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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Monday 26th December 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate on zee world Monday 26th December 2022 update, Prachi thinking of what Ranbir told to Sid. Pallavi comes there and tells Prachi that this is for her. She says Sid’s parents died in an accident, if his mother would have been alive then she would have given you this. She says you might feel bad about what she is going to say.

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She says I am a woman, before being Vikram’s wife and Ranbir’s mother, says she wants everyone’s betterment. She says I hate you a lot, but now I don’t hate you, as you are pregnant. She says I am still upset with you, you didn’t fulfill any responsibilities, you have responsibility of taking the family legacy forward.

She says your mother is not here, and says I want this child to get both parents’ love, and says I hope you understand what I want to say. Prachi nods her head. Pallavi comes back to her and asks her not to create any drama until the engagement and says if you do also, then also I will do what is good for the family. She asks her to promise that she will not do anything. Prachi says I promise. Pallavi goes.

Prachi sits in her room shattered and cries. Ranbir comes there and makes her get up. He asks why are you crying, if you are crying due to me. He says I asked you to marry Sid, and says I don’t want you to marry him or anybody else. He says forget whatever I told you, ask her to pack her bags, and says we will leave from here. Just then someone throws kerosene oil on Ranbir. Prachi asks Ranbir to remove his tshirt fast. Ranbir is about to take off the tshirt, when someone throws match stick on him. Prachi thinks it is a sign that if they get together then something will happen to Ranbir. She thinks she won’t let anything happen to him. She comes to the kitchen searching him and sees him in the kitchen. Ranbir asks if you are searching something. Prachi sees him lighting the match stick and gets shocked. Ranbir keeps the match stick on the stove and the stove starts burning. Prachi pushes Ranbir. Ranbir opens the door and asks Prachi to move back. They try to set off the fire. They ask each other if they are fine. Ranbir says I am fine. He asks how do you come to know about this. Prachi says she saw the dream, someone wants to do bad with them and she saw him burning in the dream. She hugs him and cries. Ranbir breaks the hug and says sometimes even the bad dreams fulfills. He goes to his room and cries. Sad song plays….Ranbir thinks why I couldn’t do anything, why there is nothing in my control, my hands are full but still empty. He says when I know that Prachi will not marry Sid if I tell her, then why don’t I stop her. He recalls the promise given to her. He thinks whatever he did for his unborn child.

Aaliya comes to Pallavi’s room and starts praising her saying she is great. Pallavi says I know why you have come here, to talk about Sid. Sid looks at Mihika’s pic. Pallavi says I know what you want to say about Sid and Prachi, and says I have accepted Prachi, to tell you the truth, when I came to know that Prachi is pregnant with Ranbir’s baby, I was over the moon and was happy. She says I started accepted her, and didn’t tell you as I didn’t want Rhea to react. She says she doesn’t know why she is happy and when she came to know that Prachi is pregnant with his child, I thought Ranbir had his perfect family. She says hearing this news, I accepted Prachi. Sid hears them. Pallavi says then I came to know that Prachi is pregnant with Sid’s baby and then I started hating her again more than ever before. Aaliya says this happened as you are a good mother. Pallavi asks her not to tell Rhea. Aaliya says ok. Pallavi says now the marriage shall happen at the earliest so that Prachi goes away from Ranbir’s life forever. Sid gets sad and emotional.

Prachi recalls Ranbir gifting her a saree and a fb is shown. Ranbir asks her to wear it. Prachi says I wear simple clothes. Ranbir says I totally agree that simplicity suits you. He asks her to see that the saree will look good on you and saying that let me be on you.

He says it seems Devi came infront of me. Prachi says give me a trishul so that I can kill the devil. Fb ends, Ranbir comes to Prachi and makes her sit. He makes her wear the earrings. Prachi is teary eyes and looks at him.

