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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Sunday 16th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Episode starts with Malishka calling Rishi when he is talking to Ranbir and Ayush. Ayush asks Malishka to come inside and leaves with Ranbir. Rhea asks Balwinder if he don’t feel shame to talk such thing about a girl. She says I know you wanted to lift her.

Balwinder and his friend that what is a big deal, everyone lifts someone during holi. Rhea says I know you were talking about kidnapping Lakshmi, and says she is our guest and I won’t let you kidnap Lakshmi. She says guest is like a God, and our family’s image will be down if kidnapping happens here, and asks do you want me to ruin my family’s respect. She says I will call the police. Balwinder’s friends tell that they will leave. Rhea asks if you will not speak and tells that it means that you are a boss. She asks Balwinder if he thinks that his friends will help him, and tells that they will leave you. Balwinder says they are my good friends and will help me. Rhea says you can’t kidnap Lakshmi as I won’t let this happen, and says if you don’t help me in my work then I won’t let you do your work. She says if you decide to help me, then I will help you to kidnap Lakshmi. Balwinder and his friends are shocked. Rhea asks them to apply color to Prachi’s face, but nobody shall see your face. Balwinder’s friend says even you can apply color to her face. Rhea says no and asks them to apply color to her face and came running. Balwinder asks who is Prachi? Rhea shows the pic. Balwinder says we don’t do small work. Rhea asks him not to think about the story reading the cover of the book, and says you don’t know what is inside.

Malishka tells Rishi that he has interrupted their conversation. Rishi asks when? He recalls and says we had finished our conversation and you had said that you don’t want to talk. Malishka says I said that in anger and you should have talked to me. Rishi says today is holi, everyone is celebrating, we are in someone’s house and you are creating a scene. Malishka says I will question you, and asks if you are marrying me then you should have applied color to me first. Rishi says who made this rule, that color shall be applied to the person you marry. He says I played holi with Lakshmi as I like it. He says if I want to be with her, then nobody can stop me. He asks what is a big deal, today is holi. He says shall I apologize to you and tells that their relation will spoil with her doubt, and asks her not to do this again. He goes. Malishka gets teary eyes. Kiran calls her. Malishka tells her that Rishi fought with her and threatened to end his relation with her. She tells that she got angry, seeing Rishi applying color to Lakshmi first. She says he is changing before marriage, what will he do after marriage. Kiran asks her not to get angry and says if you get angry then situation will get worse, and lakshmi is playing mind games and asks her to learn from her. She asks did you ever see Lakshmi fighting with Rishi. She says Lakshmi fought with Rishi two times, once when she came to know about you both and then when she took divorce papers to him. She says lakshmi is repenting and that’s why talking to him nicely. She asks her not to hurt the male’s ego and says Lakshmi is making him believe that you are not good for him. Malishka says you know well, how much I love him. Kiran says you are fighting with him now and that’s why Rishi played holi with Lakshmi. She asks her to patch up with him, and get close to him. She asks her to handle him with love and care. Malishka says I need to search Rishi and ends the call.

Ayush thinks how to make Rishi understand that he has Lakshmi in his heart and not Malishka. He sees Prachi coming there and asks why all girls are so intelligent and boys are so stupid. Prachi says the answer is girls are beautiful so that the guys can love them. Ayush says my own brother is stupid and stops. He tells that he has a big problem and tells that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other, but he feels that he loves Malishka. He says how to make him understand, that Malishka is not in his heart and not good for him. Prachi says if he has decided to be with someone then nobody can do anything. She asks him not to do anything and says if love is truthful, then will get it. Ayush talks about Ranbir and says he loves you so much, but couldn’t express his love and can’t tell you. He says give him a chance. Prachi says she shall be away from such love. Lakshmi comes there. Servant comes and says Dida is calling you. Prachi is about to go and feels like fainting. Lakshmi holds her and calls Ayush. Prachi says I am pregnant and my pregnancy is complicated, and that’s why Shahana went to bring organic colors for me. She asks her not to tell anyone, and says I have some helplessness. Lakshmi hugs her. Prachi says I just told you as I felt I shall tell you. She says she wants to have something sour. Lakshmi says she will make something for her and asks her to go to Dida.

