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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 8th January 2023 update

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Twist Of Fate on zee world Sunday 8th January 2023 update, Prachi telling that she knows that they are together and that’s why she is not worried about anything. Vikram says we all are with you, be happy always. Pallavi and Aaliya go from there. Vikram asks Prachi not to feel bad about Pallavi’s words. Shahana asks Aryan why did he speak to his mom like that. He says you will not understand. Prachi comes to Dida and tells that Tailor said that Aaliya Buji asked him to make that dupatta. Dida says I knew it. Prachi says then he said that Mummy is involved. Dida says Pallavi can’t do this. Prachi says Mummy can scold me, but she can’t do this, she loves me. Dida asks what did you say? Prachi says Mummy has so much love in her heart, but she didn’t show. Dida says you think that all the people are lovely and good, and hopes that everyone shall be like her.

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She says it is my past birth karma and Ranbir’s good destiny that you came in her life. Tailor runs. Ranbir runs behind him. Yamini asks him to stop else she will shoot him. Ranbir holds the tailor. The tailor removes his shirt and runs away. He sits in taxi and escapes. Yamini says we will catch him as we have all his info. Ranbir asks yamini what does she think? Yamini says first Tailor blamed Aaliya and then Pallavi. She says we will do something. Ranbir thanks her and goes. Constable asks why you didn’t tell him that you are sure about Aaliya. Yamini says now her trust is blurred, as there are many secrets which they have to be unveiled.

Shahana comes to Aryan and asks what happened? Aryan tells that Mili had a breakup and that’s why he is tensed. Shahana asks why you are tensed. Aryan says you will not understand. Ranbir comes there. Prachi sees his hand injured and makes him sit to bandage his hand. He says he is not feeling burning sensation which he feels with her taunts. Prachi asks him to be silent and says you are not in college to run and asks him to learn to run. Ranbir smiles. Song plays…Rhea gets jealous. Ranbir tells that he will get hurt and will come to her. Prachi looks at him. Rhea goes form there. Ranbir asks Prachi why she takes care of him so much when she doesn’t like. Shahana says Prachi shall go behind Ranbir and asks him. Aryan doesn’t hear her.

Rhea goes to room and tells Aaliya that she doesn’t get even a peaceful moment and tells that more worse happens in her life. She says Prachi gets involved with Ranbir’s life more as she (Rhea) tries to throw her out from his life. She says Ranbir got more closer to her seeing her in danger. She says Prachi becomes doctor and nurse seeing him in danger, and asks what to do, shall I kill myself. Aaliya says I know what to do, I have a number. Rhea says she is blessed with a boon or power, that she will win always. Aaliya says if we have decided that we will win, then we will win surely. She calls Pradeep and talks to him. She then thanks him. Rhea asks really, you want to take their help. Aaliya says outsiders’ taunt are more effective than the family taunts. Rhea asks if this will work. Aaliya says Pallavi can’t bear to see her house respect ruined and her anger fire will be more dangerous than Diwali fire. Rhea says what about Ranbir. Aaliya says even Ranbir can’t save her. Rhea says we shall get the news flashed on the news channel. Aaliya hugs her and says lets do it, if Prachi gets bad reputation, then Kohlis will be ruined. She asks her to give Sid and Prachi’s photos and says the real crackers are their photos.

Prachi sees Ranbir sleeping improperly in his room and tries to make him sleep properly. She falls on the bed and he holds her in sleep. Prachi gets emotional and then recalls his words, thinks she will not marry Sid as she is pregnant with Ranbir’s child. She says she thinks to tell everything to Ranbir after he returns from office, so that they can save Mihika. Her tears drop fall on his hand. He wakes up. Prachi gets up from the bed. Ranbir asks if you was in my embrace. Prachi says no. She asks him to come down for breakfast. She goes. Ranbir thinks to ask her later.

Vikram comes downstairs and asks Pallavi how is she? Pallavi says she is fine. Dida asks how are you? Pallavi says I am fine, why everyone is asking me. Dida says tailor took your name. Pallavi says I am not thinking, so you also don’t think. Vikram says it is good that Prachi is not feeling bad or didn’t have any misunderstanding, she is very understanding. Pallavi asks him to stop it, and says if there was another girl too then she would say the same. She says everyone knows how I am. Vikram asks Priya to bring the newspaper. Ranbir comes downstairs and asks Pallavi how is she? Pallavi say she is good. Sid and Aryan come there. Aaliya and Rhea come there and stand far. Rhea says our morning will be good. Aaliya says if Vikram reads this news, then also he will not tell anyone. She asks Rhea to ask if this news will be in other newspapers too. Rhea makes a call and gets happy, knowing it is done. Ranbir gets the message on his mobile. He is about to check, when Pallavi asks him to have breakfast. Aaliya picks the phone, but Dida asks her to have breakfast. Aaliya sees the news on the newspaper front page and snatches newspaper from Vikram’s hand. She says what the hell? Vikram asks what happened? Aaliya says Kohli family’s bahu Prachi’s affair with her husband’s cousin…big people small values. Rhea gets a call and acts, asks everyone to see if there is Prachi’s dancing video with Sid. She reads the message, Prachi kohli crossed all limits of shame. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked. Rhea and Aaliya smiles.

