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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Tuesday 1st November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Ranbir trashing Nick’s goons. He reaches Prachi and asks if she fine. Prachi hugs him. He says he will save her from here and asks if she trusts him She nods yes. Nick returns and pointing gun at Ranbir demands money. Prachi asks Ranbir to give Nick money and take her from here. Ranbir says he will take her out from here on his terms and not on Nick’s.

A goon points knife at Prachi and threatens to stab her if Ranbir doesn’t give them money. Ranbir trashes the goon and then Nick. Rhea and Alia hiding behind cartons think their plan backfired. Goons overpower Ranbir. Ranbir finds gun in front of Prachi and asks her to give it to him. Prachi feels dizzy and runs away from there ignoring him. Goons trash Ranbir.

Vikram with Pallavi and Sahana reaches outside the warehouse. Sahana hears Ranbir’s sound and says there is a fight going inside. They all 3 walk in. Aliya and Rhea try to escape but hide again seeing Vikram, Pallavi, and Sahana. Ranbir seeing Vikram and Pallavi ask why did they come here. Vikram asks if its his private party that they cannot come there. They all 3 trash goons. Ranbir trashes Nick brutally. Prachi panics and asks Ranbir to leave Nick or else he will die. Ranbir breaks Nick’s hand for touching Prachi. Prachi stops him and asks him to calm down as she is fine. Ranbir drags Nick and making him sit on a chair points gun at him and asks who hired him to kill Prachi. Nick reveals Rhea hired him. Pallavi denies believe him. Sahana says she heard Rhea and Aliya discussing that they failed to kill Prachi. Prachi says Rhea is her sister and can’t think of killing her.

Rhea gets an idea to escape, harms herself, makes Aliya tie her to a chair, and acts as falling down the chair. Pallavi rushes to her and asks who did this to her. Rhea runs and hugs Ranbir and says Nick brought him here and his goons tried to kill her, thank god that Ranbir came here on time. Ranbir says she is hurt. Rhea says Nick beat her a lot and hugs him again. She winks at Aliya. Ranbir recalls the inspector’s words that whoever hired Nick to kill Rhea is from his family. He consoles Rhea and then trashes Nick again for lying.

Sahana says Rhea is lying and creating a fake story. Rhea asks if she hostaged and injured herself, she shouldn’t allege her wrongly. Ranbir asks Sahana to stop. Sahana says Rhea is lying as she knows Ranbir will not spare her if he finds her guilty. Ranbir says she cannot allege Rhea alone as inspector doubted whole family including her. He asks Nick again to tell the truth. Nick says Prachi hired her and tells Prachi that he cannot lose his life for money. He recalls Aliya asking him to put the blame on Prachi and tell Ranbir that she did it to gain Ranbir’s attention as she was feeling left out. He tells same. Ranbir denies to believe him and asks how does Prachi know him.

Nick lying to Ranbir that Prachi made him attack first and then kidnap her. Ranbir says its impossible and asks how did he meet Prachi. Nick recalls Aliya asking him to tell that Preethi introduced him to Prachi. He repeats same and further recalls Aliya asking him to kill Prachi and make it look like an accident. He tells Ranbir that as he said earlier, his family member Prachi got attack on herself. Prachi shouts at him to stop lying. Rhea says Prachi is lying and asks her to accept truth at least now. Sahana says Rhea is lying instead. Tony points gun at PRachi. Ranbir notices him and shielding Prachi bears bullet on himself. Prachii gets worried for Ranbir and recalls Ranbir immense love for her. Everyone rush to Ranbir. Dida drops water glass and fears something inauspicious must have happened. She calls Vikram and finds out that Ranbir is shot.

Ranbir is rushed to hospital. Vikram fills admission formalities. Doctor heads Ranbir towards operating theater. Ranbir doesn’t leave Prachi’s hand. Prachi pleads doctor to let her be with Ranbir as he wants her to be with him always. Doctor denies. Ranbir leaves Prachi’s hand. Doctor gets him into OT. Pallavi asks nurse to call a general physician to treat Rhea as she is injured. Rhea continues her acting and blames Prachi for Ranbir’s condition and warns her that she will not spare her if something happens to Ranbir. Pallavi consoles her. Sahana tells Pallavi that even Prachi is worried for Ranbir. Pallavi shouts at her to stop. Nurse informs Pallavi that Dr S Mehta is available. Pallavi asks Rhea to accompany her. Rhea pleads her to let her be with Ranbir and walks away. Pallavi rushes behind her.

Prachi watches Ranbir’s operation via glass door. Rhea takes somone’s phone and calls Nick who informs he is at home. At home, Dida cries worried for Ranbir. Nick gets inside home via window. Dida senses someone. Pallavi searches for Rhea fearing she may harm herself and blames Prachi for everything. Prachi recalls Ranbir crying watching a romantic movie and she laughing at him. They both justify their view towards love. Ranbir says nobody can love the way he loves her. She says true love is never complete and that is the beauty of it. She explains her view again. He looks at her and says he will also have incomplete love with her and will die loving her. Out of flashback, she cries saying their love will be complete and nothing will happen tohim. Sahana tries to console her. Pallavi returns and blames Prachi for Ranbir’s condition.

Nick enters house hiding and drops a vase. Dida hears sound and notices vase on floor. She gets a call by cab driver and goes back to her room to get money. Nick gets out of his hiding. Prachi drags him aside and asks what is he doing here. Nick says he came to take his money and Preethi. They hide hearing Dida coming back. Dida senses someone is really present there. Rhea also returns home and hides seeing Dida. Dida gets cab driver’s car and leaves. Rhea pulls Nick’s hair and asks why did he shoot Ranbir.

Back to the hospital, Pallavi continues to blame Prachi for Ranbir’s condition and says she came into Ranbir’s life when he was marrying Rhea but married her instead, why don’t she get out of his life when she doesn’t love him. Prachi cries not to say that. Pallavi further says she got Rhea kidnapped and tried to kill Ranbir. Prachi asks her to stop. Pallavi says when a woman’s husband dies, she can remarry, but when a woman’s son dies, she cannot get back another son. She says Prachi cannot understand that as she is not a mother and curses that she should bear the pain she is going through when she becomes mother.

Sahana asks her not to curse a mother being herself a mother. Pallavi says she is a mother and not Prachi and Prachi will never be a mother.