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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Saturday 15th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

This episode was acted together with the cast of Unfortunate Love and Zee world will skip those scenes or probably this episode.

Episode starts with Shahana shouting happy holi and coming to Prachi’s room. Prachi asks her to come near her, and asks her to call Doctor, tells that it is paining badly. Shahana says she doesn’t have the doctor’s number. Prachi says ok, I will call him and asks her to give water. Shahana gives her water. Prachi relaxes as the pain relieves. Vikram and Pallavi come to Dida and wishes her happy holi.

They apply color to each other. Dida also wishes them. She asks where are you coming from? Pallavi says from the event site. Ranbir comes and wishes them happy holi. He tells that he made guest list on event location and all celebrity and stars are coming. He says some guests are staying in Oberoi sherton and coming here. Vikram asks if Rishi Oberoi coming here. Ranbir says I will check.

Malishka comes to apply color to Dadi. Dadi asks her to play respectful holi with her, and she don’t want her to apply haldi to her face. Malishka says you mean tilak. Sonia comes and wishes Malishka happy holi. Malishka hugs Rishi and wishes him happy holi. Rishi asks Dadi to get ready and come for the holi function. Dadi asks why are you talking as if I go to celebrate holi every day. She acts to be unwell and says she don’t want to play holi. She asks Rishi to apply small tika to her. Rishi applies tika to Dadi. Dadi also applies tika to Rishi and others. Ayush says you are looking beautifu today and teases her. Dadi runs behind him. Karishma comes there. Dadi applies holi color to her. Karishma says I was not ready for this. Dadi asks why did you give birth to such a son, I will take revenge. Kiran comes there. They wish her. Rishi tells that they have to go to Ranbir kohi’s house to celebrate holi. Malishka asks will you go alone? Ranbir calls Rishi. Rishi says he will get late. Ranbir asks him to come fast and asks him to bring Ayush too. Malishka says she will come with him as she don’t want to leave him alone. Ranbir informs Vikram that Rishi is coming. Vikram asks if senior Oberoi is coming. Ranbir says I didn’t ask and looks for Prachi.

Prachi talks to her doctor and tells that she was feeling a breathing problem and had pain in her stomach. Doctor asks her not to take any stress, as it is injurious to her and her baby. She asks her to laugh even if she don’t want to. she says there are problems in your pregnancy and asks her to relieve her stress. She asks her to stay away from the chemical colors. Shahana asks how she will be happy if she don’t celebrate holi. Doctor asks her to celebrate holi with organic colors or haldi etc.

Prachi tells Shahana, what excuse she will make if someone comes to apply color to her. Shahana says holi celebration is on full swing. Dida comes there and greets them. She asks them to come and says Jai came to do handle the event and do anchoring. Prachi says I need to happy in any situation. Dida takes Prachi and Shahana with her.

Jai takes the mic and wishes everyone happy holi. He says his favorite festivals are Diwali and holi. He gives tribute to Bappi lahri and Lata Mangeshwari. Shoeib Ibrahim and Rani of Apna time aayega perform on the songs.

Rhea comes to Pallavi. Pallavi asks where are you? Rhea wishes her happy holi and hugs her. Pallavi says holi is played with colors. Rhea says she wants to play holi with Ranbir first and wants to apply him holi and viceversa. Prachi tells Dida that she will go. She thinks if anyone applies color on me then I may get unwell and Shahana will take me to hospital, I don’t want Rhea or Ranbir to know about my pregnancy. She thinks of Rhea and Ranbir’s intimacy and thinks if I had told him then he would have got all the happiness, but he didn’t deserve it. She tells Dida that she will check the arrangements and is going, when Ranbir comes there and wishes her happy holi. Ali Maula plays…Prachi changes her way. Ranbir asks why did you change your way. prachi says she don’t want to talk to him. He asks her not to be rude. Prachi asks him to be happy with whoever he wants and gets upset with him. She goes. Ranbir thinks he will convince her and thinks he can’t let her be upset with him.

