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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 25th December 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate on zee world Sunday 25th December 2022 update, Ranbir and Prachi are outside as she blows to his wound, he starts staring at her while Prachi picks the first aid box only to see a broken star, she advises him to wish for anything which he desires, Sidharth also seeing the star is praying.

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Ranbir exclaims he does not know if his wish would be fulfilled but he wants to old times to come back where he was happy with Prachi, she also prays the time should return where they had no mis understandings between them both, Sidharth in the room also prays that the love which exists between them both should cover them, so they always stay together.

Prachi informs that tomorrow is her engagement with Sidharth, Ranbir takes the support of the car when she asks if he felt bad, Ranbir replies he is not feeling bad because she is happy, he after seeing her feels she wants to do it and he thinks she is not bothered by it because what else is in her heart for him, Prachi starts walking away seeing which Ranbir also tries to follow her but seeing that she has stopped he once again turns away, Prachi turns back looking at Ranbir wiping of his tears, she seeing him also turns away with tears in her eyes. The soul of both Ranbir and Prachi want to be with each other and rush to hug but their consciousness is not able to make them do it, even when they both love each other. Ranbir and Prachi finally turn and rush to walk towards each other, but Ranbir suddenly starts taking his step backwards, forcing Prachi to also turn away and after controlling her senses she walks away. Ranbir is not able to say anything, he feels tensed.

Rhea entering the room of Aaliya asks her to wake up, Rhea insists she must first wake up when Aaliya replies she was just resting, Rhea explains that the time of Prachi has ended forever, Aaliya is amazed asking if Prachi has left and did she take her belongings with them, inquiring if even Shahana left, Rhea requests her to listen first, informing Prachi revealed she cares for the family and for the happiness of this family she agreed to marry Sidharth, Aaliya explains this also means she is going to leave this house as after her marriage she would be forced to leave, Aaliya explains this is going to be her last fight with Prachi since she wants to wait for the Bidai and cannot wait to see how Sidharth and Prachi would leave this house forever, Aaliya also agrees mentioning she cannot wait.

Prachi walking in the hall is recalling what Ranbir said to her, as he mentioned he is happy Prachi is getting married since she doesnot have anything in her heart for him, Ranbir is also following her, she turns back to see him standing there. Prachi recalls how he asked her to marry Sidharth and start a happy family, Ranbir slowly walking towards her opens the door of the room, he coming back questions why are her eyes so numb, Prachi questions why does he care, he replies why is she so rude when he talking politely with her, Prachi replies that the tears are a lot better then his love. She rushes into her room when Ranbir informs she must get up on time tomorrow as he will not come to wake her up.

In the morning Prachi comes out to see the decorations in the house, Shahana coming inquires if she would like to have tea while Ranbir comes with the tea on his hand, he explains that Priya made it as she had a lot of work which he gave her, he even asked her to bring some bangles for her meanwhile he has Aryan to help him. Aryan coming questions why Ranbir sent him to bring the gajra as it doesnot suit his personality even when he knows that brothers can do a lot for their sisters, but it is not right, Aryan explains that Ranbir has decorated this entire house. Ranbir reveals because he is happy as today is the engagement of Prachi, Sidharth comes to stand beside him, Ranbir explains he has done all this work but he should also do some work, Ranbir handing him tea instructs he should go to give them all this tea, revealing everyone would work in this house except Prachi, Ranbir comments her explaining she is looking really beautiful.

Aryan turns back with the flowers but Shahana pulls him to the corner, he reveals he is scared with her hands because whenever she touches him, he feels something bad is about to happen, Shahana questions how ca he talk like this about their friendship when Aryan replies that she must not complain if he says anything, Aryan explains he might start liking her, Shahan replies this cannot happen as she would never see him that way, she explains Ranbir trusts him a lot, Aryan replies he also trusts her so she must talk with him rather then decorating the house, as Ranbir needs someone to share his feelings, so his mind is cleared, Aryan explains he should also talk with Ranbir that he only loves Prachi, so does she not think Ranbir should stop being so foolish as e has become an egoist person. Shahana questions why he is not going to talk with Ranbir, Aryan coming to Shahana explains she should also ask Prachi, Shahan replies to Prachi would not listen to her. Aryan replies they both would stop when they feel like and not listen to them, Shahana getting angry tries to hit him, but he stops her explaining she sometimes tries to hit him while at other times is pulling him, Aryan leaves while Shahana is not able to control herself,
Prachi comes out while Sidharth is giving tea, Ranbir stops him asking if Sidharth would feel bad if he helps Prachi get ready for the engagement when Sidharth questions why would he feel bad, Ranbir replies because he is getting married to Prachi, Ranbir assures it is nothing important since now this is the right of Sidharth.

Prachi questions why did he say it, Ranbir replies this means she was listening to their conversation when Prachi asks why did he dare want to help her, Ranbir replies if he was not laughing then it doesnot mena he was serious as this was just a joke, he asks if she was stressed when Prachi replies she cannot understand how he can say anything like this, Ranbir replies he might be saying this because he wants this or so, Prachi mentions he might want this wedding to stop, Ranbir doesnot agree or disagree with it but turns back to start decorating the house once again, Prachi also walks away s she is really tensed as he keeps staring at her, Ranbir in frustration crushes the flower in his hand.

Dadi in the room explains Prachi and Sidharth are about to get married, she informs they all have to attend the wedding when they both bet as they cannot agree that both Prachi and Ranbir would not allow this wedding to happen, Dadi replies that she while being the Dadi was not able to stop this wedding so how her friend can do it, she replies that she is her friend and would do everything, Dadi sitting questions what is she saying as she got married to the Chopra family, her friend replies the times have gone when the women would create a scene as they have to face the problems, Dadi mentions how did she stop trying, she explains they both can stop this marriage vowing how she would make sure Ranbir and Prachi are not separated from eachother.

Rhea is taking out her clothes when Aaliya knocks on the door, Rhea explains she should not knock on the door as she is not Prachi,

Aaliya replies she is here because of Prachi, Aaliya takes out the clothes when Rhea replies she would never wear it since this is the choice of Prachi, Rhea replies Aaliya knows her style even then she is making her wear such clothes, Aaliya explains she must not forget she loves someone so does she not want Ranbir to love her, they all know he likes people who have the habits of Prachi, only till the time Prachi is here so when she leaves Ranbir doesnot have a side effect of her leaving. Rhea agrees explaining she can adjust for the time being so her husband stays with her.

Aaliya reveals her Rhea understands everything so easily, Rhea standing in the mirror mentions that she is going to replace her very soon and she would see it before leaving this house, Rhea starts smiling. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.