Aaliya pretending the read news created by herself. Rhea gets a planned phone call and asks everyone to check for Prachi’s video. Ranbir, Sid and others watch Prachi and Sid’s video. Ranbir gets angry. Pallavi asks what is wrong with you, have you gone mad? Ranbir says I will not leave them. Aaliya asks him to think from calm mind and tells that Prachi and Sid’s engagement is done and just as we saw in the video, first she was dancing with Sid and then with Ranbir, she is being misunderstood here and people are pointing finger on her character. Ranbir says they are giving judgement and I will make them understand and will file defamation case against them. Rhea says this news might have spread in many news portal and tells that if he takes legal action against one media portal then it will take years for the result. She asks him to do something that result comes fast. Ranbir says I will teach them a lesson for entering someone’s personal life. Pallavi says how do I handle this situation, she wants to go away from here, she is feeling insulted. She says it is not just Prachi’s insult, but Kohli family’s insult. Ranbir says Mom. Pallavi blames Ranbir, Sid and Prachi for getting their reputation defamed. She says people talk about our success and that Kohlis are successful in every sector.

She says today people are gossiping about us while having tea, and we have become sensational news. Prachi says Mummy. Pallavi says shut up. Ranbir says I won’t be quiet until I find out who has done this, and says this is the same person who wanted to kill Prachi and now defaming her. Pallavi says no family can break if there is no cracks and that crack is Prachi’s baby, the truth that she is pregnant with Sid’s child. Ranbir says Mom. Pallavi says it is easy to make the dirt more dirty. Ranbir says you can’t talk about Prachi like this. Pallavi asks Prachi to come with her and asks Vikram to handle his son. Ranbir says I will not return until I find out who has done this. Dida faints. Vikram asks Aryan to call doctor.

In the room, Pallavi blames Prachi for the happenings and asks what was the need to go so close to Sid. She says you are still our bahu and you shall know what you shall do and what you shouldn’t. She says you didn’t care for us or our respect, you are a cheap woman. Prachi says don’t say this, whatever I did…Pallavi says I don’t want to hear your nonsense and asks if she can be loyal to any relation and says you didn’t leave us to show our face to anyone. Prachi asks her to listen. Pallavi says she don’t want to listen as her house respect is most important to her, and asks her to call reporter and tell him that she is not having extra marital affair with Sid, but actually she is going to marry Sid. She asks her to take phone and call him. Dida comes there and takes the phone. She asks what you want Prachi to say. Pallavi says she wants to set off the fire, lighted by Prachi. Dida says Prachi will not call anyone and tells Pallavi that her sayings will not be accepted. Aryan hears them. Ranbir is in the car and checks the video. He recalls Pallavi’s words. Aryan calls Ranbir and says I am worried. Ranbir says I am normal. Aryan says Pallavi vent out her anger on Prachi.

Ranbir asks what are you saying? Aryan says Prachi was shivering hearing so much. Prachi takes the call and tells Ranbir that she is fine. She ends the call and asks Aryan why did he tell him? Aryan says Ranbir is mad about you and even you, and tells her that he reads the eyes language. Dida shouts calling Vikram. Pallavi asks her to return her phone. Vikram asks what happened? Dida asks him to handle Pallavi first. Vikram asks what happened? Dida says Pallavi feels that she can only handle any problem and we stay here as tenants. Pallavi asks her to say straight. Dida says there is a limit for everything and says at one time, she calls her bahu and other time she treats her as Servant. Vikram asks Pallavi what did she do? Pallavi asks are you serious? She makes him see the newspaper. Dida asks if you will vent out her anger on Prachi, and says everyone is angry, but we didn’t do like you.

Pallavi says Prachi is an ideal bahu, she shouldn’t have done what she has done, our family is defamed because of her. Dida says you can’t call her shameful and cheap. Pallavi says people will start saying bad things about us when they read the newspaper. She says even now you want to take her side. She says she is angry, as I have solution for this problem. She says I asked Prachi to tell the reporter that she is getting married to Sid, with whom her name is related. Ranbir comes there. Vikram asks Pallavi to calm down. Rhea says everyone is scolding Mom, why she wants to solve the newspaper issue. Pallavi thanks Rhea for supporting her, and says you both are sisters, but are not alike. Ranbir says what is Prachi’s mistake if her name came in the article. He says I will call this Pradeep and will scold him. Rhea gets tensed and says if he talked to Pradeep, then you will be exposed. Ranbir says Pradeep gets sold easily. Aaliya asks Prachi to call Pradeep and tell him. Rhea says she should have called Pradeep and says this family has done so much for you, and you didn’t feel ashamed of your doings, and didn’t feel sympathetic for us. She says atleast for damage control, you would have made a call and asks if you are enjoying seeing this. Ranbir asks Rhea why you want to interfere, elders are talking. Pallavi asks why you are scolding her. Aaliya says Rhea is trying to make her understand.

Ranbir makes the chair fall down and asks them to stop it. Pallavi says everyone knows the solution and the solution is simple and says everyone’s mouth will be closed when Prachi will have her sangeet tomorrow and marriage day after tomorrow. Rhea says Prachi shall apologize to us and says she don’t believe that the girl who is pregnant with Sid’s child, is doing characterless things. Prachi shouts enough and says lets discuss this pregnancy in detail. She says Rhea is lying and says Sid and I are not pregnant. She says we are not pregnant, Rhea is lying. Sid gets shocked and coughs (as Mihika is still with Aaliya). Prachi recalls Sid’s words. Ranbir asks what did you say? Prachi says I was telling that I can’t believe that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby, she is calling me characterless, and she herself is characterless. Aaliya asks Prachi not to divert the topic and says we are talking about your baby.

Prachi asks why my baby’s legitimacy is talked about and says even I don’t think that Rhea’s baby is of Ranbir. Rhea asks her to shut up and says she is diverting the topic. Prachi says she is taking the topic in the right direction, and asks her to get DNA test done to prove that if her baby is of Ranbir or not.

Rhea gets tensed. Prachi thinks Rhea’s face has faded and thinks baby’s DNA report and Rhea’s report will be out. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.