Dida asks Shahana, why Prachi is looking scared of playing holi. Shahana says there is nothing. Dida says I shall find out. Shahana thinks to help her. She thinks if I make all the colors vanished from here. she then thinks to make the colors table fall down. She collides with the table and makes the color plates fall down on the ground. She shouts and tells that she has slipped. Ranbir goes to help her. Pallavi and Rhea scold Shahana for making the colors fall down. Dida asks them to pick the plates and play holi. Aaliya says if guests see then they will leave. She asks Shahana to go and bring the colors from the market. Ranbir says I will go and get it. Rhea says she shall go. Shahana says she will go. Ranbir asks her to get money from his cupboard. Shahana says she will go alone.

Rishi, Malishka and Ayush are in the car. Rishi thinks Lakshmi haven’t messaged her. Ayush understands him and smiles. Rishi sees Lakshmi and asks Ayush to stop the car, says Lakshmi is here. Malishka asks where is Lakshmi? Ayush tells Rishi that Lakshmi is not here. Rishi says he is talking about the Lakshmi brand, organic colors. Rishi says I will go and buy it. He gets down the car. Malishka also gets down the car. Ayush stops her. Malishka goes back to car. Rishi goes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi is buying the color packets. He says hi and asks if she is buying holi colors. She says yes. He says Chachi scolded you that day. He then wishes her happy holi. Malishka looks at the sanskar holi color and says there is no Lakshmi holi colors. She gets down the car and goes to Lakshmi and Rishi. Lakshmi wishes her happy holi. Malishka asks them not to be romantic. She says they will celebrate holi together and will go to a family friend’s house together. She says they don’t buy holi from roadside and kisses on Rishi’s cheeks. Lakshmi closes her eyes. Malishka and Rishi come back to car. Malishka gets angry on him for lying to her and meeting Lakshmi.

Jai announces performance by Karan wahi and Ada Khan. Karan wahi and Ada Khan perform on the song. Everyone claps. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks if she remembers their last holi. He says you didn’t want to play holi and I had said that I will apply to you first. A fb is shown, Ranbir is running behind Prchi to apply color to her. He lifts her and they fall down on the ground. He applies yellow color to her. fb ends. Ranbir says I will apply color to you first. Prachi says now you don’t have any rights on me. Ranbir says I still love you and will apply color to you first. Prachi asks him to talk to Rhea. He says I love you, then why to talk to others. He says he is mad in her love and will do whatever he has decided, first color of holi with her. Ali Maula plays….Aaliya hears them.

Karan and Preeta perform next. Balwinder talks to his friend and tells that he don’t want to talk to him and give keys to him. Shahana is in the market. Balwinder’s friend looks at her. Prachi calls Shahana and tells that Ranbir told that he will apply her colors. Shahana asks her to relax and tells that she has bought all the organic colors as told by doctor. Prachi smiles. Balwinder’s friend comes there and teases Shahana, offering to drop her home. Lakshmi comes there and slaps the guy. He says Lakshmi. Lakshmi says a girl becomes Durga when a girl’s respect is in danger, and asks him to apologize to Shahana. He says sorry and goes. Shahana thanks Lakshmi for helping her and asks her to come with her, says she is scared that he will follow her. Lakshmi says she will come.

Rishi comes to Vikram’s holi event with Ayush and Malishka. They greet each other happy holi. Malishka tells that she got late and applied sunscreen cream. She introduces herself as Rishi’s would be wife. Dida blesses her. Ranbir, Vikram and Pallavi congrat her. Rhea comes there and tells that she is Ranbir’s wife. She praises Malishka’s dress. Malishka praises her class. Ayush asks who is she, signing at Prachi. Before Ranbir could say, Rhea says she is Prachi, not important. Shahana reaches home with Lakshmi. Balwinder’s friend eyes her. Jai calls the next performers on the stage.

Rishi asks Ranbir if they called them for the holi event. Ranbir says yes. Rishi asks him to remind him that it is holi. Ayush asks him to ask directly. Rishi asks about the colors. Aaliya says it is on the way. Rhea introduces Ayush and Rishi to Aaliya. Malishka introduces herself as Rishis would be wife. Aaliya congrats them. She says I like your classy style. Ranbir asks them to have girl’s talk and takes Rishi to talk to him. He tells Rishi that he has noticed something and says he wants to say something. Rishi asks what happened? Ranbir asks Rishi not to marry Malishka and says a person shall marry the person, he loves and says your heart is beating for someone else. He asks him to listen to his heart and not to marry Malishka. Ayush comes there and hugs Ranbir. He says I told this to Rishi Bhai, but he never listens. Rishi stops Ayush. Ranbir sticks to his words.

