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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Thursday 10th November 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Prachi telling Rhea that her mangalsutra is not just her mangalsutra, but the right of being Ranbir’s wife and the responsibility to fulfill this relation. She asks her not to keep her bad sight on it, and says until she is wearing it, nobody can take it off. She says mangalsutra respects my suhaag and it is my duty to protect it. She asks her not to keep her evil ey on it. She says you called Police citing danger to your life.

She asks her to think what she will do, as her mangalsultra is in danger. She asks her to go and search her mangalsutra. She asks Pallavi to teach her responsibility and then make her bahu. Aaliya asks Prachi has stolen it, who can stole it. She says robbery doesn’t happen without any reason, and says you had stolen it, as Pallavi had said that you have no right on it. She says you felt bad, as Pallavi told you and not Rhea, so you has stolen her mangalsutra.

She says who else will want Ranbir’s name mangalsutra on Rhea’s neck. Prachi says I know well that you want to insult and humiliate it for your entertainment, keep your entertaining but I will not be part of this conversation. She is about to go. Pallavi holds her hand and stops her. She says this conversation will end, when Rhea’s mangalsutra is found. She asks her to return Rhea’s mangalsutra.

Prachi says if you had asked Rhea, then she would have run and bring the mangalsutra from where she has hidden. Pallavi says if you think that Rhea has lost it, then bring it, Rhea will apologize to you. Prachi says Rhea will never apologize, might agree or not, whatever it will be interesting. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi needs a chance to insult her. Aaliya says Prachi will bring mangalsutra from her drawer, but will say that she has brought from Rhea’s room. Shahana says Prachi doesn’t lie and tells that she only says when needed. Rhea says you are namesake sister. Shahana says that’s why my name is on Prachi’s name always and not of chudail sister like you. Pallavi shouts Shahana and asks her to out. Ranbir says enough and says you always fight and says the door is open.

Aaliya asks do you want your mom to leave. Ranbir says I will leave. Pallavi asks if he don’t want to stay with them happily. He says it is good to stay alone. Rhea blames Prachi and says mangalsutra is black beads thread which connected me with you. She says it is my identity and says it doesn’t come to any suhaagan mistakenly. Everyone looks at her, as she says Prachi’s words. She says Prachi has hidden her mangalsutra intentionally, knowing what it means to her. Ranbir says I will go and see what Prachi is doing. Shahana tells Rhea that you have said Prachi’s lines, would have said something original. You have stolen it like stealing Ranbir. Rhea says Prachi will bring my mangalsutra from her room, and not from my room. Shahana says you want to blame her in both ways, if she finds or not.

Prachi tells Dida that Rhea lost her mangalsutra and blamed her. She says Mummy said that she will make her apologize to me if I find the mangalsutra. She says I wanted to teach her, she will say sorry. Shahana asks Pallavi, you said that you will make Rhea apologize. Pallavi says I had said, but Prachi will bring it from her room and will say that she got it from Rhea’s room. She says let her come, I will make her confess that she has stolen it. Prachi says I have to search that mangalsutra to prove everyone wrong. Ranbir comes there and walks behind Prachi. He follows her to Rhea’s room, recalling Prachi’s words. He asks did you really mean what you said outside, you said that it is your identity etc. Prachi sys I have to search Rhea’s mangalsutra. Ranbir says you had said that mangalsutra connects husband and wife, what it is doing in your neck, when we have no relation. He asks her to answer. Ali Maula plays…..Prachi says I want to search Rhea’s mangalsutra as everyone wants it. Ranbir asks didn’t you care for the one whose name mangalsutra you are wearing. He says you have no right on me, then what about the rights you was talking outside. Prachi says my Maa had taught me all this. She says I didn’t say that mangalsutra is the sign of love, where there is no love, there is no relation. She says I respect it, it needs to be wear always and not to throw it. She says I wear it, not because we have relation, but I wear it as you are there, until you are alive, I will wear it even if we don’t have any relation. Ranbir gets teary eyes and looks at her. Prachi gets teary eyes too and turns her face. Ranbir turns and looks at the towel on the floor. He sees mangalsutra in it and tells Prachi. Prachi takes it and thanks him. She turns and finds him gone.

Aaliya says Prachi has stolen Rhea’s mangalsutra. Ranbir comes out and hears them. Dida says I can’t understand. Pallavi says bahus change and are not like before. Dida asks have you changed? Aaliya says Pallavi is talking about new generation bahus, she is talking about Prachi. Dida asks if Rhea is not of new generation. Prachi comes out and brings Rhea’s mangalsutra. She handovers it in her hand. Rhea says I knew it and says she has brought it from where she has hidden it. Prachi turns to Ranbir. Ranbir asks do you want me to say. Prachi says you don’t stay when needed. He says I am leaving, I didn’t like your atitude. Prachi asks him stop and says if I say anything then nobody will believe me, but if you tell then they will believe you and asks him to tell them everything. Ranbir says until you say please, I will not help you. Prachi says please Ranbir tell everything. Ranbir tells Rhea that Prachi haven’t stolen her mangalsutra, it was in the towel fallen near the sofa. Prachi says it was the same towel which Rhea had used last night. Dida and Shahana says we had said.