Rhea brings Balwinder and his friends to the room. Aaliya asks who are you? Rhea introduces them. Aaliya says they seem to be goons. Rhea says I look like Ms. World, but I am not. She says they are very useful. Aaliya asks if they are waiter. Rhea tells that he is love stricken and loves Lakshmi.

She says he will do our work. She asks Balwinder to wear gloves and take the color. Balwinder says he don’t want gloves and will apply color to her face directly. Rhea shows the experiment on the plastic plant and it burns. She asks Balwinder to use gloves so that your hand don’t burn due to the chemical in the color. Aaliya says your manly hands will be safe wearing these gloves. Balwinder takes it and goes.

Rishi recalls talking to Malishka and thinks he never talked to her like that. He thinks why he has become irritated. Lakshmi comes there, holding the lemon water. Rishi drinks it and asks if Malishka bribed her to give him lemon water. Lakshmi pats on his shoulder and says I did it to correct you. She asks why Malishka will give me bribe or supari to trouble you. Rishi says you don’t know her, she has fought with me just now. Lakshmi says Malishka is not like that, and tells that she was my friend and I never saw her doing wrong with anyone until now, except with me. Rishi says I hurt you very much. Lakshmi asks shall I say truth or lie? Rishi says I can’t bear the truth and you can’t lie, so don’t say anything. Some men identify Rishi and call him to play. Rishi thinks Lakshmi has a golden heart and even today she is good with me, and says if I had done this with someone else, then that person wouldn’t have talked to me. Lakshmi thinks if there was someone else on his place, then she wouldn’t have talked to him ever. Rishi turns and looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi also looks at him. Balwinder comes there and looks at Lakshmi from far. He sees Prachi coming and asks his friends to come.

Lakshmi thinks this lemon water was for Prachi and thinks where is she? Balwinder sees Prachi talking to some ladies. Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi goes from there. Aaliya and Rhea are standing there. Balwinder says we shall keep eye on this guy. Rhea asks if we need to stand here. Aaliya says it is holi. Balwinder’s friend asks him if they shall ruin her beautiful face. Balwinder says we are assigned to apply chemical color on Prachi’s face to harm her face. Lakshmi overhears them and asks who are they? Balwinder and his friends walk away from there. Lakshmi thinks she can’t let anything happen to Prachi.

Ranbir tries to talk to Prachi. Prachi says you are so confused and asks him to leave her alone. She asks him to spend sometime alone, and says I know what you want, you want Rhea? Ranbir says you think this way. Prchi says I shall not be stressed. She says I don’t like to see you with Rhea, but you slept with her. Ranbir says you are responsible for the problems in our relation. Prachi says you said wrong and says I am the responsible for this relation. Galliyan song plays…..She walks away.

Lakshmi is searching Prachi. Ranbir thinks to explain her logically and thinks where is she? He thinks to search her in her room. He goes there. Shahana comes there. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? I need to talk to her. Shahana says she didn’t come here. Ranbir asks her to talk to her once, and says she don’t want to talk to me, and for her, I am her big enemy. She says I am feeling hurt hearing her talks and asks how I will feel with her behavior. She said that she is the only responsible one in our relation. Shahana asks him to think what he did, and says I used to take your side infront of Prachi, and used to say that you was right and she is right. She says Prachi is not irresponsible, but she is the responsible person in this relation. She says I always saw true love in films, and then I saw your love for her, and I thought this is in real. She says since few days, I am feeling that love is just in the films and not in real. She says I always supported you, but now I can’t support you as you are wrong here. Rnbir looks sad and hits his hand on the door.

Shahana goes and thinks she shouldn’t have talked this way, and thinks to say sorry to him. She then thinks love is nothing and it is just in films. Ayush asks what happened to her. He asks if she has any illness to hate the guys. He asks her to get herself checked. Malishka pushes Shahana and walks away. Shahana asks what is this misbehavior and gives her a befitting reply. Malishka says I talk to people according to their status. Ayush says I saw how you sidelined her with a push. Shahana asks her to respect Lakshmi. Malishka asks her not to waste her time and do social work. Ayush says we are guest here. Malishka says this is not her (Shahana’s) house. She asks him to keep Lakshmi away from her and goes. Ayush tells Shahana that he can’t make her better. Shahana says I have an idea and says she will trouble her.