Shahana asks the Servants to keep the colors on the table. Pracchi comes there. Shahana introduces Prachi with Lakshmi. She says she likes Lakshmi. Prachi says Shahana must have liked your good quality. Shahana praises her for saving her. Prachi thanks and hugs Lakshmi. She says Shahana is my life, and if something happens to her, then I can’t bear. Lakshmi says she can’t bear anything happening to any girls. Shahana says she talks deeply like you. Lakshmi says now I shall leave. Shahana and Prachi insist her to stay there for few mins. Lakshmi says ok. Shahana asks Prachi not to worry, as special colors have come. Prachi asks Lakshmi to come to the garden are and play with them.

Ranbir tells Rishi that it is seen in his eyes, that he don’t love Malishka. Rishi says he loves Malishka and will marry her. He goes. Ayush tells Ranbir that Rishi has no control on his mind and heart and gets grinded. Balwinder’s friend comes back to the market and tells him that he liked a girl and followed her to her house. Balwinder asks him to kidnap her. His friend says he was about to kidnap her, but Lakshmi intervened. Balwinder asks him to come and says they will kidnap them.

Malishka goes to Rishi and applies him color. She runs and collides with someone. Rishi takes the plate in his hand. Lakshmi comes there and collides with Rishi. The color falls down on them both. Rishi looks at her. lakshmi then looks at him. Ranbir and Ayush look at them. Song plays….Lakshmi says Malishka might be searching you and says I will leave. Rishi says anyone can apply color to anyone. He says I haven’t applied you yet. She says I will bring the color. He takes the color and applies on her cheeks. He wishes her happy holi. Lakshmi imagines dancing on the song with Rishi.

Malishka sees Rishi and Lakshmi together and gets upset. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi goes. Malishka looks at him. Rishi goes to apply color to her. Malishka stops him and says he would have applied color to her first. She goes. Ayush tells Ranbir that Malishka got upset. Ranbir says as Rishi applied color to Lakshmi first. He says since Rishi came here, I didn’t see him happy like he was happy with Lakshmi. He asks him to do something.

Rhea comes there and says lets play holi. Ranbir says actually…I like to play wet holi and goes to get pichkari. Rhea says I will not let you drench me with colors. Ranbir takes pichkari and gives one to Vikram. Rishi uses the pichkari on Lakshmi and says happy holi. Vikram also plays holi with Pallavi. Shahana wishes happy holi to Dida. Pallavi gets upset. Ayush comes to Lakshmi and says he is happy to see her here. He applies tilak to her. Lakshmi also applies tilak to her. He says lets play holi and they apply color to each other. Rishi comes there and applies color to Lakshmi. Ranbir dances on the song. Balwinder comes there with his friend and play the dhol. Malishka gets upset. Ranbir takes colors from Rhea’s plate and tells Prachi that he has told her, that he will apply color to her first. He then applies her color and holds her hands and applies color to his face. He imagines Prachi dancing with him in the event. He wishes her happy holi. Prachi is upset and goes. Vikram smiles. Rhea gets angry and goes, throwing the color plate.

Balwinder eyes Lakshmi and walks towards her. Lakshmi goes. Aaliya comes to Rhea and asks why did you come here? Rhea asks didn’t you see what I saw exactly. She tells that Ranbir has applied color to Prachi infront of me, and tells that his heart was beating for Prachi and not me. She asks what is in her, he takes breaths for Prachi only, feels for her, but I am nowhere. She says whatever I do, I am nowhere, he don’t see me. She says he will not look at me even if I get mad. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says she can’t calm down. She says I made it look like that she celebrated wedding night with him and they have moved on in their wedding life, but then also he made it look like, as if I am his big mistake which he wants to forget. She says she went to him with the color plate, but he called Prachi and applied color to her with my color plate. She says how to control Ranbir, and get him out of the black magic. She tells that she did what she could do, but her pregnancy was fake, and I have proved my wedding night is done. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea looks at Prachi going from there and tells that she will calm down her anger and will make someone else cry.

