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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Tuesday 27th December 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate on zee world Tuesday 27th December 2022 update, Prachi reaches the venue with Sahana who seeing Ranbir approaching immediately informs Prachi of his arrival, she replies things are going just as according to their plan so they would not say anything when he comes here only to witness If he still has feelings for her, Prachi but then thinks she would see if he is able to see her marry someone else. Ranbir bumps into his cousin.

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Sahana explains Prachi knows his feelings when Prachi replies even then she wants to hear from his mouth as he can at once back out from his words, saying he never said it when Sahana praises her for playing such a game, Prachi replies she doesnot know if he would flirt with her.

Prachi hugs Wendi Dadi with immense excitement who inquires if Prachi is fine mentioning she seems different, Prachi noticing that Ranbir is looking at her exclaims she is feeling good like when the relatives give them some gifts on a festival and even there is extra sauce. Ranbir going to them mentions he can explain it when Prachi replies when she was getting ready felt it is all really difficult but when she finally wore this beautiful sarree then realized everything good would happen now, Shahana mentions even she was shocked to see how beautiful she is looking, Ranbir tries to clarify that he helped her but Prachi exclaims she is really happy. Ranbir replies why would he not praise her when he himself helped her get ready, Prachi says that she would surely thank him if he wants a compliment.

Prachi leaves to greet Dad who praises her for looking so beautiful, he blesses that she should always remain like this and he is sure Bhagwan jee would not let anything wrong happen.

Sahana exclaims that she feels Prachi is doing the right thing, Aryan hearing Sahana questions what Prachi is doing, Sahana asks if he was trying to listen when Aryan replies he is not a women so what is Prachi doing, Sahana replies she is doing what Ranbir was doing till now and if he is able to hear everything then should try to find out about the truth.

Pallavi coming also praises Prachi for looking so beautiful, Ranbir coming explains it is because he helped her get ready, Pallavi asks if he is fine when Ranbir replies she would be looking good when she has gotten ready so beautifully. Pallavi exclaims it is not that but something. Prachi asks if Ranbir would like to have something to eat, he refuses then she asks if he would like to drink but when Ranbir still refuses, she questions what would he take to stay quiet. Ranbir is stunned so Prachi leaves. Ranbir is also really tensed when Pallavi exclaims Prachi is looking really beautiful and even Vikram mentions that she seems a little too happy.

Aaliya is in the room when she opens the bathroom door asking why it took them so much time, he asks why she called them from the bathroom door. Aaliya asks if she should have asked them to come from the main door so when they ask her about the identity she says they both are those who have kept Mehika, they both demand their money hearing which Aaliya takes out the money and after handing it explains no one should find out where they have kept Mehika, she suggests she would also call them to change the plan anytime since she feels something is not right and even Sid would try to do something to change the plan. She sends them away from the window.

Ranbir asks if Aryan see something, he replies he saw because of which Ranbir was tensed, but Ranbir says he meant how Prachi did not give him any importance. Aryan replies he saw Prachi looked at him like this who they forget and donot have any importance in their lives. Aryan still looks tensed when Ranbir questions what has happened. Ranbir wonders why Sid is going towards Prachi, Aryan replies he feels that Sid would ask how he is looking, Sid asks Prachi to come as he wants to talk with her in private.

Ranbir seeing them leave asks Aryan what is going on between them both, Aryan replies that Prachi will have said he is not looking nice so will have taken him inside as he is now her Sid, Aryan hands Ranbir a glass of water but Ranbir is so furious so doesnot take it.

Dadi asks her friend if their plan would work, she replies that she has come up with this plan after using all of her mind and knows they have to fill her with such scary thoughts that ruin everything for her, Wendi Dadi going to rhea questions what is she talking, she taking Rhea to the side explains she heard her Dida saying she hates rhea, she mentions how she also heard Dida saying she has mixed something in the water and was praying in the Mandir that Rhea gets a corona attack so has she taken all of her doses. Rhea replies she did not take her booster shot. Wendi Dadi starts scaring her even more explaining how her Dida usually prays that Rhea suffers, soon one of her prayers would be accepted and Rhea might lose her legs or she suffer a disease as she is tensed what has been mixed in her water, Rhea leaves thanking Wendi Dadi who signals to Dida, mentioning her plan would surely work really soon. Vikram hearing their conversation questions what is going on, he says they should not refuse because he knows there is something going on in this party so they must tell the truth.

Sid is walking with Prachi and Sahana while both Ranbir and Aryan are following them, Ranbir pulls Aryan aside questioning what would happen if Sid and Prachi realize they are following them. Ranbir and Aryan coming out wonder where they went, Aryan suggests it might be because of Prachi is Mohini. Ranbir exclaims Prachi is like Mohini as they all fall in love with her. Ranbir then tries to hear the conversation by listening to them.
Sid explains he heard Aaliya talking with two people n her room and she might harm Mehika if she finds out that he has told her the truth, Prachi tries to explain the plan when Sahana notices that someone is listening to their conversation. Prachi opens it causing both Ranbir and Aryan to fall, she asks what is going on when Ranbir in return questions Prachi but she instructs Sahana to tell the truth and instead they all leave the room. Ranbir asks Aryan to see how Sid left after Prachi, Aryan questions if he cannot move from here.

Vikram questions Wendi and Dida what were they planning, Dida explains she was not part of Wendi’s plan and was just supporting her, Vikram replies he is not against their plan but just wants to know what they are thinking about when they both explain they are trying to scare Rhea so she doesnot get married to Ranbir because Pallavi is separating a couple to build a new relation which is wrong, Vikram mentions Pallavi has always thought the betterment of this house so they all should accept it. Wendi Dadi calls him someone who just obeys his wife, Pallavi coming mentions that usually wives feel better hearing this but she needs to ask the reason they called Vikram by that name, he explains because they are against her decision, Wendi Dadi and Dida mention they do not like the color of the curtain and even the carpet along with the couch, Pallavi starts arguing with them but Vikram takes her away. Both are glad she did not come to know the truth otherwise their plan would be ruined.

Rhea rushing to the room of Aaliya exclaims she should not ask what has happened, Aaliya agrees but then Rhea questions why she is not asking her anything, Aaliya replies that Rhea herself asked her to not question anything. Rhea replies that she talks like this so often but why is Aaliya believing everything, Rhea explains that Wendi Dadi informed her how Dida hates her and even prays that she should die because of an illness and even has mixed anything in her water, Aaliya turns back without giving any importance which irritates rhea,

Aaliya explains both Wendi Dadi and Dida are trying to divert her mind but she must not give them any importance and should respond to their plan but in a sweet manner, rhea with a smile agrees to give a reply. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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