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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Monday 10th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Rhea while walking thinks if sahana is pregnant then why is Prachi showing all the symptoms of pregenancy, she opens the wardrobe when Pallavi enters questions what is she doing here, Rhea exclaims she needs the keys because of some urgent work, Pallavi wonders what is she planning to do now, Rhea goes to try and open the door when Prachi opens it herself questioning it.


Rhea exclaims she was thinking about throwing those keys which were not useful, Prachi replies she speak very good lies but Prachi can find them, she knows Rhea is not angry but tensed and this is visible from her face, she knows Rhea came to check on her because she has a lot of free time, Sahana comes questioning why did Prachi not come with her when she explained that Dida is calling them, Prachi informs she had to wait since a cat crossed her path, she asks Rhea to give the keys to whom they belong since it is for the better, Prachi leaves.

Prachi and Sahana are walking when she exclaims that Prachi scolded Rhea because of which she felt really good, Sahana asks what happened as she seems tensed, Prachi replies she feels something is wrong with her child, Sahana assures nothing wrong will happen to her, she asks what is Prachi thinking now, Prachi explains she feels Rhea is always keeping an eye on her as she doesnot believe the fake story of Sahana, Dida opens the door questioning why is Sahana talking with Prachi when she called them both, so they need to come inside.

Prachi and Sahana enter when Ranbir is sitting, Prachi exclaims Dida called them to talk with Ranbir, Dida explains she wants to talk with them both, they should befriend each other but Ranbir and Prachi exclaims it is not possible, Prachi mentions he has a lot of attitude, when Ranbir replies ego, she says has a lot of attitude, Ranbir exclaims she is always fighting but Prachi exclaims he doesnot know how to talk, Ranbir replies she doesnot even talk with him so Prachi says she doesnot talk with strangers, Ranbir informs he is not talking with her when Prachi says even she is talking with Dida, who exclaims they both are talking with her, she mentions that friendship is not only about giving cards and bands but it is to end the differences but they both do not do it at all, however should end it for tomorrow, Ranbir asks what is so important when Dida informs that tomorrow is the anniversary of Vikram and Pallavi, so she wants them both to end the differences celebrating the event, Prachi assures she will do anything for the anniversary of her daughter in law, she requests them both place their hands, Prachi and Ranbir also agree.
Rhea is walking so Pallavi stops her explaining if she has finished her work with the keys then should return it and so she can place them in their proper spot, Rhea replies she doesnot know where they are, Pallavi questions what is she saying since she had them, Rhea recalls that she threw them into the room in anger, she leaves assuring they are in her room so she is going to bring them back.

Dida explains now they have all promised and her hand is the middle so they all must accept whatever she advises them to do, she asks Sahana to bring out a pen and paper, Sahana in excitement exclaims that she is going to make sure the friendship is made on paper, Dida asks her to leave the relation of friendship out of the contractual agreement. Sahana brings the notebook, Dida informs she will be in charge of catering, Sahana writes it as it is so Dida has to correct her, informing she knows what her son and daughter in law like, she even knows what has to be made in such events, Prachi exclaims she will prepare special Ghewar as Dad likes it, and even it would be a little different, Ranbir offers to make the arrangements of music and DJ, Sahana questions who would give the invitation, Dida replies guests only come when the elders invite them, Prachi exclaims she will handle the decorations when Dida mentions she knows that no one can handle decoration better then her, Ranbir says no one can fight like her, Prachi questions what did he say, Dida also informs he promised he will not fight when Ranbir replies he assured he will not fight tomorrow, Sahana offers to write it when both Ranbir and Prachi exclaim she is really mad. Rhea is walking when she thinks how Ranbir is smiling sitting with her enemies, she exclaims that he acts likes he loves her but is laughing while sitting with them all.