Vikram comes to Pallavi and asks why is she sad? Pallavi says holi will end today, but life will go on. Vikram asks what? Pallavi asks when you will stop pretending that life is perfect. Vikram says I want to be happy, but seems like you will spoil my mood. He asks her to search small happiness. Pallavi says I am not like you. Vikram says be unhappy and make others unhappy too. He says I am upset, and will remember always that you fought with me today also. Pallavi says we are fighting due to Prachi and says Ranbir applied color to her, infront of Rhea, and asks what she has felt. Vikram argues and goes. Dida comes there and tells Pallavi that Ranbir has applied color to Prachi with his wish. She says there is no power in Rhea’s love that will make him hers, and there is no truth in your talks that sides Vikram on your side. She says you loves Rhea since her childhood, but got blinded in her love and forgotten what she did with Prachi. She asks her not to be like Rhea. Pallavi thinks I shall do something with this Prachi, unti then Kohli family can’t be one. Deepika singh dances with Ayush and Sid. Ranbir and Prachi join them.

Precap: Rishi tries to apply holi color to Malishka. Malishka says she don’t want to play holi this way and says how to explain to you, what to do so that I feel that you are mine, just mine, and so that Lakshmi feel that you are mine and not hers. Rishi asks her not to bring Lakshmi between them. Aaliya gives color to Rhea and tells that if Rhea comes to Prachi’s room and says I wish I was my Dad’s only daughter and you was never born. Prachi says if everyone wishes come true, then there was no sadness in the world. She says even God knows, that whoever has so much poison in their mind, their wishes can’t come true. Rhea shouts at her. Prachi says she has headache hearing her. Rhea says my heart wrenches and pain, you know well how much I love you and then also you hurt your sister. Prachi asks her to decide if she is her sister or sautan. She says sautan doesn’t get anyone’s love and says you are my illegal sautan. Rhea asks what do you think that I feel love for you when I call you as my sister.Prachi says if your blood boils seeing me then how will you woo your husband. Rhea says I know how to woo my husband and asks her to stay away from him. Prachi says I haven’t tied him to my hair or pallu. She says I am not behind him, I know you so well, in and out. I know your hidden agenda and know your planning and plotting. She asks how dare you, to tell in the anniversary party that I am pregnant and asks what was the need to do drama. She says how can you make fun of someone’s pregnancy. She says you presented it as a curse, and will never be forgiven for this. Rhea asks her to stay away from him. She says you know well, that we were on the bed and have moved on in our relation. Prachi asks then why do you look back and says I have no interest in your husband and says he only comes to me, I don’t want to talk to him or see him. She asks her to close the door while going. Rhea goes.

Prachi cries. She says you have hurt my heart so much that everything is just betrayal. Song plays…..She says I will not cry, and will not cry for you. She says you gave rights to Rhea, and she is asking me to stay away from you, once we were so closer. She says you didn’t trust me or fulfill your promise made to me, all your promises are fake.

Rhea comes to the room and gets angry thinking about Prachi’s words. She cries. Aaliya comes there and asks what are you doing? She says you had gone to make Prachi cry, and asks why she is herself crying? Rhea says if I am a child that started crying if I don’t get pichkari. Aaliya asks her to get up and says today is holi. Rhea says he played holi with Prachi. She asks her not to lecture her. She says let me go. Aaliya closes the door and asks her to stop crying and stop being pathetic and stop annoying her. Rhea says yes, I am pathetic and annoying you. Aaliya asks her to take knife and stab her. She asks her to take control on her life and hurt the one who hurt her. she says if something is going wrong then make it better. She says I am your Buji and care for you, support you. She asks her to control her life. Rhea says she can handle Prachi, but not Ranbir. She says she wanted him to apply color to her, but he made her felt bad and applied color to Prachi. She says Prachi made fun of me, I will snatch her happiness and will ruin her, will wipe her name from the world. Aaliya asks what is in Prachi that he likes her. He says may be he likes her beauty? Rhea says Prachi is not beautiful. Aaliya says we may not like her, but he likes her beauty. He says we shall take a step and once we take this step, then you can’t rectify. Rhea says I want to destroy her life. Aaliya says I will return in 15 mins and asks her to keep her phone on.

