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Twist Of Fate on zee world, Friday 14th October 2022 update

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Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate

Rhea wiping the black ink from her face and gets angry. Aaliya comes there and asks her to calm down. Rhea asks why you are not getting angry seeing my blackened face. She tells that Prachi played game with her, by calling her sister and got sindoor filled in her maang and got my face blackened.

Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says tell me, why our plan failed, Prachi should be out of the house, but my face was blackened. She says she lost from the behenji and says she can’t bear her frustration, says it is limit that she got me insulted infront of everyone.

She says I was telling the truth and asks what lie did I say? She says I told NGO women that Prachi is snatching my husband and asked doctor to check her pregnancy. She asks what lie did I say, by saying that she is carrying Sid’s child. She says I heard doctor saying that Prachi is pregnant, and asks where did the report go, and asks if you are with Prachi. Aaliya asks what are you saying Rhea? Rhea says everyone is with Prachi.

She says I don’t know if you can’t do, or don’t want to do. Aaliya asks her to calm down. Rhea says whatever I do, Ranbir and Prachi get together, when I pushed Prachi, Ranbir got angry on me. She tells that when everyone wake up in the morning, they will insult me more. Aaliya says I will call another doctor.

Rhea says you are absolutely useless, mom and dad were together and her husband was with her, but your husband left you. Aaliya slaps her and asks her to solve her problems, if she is smarter than her. She goes. Rhea says I will handle my man alone, and tells that she can’t bear to see Ranbir with Prachi even for a single minute. She messes the room and sits on the floor.

Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words that Prachi is his real wife. She recalls asking him to come at 9 pm. She thinks to tell him everything. Ranbir is talking on phone and tells that if the file is not found, then our Delhi assignment will go. Jai asks him to chill and focus on London assignment. Ranbir says he don’t want to go to London and tells that Prachi needs him, although she doesn’t tell. Jai says he will do something. Ranbir says tomorrow is shivratri, I can’t have BP tablet now, go and search the file. Prachi is about to knock the door, but stops thinking he is stressed. Shahana looks at her. Prachi thinks to make him have the fruit on Shivratri. Shahana thinks Prachi shall tell the truth to Ranbir before Rhea does something.

Pallavi comes to Rhea’s room and asks if you are crying. Rhea picks up the things scattered on the floor. Pallavi stops Rhea and says you didn’t tell me that you called NGO ladies to defame Prachi. She says you became bad and forgotten that a girl’s respect is her ornament. She warns her not to do this again, and says I am with you to separate Prachi and Ranbir, but today you blamed Prachi wrongly infront of my guests, in my house. She asks her not to fall down from her class, and says don’t think that I am taking Prachi’s side and wants to make her bahu, no. She says I am counting your mistakes and says you tried to defame Prachi and tried to spoil my anniversary party. Rhea says actually….Pallavi says for God’s sake, tomorrow is Mahashivratri and big day for Vikram, as he celebrates it with much devotion, so please don’t spoil the day. She goes. Rhea gets angry and throws the vase on the wall.

Next morning, Vikram and Pallavi do Mahashivratri puja along with the family. Ranbir does aarti. Pallavi asks Rhea to do aarti with him. Rhea does aarti with him. Prachi takes Pandit ji’s blessings. Dida asks him to give her blessings. Pandit ji blesses her to have children. Pallavi thinks my bahu will be Rhea always. Rhea takes his blessings to have a long life. She then asks Pallavi about the importance of the festival. Dida explains that Mahadev and Devi Parvati got married on this day. Vikram tells Ranbir that he loves thandai on Maha shivratri day. Dida says you want to drink bhang. They come home. Vikram goes to thandai wala. Prachi says he likes it and asks what is wrong? Ranbir says you are defending him. Prachi says he is my father in law and I am taking his side. Rhea hears them and asks do you want to fight with me. Prachi asks her to go and stand infront of mirror etc. She says Shahana is unwell and I shall go and see her. Rhea asks Ranbir to tell something to Prachi. Ranbir says I have decided not to interfere between the two sisters. Rhea says you used to interfere between us before so what happened now. Ranbir says I will make you understand in your way and tells that I shall be given you hell right now, for maligning Prachi’s image and spoiling my mom and dad’s anniversary. He says when the NGO lady was blackening your face, Prachi came forward and stopped them. He says if I haven’t seen her concern for you, then I would have lectured you to respect a woman, being a woman yourself. Aaliya hears them. Rhea looks at her. Ranbir goes to see Shahana.