Rhea rushes into the room when she starts fighting the keys, she is shocked to see the achar on the table and wonders what is it doing in the room of Prachi, she is shocked to see the knife on the bed and even finds lemons on the bed, Rhea manages to find the pills in the bins when she exclaims that Prachi is pregnant, Rhea goes to the bathroom where she finds the mobile, Rhea figures out the password and is shocked to see the message of Sidharth which says that Prachi must take care of the child and herself, Rhea hears someone coming so rushes to put the mobile in the bathroom, Aaliya is shocked to see Rhea and questions what is she doing in the room, Rhea questions when does anyone like to eat such things like Achar and lemons, Aaliya exclaims when someone is pregnant, Rhea questions if Bu jee is not understanding what is going on, Prachi is about to be the mother of Sidharth’s child and the only reason she hid the truth was to make her place in this house, but when they prove she is about to be the mother of someone else’s child then Ranbir would himself throw her out of the house, Aaliya questions what can they do now, Rhea informs they need to put the blame on her just like last time when they said she has an affair with Sidharth. Prachi claims to be the wife of Ranbir however he will not be able to bear it, Aaliya questions what kind of proof they do have as no one would believe them, Rhea informs they need to show the entire picture and have the entire day tomorrow to gather those proofs.

Dida questions what are they thinking about as she needs to even find the dress, Ranbir suggests that it should be black and white with silver, Prachi also agrees mentioning it would look really good when she also informs how she is going to decorate the house with white and red, Ranbir adds she can even use golden in it, Prachi mentions she has even used this decoration when Ranbir says they decorated it in the old house on Robby’s birthday, and he even proposed to his girlfriend, they both are laughing when Prachi suddenly mentions that she needs to sleep, Sahana also questions if Ranbir even has to sleep, he says that she also needs to do some work when Sahana replies she has the most important work of them all and is going to look after them all, Ranbir says she is already a lazy person and Dida is supporting her, Sahana informs she is proud of it, Ranbir starts looking to Prachi when Sahana starts making fun of him, along with Dida. He also stands to go when Dida advises he must go to his own room, Sahana replies he is her Bubblo.

In the morning Vikram and Pallavi both are talking on the call accepting the wishes when Dida enters with the thali, she in shock ends their calls after which they are stunned when she informs they both are her son and daughter in law so she has the right to wish them first, they both hug her, she asks them to kneel and take her blessings. Dida also advises they can give her any special requirement for the party.

Prachi is instructing the decorators about how they should place the flowers since the roses will be he major component, Sahana advises she can also inform them about the golden colour which Ranbir suggested, Prachi says she must also do some work, Sahana assures she is doing a lot of work and what is wrong if she took the name of Ranbir, he comes standing in the corner and is only admiring Prachi.

Shahana asking Prachi to hold the basket of flowers and tells her that she has some important work. Prachi asks her to help her. Shahana refuses and goes. Ranbir looks at Prachi and admires her as she is busy in the decorations. Prachi looks at him admiring at her smilingly. Ranbir also looks at Prachi and pretends to talk on the call. Rhea looks at him. Ranbir slips and Prachi holds him in RK pose. He smiles looking at her. Prachi drops him on the floor. Ranbir asks why did you make me fall? Prachi says I saved you and then thought you would have fallen if I haven’t saved. He asks why did you save me then? Prachi says you was smiling at me and would have troubled me later. He asks why would I do this? Prachi says your mind was empty, I couldn’t find out. Ranbir says you doubt everyone, I will take revenge from you. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida come there. Prachi wishes them happy anniversary. Ranbir also wishes Vikram and Pallavi. Aaliya couldn’t bear and tells Rhea that she will get sugar seeing happy family. Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells that she has planned to expose Prachi. She calls doctor and asks her to come in half an hour. Aaliya asks why she has called doctor. Rhea says to check you. Aaliya says I am fine. Rhea says doctor is coming to check Prachi and then after the check up, nobody can stop me from exposing Prachi.

Dida asks Vikram and Pallavi to go to their room and come back in the evening. Pallavi insists to stay back. Dida orders them to go. Vikram and Pallavi agree and go. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Ali Maula plays….

Rhea looks at the powder and thinks Prachi will faint due to this powder and then I will do my work. Aaliya comes there. Rhea shows the powder and says when it goes in Prachi’s body, she will faint, but nothing will happen to her baby. Aaliya asks if she is concerned for the baby. Rhea says she has no relation with Prachi, and that’s why she has no relation with her baby. She says she wants the baby to be safe, thinking it will open ways for her.