Malishka thinks she shouldn’t have come here, and says Rishi wants to play holi with Lakshmi as if this event is for her. She calls waiter. Shahana makes Malishka fall. Ayush holds her. Shahana and Malishka argue with each other. Malishka asks her to stay in her chawl or home. Shahana asks her to stay away from Lakshmi and asks her to be the guest. Malishka says nobody talked to me like that. Shahana says if you behave well, then people will behave nicely with you, especially your behavior with lakshmi. Malishka scolds her. Ayush asks Malishka to stop it. Malishka says I think you are liking this girl rather than Shalu now. He asks from where Shalu came? Malishka goes to complain to Rishi about Ayush. Shahana says you took my side infront of her. Ayush says I said what is truth. He has a cheesy talks. Shahana says she don’t like cheesy talks. Ayush says sorry and says I searched girl for myself. He says did you see dil hai tumhara? Shahana says Preity Zinta. He asks what was her name in the film. Shahana says Sha….She then goes to Prachi.

Balwinder asks his friends to run here and there, and says just as we run, nobody will see us. He goes behind Prachi. Aaliya and Rhea look at Prachi from far and smiles. Aaliya asks Rhea to be ready, and says attack is about to happen. She says we shall call ambulance. Rhea says not now, everyone shall feel that I am so concerned for my sister. Lakshmi sees Prachi and also sees Balwinder going behind her.

She doesn’t see his face, and thinks what to do, she can’t push Prachi. She takes pichkari in her hand. Rhea smirks waiting for Balwinder to burn her face. Prachi senses something and stops.

Prachi turning and looking at Balwinder. Balwinder is about to attack Prachi with the chemical color, when Lakshmi hits him with the pichkari stick. Balwinder falls down and the packet falls down from his hand. Balwinder’s friends come and take him away from there. Lakshmi asks Prachi if she is fine and asks if he applied color on you. Prachi says no, I don’t know him. They see the chemical color burning the grass on the ground. Lakshmi says they wanted to harm you. She says they have to look at the enemy whose face is not seen. Prachi says why, I don’t know them. Balwinder plans to kidnap Lakshmi and calls Guddu, asking him to bring someone’s car. Lakshmi calls Security. Aaliya diverts Lakshmi and asks her about Rishi. Rhea brings Balwinder to the room. Balwinder says I have done your work. Rhea says you haven’t done our work, and is revealed to Lakshmi now. Aaliya says she has not seen you, but has seen you behind. Rhea says she is getting so much angry and wants to throw that color on Lakshmi’s face. Balwinder threatens Rhea not to do such a thing and says she is my love life. Rhea says she has spoiled my life. Balwinder says you would have brought Prachi to such a place, that nobody is there to help her. Rhea asks Aaliya if she can get the color. Aaliya says it needs time to make such a chemical color. Balwinder gets angry on Aaliya. His friend asks him not to get angry. Rhea throws vase at Balwinder, just as he is about to go. Balwinder gets angry, takes a knife and keeps on Aaliya’s neck.

Prachi tells Shahana that someone tried to attack her with chemical color and the grass burnt where it fall down. Shahana says it means someone wants to harm you. Lakshmi comes back and tells that she couldn’t find the attacker. Prachi asks her to calm down. Shahana says it was Aaliya and Rhea’s work and says I will not leave them. Lakshmi runs behind them and her pallu gets stuck. Prachi goes behind Shahana. Malishka stops Lakshmi and asks her to be careful while walking, this is not your house. Prachi brings Shahana back and asks her to calm down. Lakshmi says we can’t accuse someone without proofs. Shahana says I am not wrong. Malishka hears them. Prachi hugs Lakshmi and tells that she is worried for Shahana. Malishka thinks why everyone is mad for Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Prachi to go to her room and rest. Shahana asks did you tell her, that you are pregnant. Prachi says yes. Shahana says my anger is lowering a bit. Kiran calls Malishka and asks did you patch up with Rishi? Malishka says no, and tells that Lakshmi got close to everyone. Kiran says Lakshmi wants to trap rich people and connecting with their money. She says Lakshmi will do her work, if you don’t patch up with Rishi. She says if you can’t handle then I will come there. Malishka says she will handle.

