees Ranbir sitting on the floor and sleeping holding her hand. She gets up from the bed. Ranbir wakes up and says hi, good morning. Prachi says good morning, sorry I shouldn’t wake you up. Ranbir says I am fine. She says you might be uncomfortable. He says he was uncomfortable, if he had slept beside her, then she would be uncomfortable. He then says that he slept comfortably as her hand was in his hand and best thing was her face, and says he woke up seeing her, so the day will be very good for him. He thanks her for showing her beautiful face to him and goes to freshen up. Shahana comes there and asks did you wake up? Prachi says I have to do something and does something else. She says I feel that I shall not go away from here.

Shaina is praying in the room. Aaliya asks why are you praying? Shaina says for Rhea and her victory. Aaliya says Rhea doesn’t need that and she is a smart girl and knows to do work. She says Rhea must have knocked Pallavi’s door by now. Rhea knocks on the door and gets inside. She wishes good morning to Pallavi. Aaliya says Rhea will first smile and then will cry. Pallavi will hug her to console her and Rhea will cry more. It happens like Aaliya said. Pallavi asks Rhea to tell what happened. Aaliya says Rhea will ask Pallavi to ask Prachi to go. Rhea says she couldn’t stop herself and every day she is in tension and feels insecure. She says she feels emptiness as if there is nobody for her. She says she is worried for her baby and says every mother shall be happy, but I am not happy and just cries. She says I am not happy from within. She says sometimes I feel, why did I get pregnant. Aaliya says Pallavi will feel as if her daughter is crying as she treated her as her daughter. Pallavi feels sorry for Rhea and says you shouldn’t have to go through this, and asks her to learn to be happy. Rhea asks will you give what I ask. Pallavi asks her to say. Rhea asks her to ask Prachi to leave from home, and says if she goes, then I will be normal. She asks will you say? Pallavi says I will ask Prachi to go from this house. Rhea hugs her and thanks her. She says now I will be happy and stress free, I can take care of my baby well. Pallavi says but for that, you have to trust me and do something for me. She asks will you do what I ask you? She says I will ask Prachi to go from here, but after 9 months, but for that you have to give divorce to Ranbir. Rhea is taken aback and shocked. She leaves from there. Pallavi goes behind her.

Prachi says I thought that I am thinking right, but I was wrong. She says she is selfish and was thinking to sacrifice her happiness for her sister. She says I am doing this for myself, which is wrong. Shahana says I am feeling something else, or you couldn’t tell me. Prachi says Ranbir is a good husband and will be a good father, I am doing wrong with him, and says I love him. Ranbir comes there and hears her happily. He kisses on her cheeks. Prachi asks why did you kiss me? He says I can kiss you. She says this is wrong. He says I will kiss you from front. Prachi says kissing is wrong. Shahana says yes. Ranbir says she is my wife and I love her, and she loves me too. Prachi says you can’t kiss me as we are not normal couple. He says we are extraordinary couple. Aryan comes there and hears them. Prachi says it is wrong and asks Shahana to say. Shahana says it is wrong. Aryan asks what type of girl you are and says it is a gesture. He says people kiss even a baby. Shahana asks him not to say anything. He says nobody becomes a baby if kissed. He kisses on Shahana’s cheeks. Shahana runs behind him to beat him. Prachi goes behind them. Ranbir says she has problem, how to express my love to her. He gets happy with the thought that she loves him.

Pallavi asks Rhea not to dare walk away when she is talking to her. She says I am your saas and not your Bua. She says I don’t like your attitude. Rhea says you are ignoring me royal way. I don’t know what happened, I am not important for you, Prachi is everything for you. She says even she will give birth to a normal child and says she will not give birth to God. Pallavi asks her not to dare talking to her like that. Rhea says I had given you mother’s place and says you are asking me to divorce Ranbir. She says you are snatching Ranbir from the baby. Pallavi says she wants her to go so that Prachi shall stay back. She says she has done all this planning. Vikram and Dida come and ask what is she planning. Pallavi says nothing. Vikram asks her to say. Pallavi says I was thinking to take Prachi and Rhea to mall to buy maternity stuff. Rhea thinks she is double crossing me. She goes. Dida asks why Rhea is upset. Pallavi says she is a child, she is insisting to go now itself, I will talk to her. Dida tells Vikram that Pallavi is saying something else. Vikram also feels the same.

Prachi and Rhea collide with each other. Rhea recalls Ranbir and her argument. She asks how you can take out enmity, calling me sister. Prachi says I didn’t do anything whatever you are saying. Rhea says you have snatched my husband from me. Prachi says your husband, he was always mine. Rhea says you knows well that he loves me. Prachi says he never told this to you, me and haven’t thought about this. She says he said that he loves me, so nobody can raise question on my marriage and relation. Rhea says I can raise question on your intention and says you had said that you will leave, and had accepted us as a couple. Prachi recalls telling this to Shahana. Prachi says when I came here, Women NGO was with me, I proved that I am his legal wife and reminds her that Ranbir had filled kumkum in her maang infront of everyone (In PS).

Rhea says Mummy lied and got kumkum filled in your maang. Prachi says lie was your marriage, which was done by blackmailing everyone. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.