Aaliya asks what you are going to do exactly. Rhea says Dr. Sudha is on the way and tells that she will mix the powder in the water or juice and then. She sees Neeti coming and stops her. Neeti says she is going to give juice to Prachi, and tells that Shahana asked her to give juice to Prachi often. Aaliya diverts Neeti while Rhea adds powder in the juice. Neeti goes. Rhea asks Aaliya to come and not to miss the fun of seeing Prachi fainting.

Shahana looks at Ranbir. Prachi asks her to do work. Shahana says I am working and keeping eye on you, and tells that she asked Neeti to bring juice for her. She tells that the things between Ranbir and her are getting better, since he applied sindoor to her. Prachi says it is not like that. Shahana asks if it is not like that then? Prachi says I won’t let Rhea get Ranbir, but other girl can take him. Shahana says you have boosted my confidence, I like Ranbir and I feel that he is my first and last choice since college, and says talk to him about me. Prachi asks if she is done with the nonsense. Shahana says you just want to see Ranbir with just yourself and after the PS rasam, your feelings increased for him. Neeti brings juice and gives to Shahana. Shahana asks Prachi to drink it. Prachi refuses. Shahana says drink atleast for him/her and then says me. Prachi drinks and says it is good. Rhea and Aaliya smile. Neeti takes back the glass. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Rhea says within 2 mins, the powder will show its effect. She goes to Ranbir and asks what are you giving to Mummy and Daddy on their anniversary. He says I didn’t think, Dida asked me to organize this party and I am doing. Rhea says what are you gifting them? Aaliya comes there. Rhea says she has called the doctor as she is unwell. Prachi faints and falls down. Ranbir runs to her and asks what happened to her? Shahana says she has fainted. Aaliya asks him to take her to room. Shahana says I will call doctor. Rhea says I had called doctor for Buji already, and that doctor will check Prachi. She calls Doctor. Ranbir takes Prachi to room. Shahana says we shall call Prachi’s doctor. Ranbir asks who is she?

Dr. Sudha comes there with Aaliya and Rhea. Shahana thinks if she fainted due to pregnancy. Aaliya asks if Prachi has some illness and sends Ranbir to ask Dida if she has any illness. She then blames Shahana for Prachi’s ill health. She distracts Shahana. Rhea comes to Doctor and asks her to check if her sister is pregnant. Doctor says I feel that she is pregnant checking her nerve, I will do the blood test. Rhea says we will not tell until blood test report comes. Doctor says come. Rhea thinks you have troubled me a lot and now the question will come about whose baby is this. Ranbir tells Dida about Prachi. Dida gets worried.

Shahana and Aaliya come out arguing with each other. Doctor tells Ranbir that Prachi fainted due to weakness and says Rhea said that…Rhea says Prachi haven’t eaten food and that’s why fainted. Dr. Sudha says yes. She tells Aaliya that she will check her also and asks everyone to meet Prachi. Ranbir, Dida and Shahana go to meet Prachi. Rhea tells Doctor that Buji is fine now. Aaliya says she is also fine. Rhea asks Doctor to give them reports by tonight and makes an excuse. Aaliya also insists. Doctor agrees. Aaliya says we got her weak nerve, we will insult her once we get the reports, she has insulted you at home and at the PS, using NGO women. Rhea recalls and tells that I will do the same thing with her. Aaliya asks her to come with her to NGO and says I will tell you, what you shall tell them. She says I will tell you on the way.

Prachi tells Dida that she got weak and tired due to the work. Ranbir asks her not to get up until she is fine. She asks who are you? He says he is Ranbir Kohli and asks her to rest. Shahana says just now you got consciousness. Ranbir, Dida and Shahana insist her to rest. Ranbir says Shahana and Dida will take party responsibility, and you have to give fitness test to me, I will test you and then only will let you go out. Shahana and Dida go out. Ranbir gives her water and asks why you didn’t tell me that you are hungry since morning. Prachi asks if I had told you, then would you have made breakfast for me.

He says yes, didn’t I make it before for you. She drinks water and gives the glass to him. Ranbir goes. Prachi thinks why Rhea and Aaliya was concerned for me.