Prachi says she didn’t learn to take care of mangalsutra and says you thought to buy it again, and says if mangalsutra gets lost, then it is inauspicious. She says Rhea will not learn and reminds Pallavi of her words that Rhea will apologize to her.

Prachi reminding Pallavi of her words and says you had said that if I search and bring Rhea’s mangalsutra then she will apologize to me. Rhea says I will not apologize to you. Prachi asks if Mummy’s favorite bahu will not obey you. Aaliya says Rhea will not apologize. Pallavi tells Rhea that she has accused Prachi for her carelessness and asks her to apologize. Dida and Shahana also ask her to apologize. Rhea refuses. Pallavi says it is an order. Rhea folds her hands and apologizes to Prachi. She goes. Shahana says you would have apologized to me also. Aaliya says she will go. Dida says if Aaliya stays here, then even she needs to apologize. Ali Maula plays…..

Aaliya comes to Rhea and asks her to be strong. Rhea says I am strong, but today I need to apologize to Prachi infront of everyone. She says Prachi said so much, but nobody said anything, some was silent and some was laughing on me. Aaliya says she will not let Pragya’s daughter win and says your dad went away from us. She says if Prachi talks like this, then she will take Ranbir from us, and says this time we will not make any plan. She says we will not hurt her, but will make her sad and broken. She says she will break her thoughts and pride about her mangalsutra, so that she gets shattered. Rhea wipes her tears and ask her to make sure Pallavi calls Prachi as careless and she also cries like her. She says I want her to be sad and pained, insult her so much that she couldn’t get up in her own sight.

Prachi is in the kitchen and thinks of Ranbir’s questioning her. She thinks they don’t have that relation now. Ranbir recalls her words, that nobody can snatch her responsibility and rights from her, until she is wearing mangalsutra. Song plays….dil ka kya qusoor. He recalls asking Prachi what she is hiding. Shahana comes to Prachi. Prachi asks what do you want to know? Shahana asks what do you mean by those words about mangalsutra, and asks if she wants to have relation with Ranbir. Prachi says they do have the relation, but namesake. Shahana asks if she replied this to Ranbir. She says I feel that you feel for him and shall tell him. Prachi says whatever I said about mangalsutra was right, it is my everything. She says this black beads mangalsutra assures the married woman that it will be with her and will protect her husband, it gives responsibility, rights and peace. She says my relation with Ranbir was weak, but this mangalsutra will never break and will support me.

Pallavi stops Ranbir and asks where is he going? Ranbir says he is going to Bangalore for conference. He says he don’t want to go, but going there for peace and rest from this house problems. Shahana asks if he is going out. Ranbir says I am going to Bangalore and not for forever. He says his flight will miss so he will leave. He leaves. Prachi feels restless. Pallavi says it is good that he went, he was trapped between two sisters. Shahana asks her to take any strong step. Aaliya asks Pallavi where did he go? Rhea says he went to bangalore for conference.

Prachi thinks to go to temple to calm down her mind and get some peace. She gets the feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Aaliya tells Rhea that the work is done, her self respect will be snatched. A goon looks at Prachi’s pic. Ranbir sits in the car. Prachi tells Shahana that she was getting bad thoughts, so was going to temple. Shahana says even she will come. Prachi says aarti will be missed, and says she will go now.

Pallavi and Vikram come there arguing. Vikram says I know about my business. Dida asks what happened? Vikram says Ranbir left home. Pallavi says don’t be dramatic, he went for conference to Bangalore. He feels that Ranbir went from here as I have disturbed the house peace. Rhea asks him to ask Ranbir. Vikram says I am his father and knows well. Pallavi asks him not to have any misunderstanding. Prachi gets worried and tells Dida that she will go to temple. Aaliya goes to side and calls goon, asking him to follow Prachi. Pallavi asks Rhea if she is wrong, she maintains house balance, what is wrong in this. Aaliya says I will be back. Pallavi says Vikram feels that I am always wrong. Rhea thinks you deserve this stress, I will make you apologize.

Prachi is in the car and recalls Vikram’s words. She recalls Ranbir’s words. Ranbir also thinks about her words. He calls Prachi. She picks the call and says hello. She thinks how did you come to know that I want to talk to you.

Ranbir asks why are you not saying anything and says there is no sound of anyone. Prachi says you notice everything and tells that she is going to temple. He says why suddenly. Prachi says you didn’t tell me where you went, even watchman knows. Prachi’s car is stopped at the signal. The goon also stops his bike and eyes her mangalsutra. The driver drives the car again. Ranbir says I want to share that I know meaning of your mangalsutra.

Prachi asks driver to stop the car. She tells Ranbir that they will talk when he returns home. He says ok and ends the call. Prachi gets down the car.