Ranbir helping Prachi wear the jewellery and applying bindi to her forehead. Prachi gets teary eyes. He wipes her tears. Prachi looks at him and says don’t be late, say it please. Ranbir says you got late, you shall marry, and he goes. Prachi turns and thinks he has returned. She says you have come back. She sees Sid standing. Sid says Prachi. Prachi says don’t take my name with your dirty tongue and says he is asking me to leave from his life due to you and your lie. She asks why did you do this? Sid sits down and apologizes. Prachi says you have done conspiracy, it was planned conspiracy and asks why was he taking revenge and for what? She says you have snatched my everything and says you was a wolf in disguise of friend. She says I used to think that my sister Rhea is a bad person, but you are more worse than her, wants to break my marriage and wants to marry me. She says you are crocodile who wants to swallow all the family in one go. He asks her to listen. Prachi asks if you want to say more lies. You lied when I gave you chance to say. She says when Rhea told that Ranbir is not the father of my child, I was angry, but my anger lowers as Ranbir was with me and I was at peace that you will say the truth, but you have ruined many lives. She asks him to tell the truth and says I deserve to know the truth. Sid says I don’t have a family. Prachi says lie, Ranbir and I were your family always. Sid says don’t you feel strange that I am calling your baby as mine. Prachi asks why? Sid says Mihika’s life is in danger. Prachi asks Mihika. Shahana hears them.

Wendy Mausi tells Dida that she is thinking what to do so that Rhea leaves Ranbir. Dida says what is the difference between your and my thoughts. Wendy Mausi says she knows how to tackle Rhea like girls and shall use her experience. Dida asks if I don’t have experience and says she didn’t grey her hair in sunlight. Wendy says when you was greying your hair, I used dye to dye my hair. Dida says even I have dyed my hair. Wendy says you are also in my team, we will get rid of her. Rhea comes and asks with whom you want to get rid of. Wendy Mausi asks her not to say anything and says you are looking beautiful and says she wants to take off bad sight from her. She praises Rhea. Rhea gets flattered hearing her and calls her wendy Dadi. Wendy praises her more and asks her to go and show her beauty outside. Rhea hugs her and goes. Dida asks Wendy why she was so sweet with Rhea. Wendy says they shall keep the enemy close.

Sid tells them that Mihika had come here, not for Ganapati, but to save her life from Aaliya and Rhea’s clutches. He says when Chachu called him, he was coming here to say the truth, they got Mihika kidnapped and then they tried to get me killed. He says when I have come here, I came to know about their plan, it is their plan. Shahana says 1 min and says it is very shocking. She asks why you didn’t try to tell this to Prachi or Ranbir. Sid says I tried, but nobody tried to listen to me. Shahana doesn’t believe him. Prachi says Sid is saying the truth and says she knows him and knows when he can lie. Sid thanks her for trusting him. Prachi says I trusted you always and saw you as a brother. She says you have increased my dilemma, and tells that she wanted to tie rakhi to her hand, but for now she has to get engaged to him. She tells that they have to save Mihika, as she has heard illegitimate word all the life. Sid apologizes to Prachi for thinking about Mihika. Prachi says get ready to fight back and says we have to save Mihika. Shahana says we will save Mihika. Sid thanks them. Prachi says I shall thank you for unburdening me with this truth. She says engagement or marriage, will be fake now.

Shahana says why are you telling us now, as Mihika is still in danger. Sid says I know, but if I haven’t told her, then I would have died. He says I heard Pallavi chachi that she had accepted Prachi, but was shattered with this truth. Prachi says it is good that you told me. She says a big question is infront of me and says with this fake engagement, I want to find out about Ranbir’s feelings. She says if Ranbir will fight back or stay idle, seeing his love becoming of someone else. She says I will see if he will fulfill his words or let the words stay as words.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he think that Sid can be a good father than him. Aryan asks him not to talk like oldies. Ranbir says I can’t think that Prachi will hold someone else’s hand. Aryan says we will tell Prachi clearly that she shall not hold Sid’s hand. Ranbir says you don’t understand. Aryan says we will put the clause for the marriage. Ranbir says I love Prachi, I might refuse infront of others, but it is truth. He asks how to live without her. Rhea says once they get married, we will start our marital life, will stay together. Ranbir asks if you know what is happening here? Rhea says I heard that you want to get her marriage done fast and don’t want it to happen also.

Ranbir takes Rhea to side and asks what you was saying there? He says I told you clearly that I love Prachi. He says everyone knows in this world that he loves Prachi. Rhea says then also you asked her to marry Sid. Ranbir says I will stay away from her, but will love her always. Rhea says she don’t understand.

Ranbir says his heart beats for his love and his love will be for her always, even if she goes away from him. He says he is not a stuff which someone else will use. He sees Prachi coming with Shahana and going from there. He feels her as her hair touches his face as she goes. He says she didn’t see me?

Rhea says exactly and you was calling her as your love. Ranbir says I have to tell her. Rhea thinks what is in his mind. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.