Shahana looks here and there, and tells that Prachi is not safe in the house. Lakshmi says an attack can happen again. Shahana tells that Rhea can attack her anytime. Prachi asks did you see her attacking me. Shahana says she is your real sister, but has become illegal sautan. She tells Rhea’s planning and plotting against Prachi, and tells that she had told Prachi about celebrating honeymoon with Ranbir, to hurt her. Prachi gets teary eyes. Lakshmi hugs her and says I thought I am betrayed the most. She tells that most beautiful relation is of sisters and tells that she is lucky to have Shalu and Bani as her sisters. She praises them and tells that they have lost their parents at a young age. Prachi hugs Lakshmi to console her. Shahana hugs them. Rishi comes there and sees Lakshmi hugging Prachi and crying. He comes near Lakshmi and wipes her tears. Lakshmi looks at him. Song plays…main teri hogayi ya….

He says sorry, I was searching Ranbir’s room to use his washroom. Shahana tells the way. Rishi thanks them and goes. Shahana tells Lakshmi that she is ruining Rishi’s life, by letting Malishka marrying Rishi. She says there is love in Rishi’s eyes for you. Prachi says the same. Lakshmi says he loves Malishka, he told it many times. She asks Shahana, what she will do with Rhea, if she gets law and order for a day. Shahana says I can’t do anything, as Prachi loves Rhea more than me. She says Rhea is bad and can’t get better. She says she wants to make Aaliya unconscious and want to give her injection or slit her throat.

Balwinder tells Aaliya that her aim missed, but not mine. Rhea apologizes to Balwinder. Balwinder asks Aaliya to say sorry. Aaliya says I apologize for throwing a vase at you. Balwinder says I can’t control my anger, and forgiving you this time. Aaliya gets angry. Balwinder says don’t think my threat as an ordinary thing and says if my work is not done, then I will ruin yours. His friend also threatens them. Balwinder says I have to search Lakshmi and asks them to tell, who will help him. Malishka comes there and says I will help you. She says I don’t know who are you, but wants Lakshmi to be away from here, as I can’t be with Rishi. She offers help. Balwinder says matter is about love. Malishka says I want Lakshmi to be out from our lives. Balwinder says I love Lakshmi and will take her out.

Malishka says she will take out Lakshmi from Prachi’s room and then he has to kidnap her. Balwinder thanks her. Malishka says she don’t want his help as he is helping her. Rhea asks Balwinder to confess his feelings, and says may be she will leave with you with her wish. Balwinder says he will kidnap Lakshmi as she will not come with her own.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to talk to her. Prachi refuses. Ranbir asks Lakshmi to talk to Prachi and asks her to talk to him. He says Shahana is not supporting me and asks Lakshmi to help him. Prachi asks him not to drag Lakshmi in their matter and don’t put her in awkward condition. She says he has married my real sister, I don’t have anything to talk about. Lakshmi says I know Ranbir married Rhea, but talk to him, he had relation with you too. She says sometimes solution is taken out with talk. She says I want you both to be happy, and that’s why asking you to give a chance to him. Malishka sees Lakshmi coming out of room and hides, and thinks I don’t need to do anything, Lakshmi’s destiny is bad today. Shahana goes out too.