Ranbir and Prachi collide with each other. He asks why are you behaving strangely suddenly? Prchi says you are not innocent. He asks what happened? Prachi asks him to move away. Ranbir says you played holi with me outside. Prachi says what to do outside. She says whenever I think that you are a good person, you proves me wrong. She says you told that I am your wife and stood by me. She says that night, you was holding my hand and next morning you was sleeping with someone else. She says our love was over. Ranbir says don’t say this. Prachi says you don’t love me. Ranbir says I love you even today. Prachi says then you wouldn’t have been with Rhea in her bedroom, it is over. Ranbir and Prachi get emotional. He asks did Rhea tell you something? Prachi asks him to go and ask him, just leave her alone. She says you told me once, that you are a one woman man, you had lied. She goes from there. Ranbir feels bad.

Rhea comes to the room. Aaliya asks her to close the door. Rhea says there is nobody here. Aaliya says we shall not trust even our reflection. Rhea asks what did you say that once we start, we can’t back off and what I can’t change in future if I want to. Aaliya asks her to wear the gloves and says you need it so that nobody can catch you. She asks her to wear the gloves and apply this color to Prachi’s face. Rhea says you wanted me to play holi with Prachi. Aaliya says this is not an ordinary color, it is chemical mixed color, just as you apply color to Prachi, her face will be burnt for forever. She says we don’t like her, but Ranbir likes her, and if you don’t want him to like her, then apply color to her face, it will be burnt, and no plastic surgeon of the world can make her face like before. She says after this color is applied to her face, Ranbir will run away from Prachi. She asks her to go and take the revenge. Rhea looks on.

Aaliya asks Rhea what is she thinking? Rhea asks if her face will get damage permanently. Aaliya asks do you want Ranbir to go back to Prachi? She asks do you have sympathy for your sister? Rhea says what to do? Aaliya provokes her against Prachi and reminds her that Prachi has snatched Ranbir from her, and her Papa. She says Prachi has ruined your married life and you want to play sister sister with her. Rhea recalls Ranbir’s words that Prchi is his real sister. She tells that Prachi is not my sister and I have no sympathy for her. She says I will make her suffer and she will not see her own face, Ranbir will hate her and will turn his face. She says it will be my revenge. Aaliya asks her to wear the gloves and apply color on Prachi’s face. She says this holi, Prachi’s life will become colorless. Rhea wears gloves and puts her hand in the packet. She shouts and tells that it is paining badly. She says may be there is a hole in the gloves. Aaliya asks her to think, how much it will hurt Prachi. She says she will bring another glove for her.

Ranbir comes to his room and recalls Prachi confronting him, and telling that their love is over. He is about to drink wine, but Rishi comes and stops him. He says it is not allowed on holi day. Ranbir says I am stuck in this situation due to bhang effect. Rishi asks what is the story. Ranbir says t is a long story. Rishi insists to hear. Ranbir tells that he had drank bhang, and Prachi got upset with him. Rishi says everyone knows about Rhea and you, and says you are a big person and big news get published about you. He says you are married to Rhea, but you are eying Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi is in my heart. He says I slept with Rhea in bhang effect, when I woke up, Rhea was beside me on the bed and Prachi was standing. He says since then Prachi is upset and not talking to me, says don’t know what to do. Ayush says you both have a sad love story, and says if anyone hears then will lose trust on love. He says Ranbir said that you still love Prachi even after marriage with Rhea. He says but Rishi Bhai loves Lakshmi and wants to marry Malishka. Rishi says I love Malishka. Ayush says Ranbir has caught you and asks him, do you think Rishi loves Malishka? Rishi asks him to be quiet. Ranbir says we don’t want to understand when someone makes us understand. He tells that he was jobless for 2 years and once his neighbor told that he is useless etc. He says those 2 years were wonderful years of the house, and then our relation stumbled. He says now I am very rich, but poor at heart. He says he is missing Prachi’s smile and says now she don’t smile due to me. He asks him not to marry Malishka and says if you marry her, then will go mad. He says it is a bad feeling, that you love someone and marry someone else. He says don’t do the same mistake which I did. Ayush says there is happiness and pain too in love.

Ranbir says love is strange and says you love Lakshmi and will feel best with her, which I can’t explain to you. Malishka comes there and asks Rishi to come