Ranbir says Prachi. Prachi says I am staying here, as Lakshmi and Shahana asked me to hear you. Ranbir says ok, don’t talk to me and asks why you have changed after Mom and Dad’s anniversary, and says you had become my Prachi then? Prachi says just as you changed overnight, and likewise, I have changed. He asks if our love changed, and asks if you hate me? He gets teary eyes and goes. Ali maula plays…..Malishka calls Balwinder and tells that Lakshmi went out of the room, and asks him to kidnap her, wherever she is found. Balwinder asks his friend to kidnap her. Lakshmi comes to the inhouse temple and pray to God. She asks God to be with Prachi, and praises her. Prachi searches for Lakshmi and thinks where did she go? She thinks I told all my problems to her, I did a mistake, she felt bad for me. Lakshmi prays for Prachi’s happiness. Prachi also prays for Lakshmi’s happiness.

Malishka comes to Rishi and says sorry, thinking about Kiran’s words. Rishi says sorry, and says you don’t need to say sorry. Malishka hugs him. Rishi tries to move her. Malishka says we love each other so much that we can’t hurt each other. Rishi says his mom gave such values to him, that he can’t hurt any girl. Malishka asks him to tell directly and says he looks cute. He holds her. Lakshmi looks at them hugging and gets upset. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and tries to break the hug with Malishka. Lakshmi runs from there. Balwinder follows her. Lakshmi thinks why she is feeling so much pain seeing them and cries. Balwinder comes there and offers her tissue papers. Lakshmi takes it and wipes her tears. He then tries to make her smell chloroform. Lakshmi pushes him and runs away.

Rishi asks Maishka what is she doing? Malishka asks what did I do? Rishi says you came very close to me, and says this is too much. He says I am pushing you and asking you to be in your limits. Malishka says we are about to marry, what is a big deal if we kiss. Rishi says if marriage don’t happen for any reasons then? Malishka says don’t say anything. Rishi says it is better not to say, else I have to say sorry to you.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir’s words. Ranbir is going talking on phone. Rhea asks what kind of man you are, you made me cry and talking on phone. Ranbir asks what? Rhea says how can you do this with me, I came to apply color to you and you played holi with Prachi, didn’t you feel ashamed? Ranbir says if I played holi with Prachi then if I am shameless. He says if we have made a contract that I will not celebrate holi with Prachi, and says people are celebrating each other, and no wife is complaining. He says you will not understand and goes. Rhea says if you love me, then will keep me happy and if you upset me, then will get my hatred. She says I am going to do something in my hatred.

Lakshmi runs out and falls down. Balwinder says he is Balwinder and says he wants to play holi with her, and asks why she is behind Rishi. He says Rishi will make you mad and will make you cry. Lakshmi slaps him and asks him not to say anything against Rishi. She gets up and tries to go. Balwinder says today I am forgiving you on holi day. He catches her again. Prachi and Shahana come there. Prachi throws water on Balwinder using the water pipe, and asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Balwinder says I have come to play holi with Lakshmi, and says you are in my heart, lets get married. Lakshmi says I have married Rishi with my heart and soul. Balwinder says he don’t regard you as his wife, and tries to snatch her mangalsutra. Lakshmi slaps him again. Balwinder holds her hand. Prachi asks Shahana to bring Rishi and Ranbir there. Shahana goes to bring them. Prachi tries to hit Balwinder with a stick. Balwinder keeps knife on Lakshmi’s neck. Shahana informs Rishi and he goes. She then informs Ranbir. Rishi comes there and asks Balwinder to leave Lakshmi. Balwinder says you have ruined her life, and you have Malishka in your life.

Rishi says leave her. Balwinder says I will leave her in next birth, she is mine in this birth. Ranbir comes and holds the knife. He hits Balwinder and asks Lakshmi to come. Rishi and Ranbir beat Balwinder and his friend. Lakshmi identifies that attacker was Balwinder, who was assigned by someone to apply color to Prachi. She tells Prachi. Prachi is shocked. Balwinder’s friends takes knife in his hand. Ayush beats him. Rishi asks Balwinder, how dare he to touch Lakshmi. Malishka calls Inspector and asks him to come there, as a goon was attacking Lakshmi. She asks Rishi to stop beating him. Balwinder gets up and whispers o Malishka that he will take her name if Police arrests him. Malishka picks a knife and whispers to him that she didn’t call Police and asks him to elope.

Balwinder keeps knife on Malishka’s neck and tells Lakshmi that Prachi and Shahana have saved her.