Aaliya takes Rhea to room and closes the door. Rhea asks what are you doing? Aaliya says there is a reason behind it, and asks why are you behaving this way with me. Rhea recalls the clash between them. Aaliya says it is clear that we lose and our planning is flopped. She says I got the reason that why do we fail? She says we have always told Prachiabout our planning and challenged her, and we lost due to her counter plan. She says if we don’t challenge her anything, then she will not know anything. She says she has ruined your plans and took Vikram and Dida on her side, etc. She says she couldn’t stop your marriage as she was not aware of it, but stopped your grah pravesh. Rhea says I know exactly what you mean. Aaliya asks her to mix the tablet in Ranbir’s thandai and then he will be a bit uneasy and will force you to take him to room. She says then nobody can stop Ranbir and your honeymoon from happening, not even Prachi can stop. Rhea smiles.

Alia sharing her plan with Rhea to make Ranbir drunk and have honeymoon with him. She says Prachi shall not know, and also Vikram, Dida, Shahana shall also not know. Rhea says nobody know it. Aaliya says we have three tablets and asks her to be careful. She says he will be uneasy after 1 tablet, and he will get inebriated in 10 mins. She asks her to take advantage of his inebriated state. Prachi asks Shahana, how is she? Shahana says she is fine now. She tells that she heard Pallavi aunty talking. She says your sasur ji is secretly having bhang. Prachi says dad is so adorable. Ranbir comes there. Prachi tries to go. He says if you are scared and reminds that she wants to tell him something. Prachi says I was about to come, but saw you in tension and didn’t tell. Ranbir asks if you have kept eye on him. She nods no. Ranbir says keep it, but don’t tell Papa as he will be in stress. Vikram drinks bhang and says he is flying in air. Pallavi scolds him and asks him to leave something for the guests. Prachi tells Ranbir that Mummy and Dad love each other a lot. Ranbir says they will fight. Prachi says there is love in their fight. Pallavi snatches glass from Vikram’s hand and asks him not to drink further. Dida says it is for your betterment. Ranbir asks Prachi, if she will become like Mummy and will handle him and take care of him like mummy taking care of Papa.

Rhea asks Aaliya where is Ranbir? Aaliya asks her to take care of the tablets. Rhea hugs her and feels bad for her behavior. She tells that she never understood Purab and her relation. Aaliya says I don’t have any Buji and your love story will not have an ending like me.

Ranbir asks Prachi to reply. Kya pyaar karoge mujhse plays…..Prachi walks away from there. Some guest stops Ranbir. Dida asks Prachi what is going on? She says you are smiling and that means that you are having an affair. Prachi says I am married. Shahana asks if you can’t have affair with your husband. They tease her. Prachi goes. Rhea mixes the tablet in the thandai and offers it to Ranbir. She says daddy ji likes it, and you might like it too. Vikram says Dad has drank bhang. Aaliya says this is thandai and we are drinking too. Vikram comes there and takes the glass. He drinks it. Ranbir takes him with him. Rhea asks Aaliya what to do now? Aaliya asks her to mix second tablet in the thandai and make Ranbir drink. Rhea is about to mix the tablet in the glass, but it slips from her hand and falls on the ground. Aaliya says we don’t have time, mix the third tablet and make him drink.

Prachi thinks I will handle your silly habits and will be with you, even in our old age. Rhea comes to Ranbir and asks him to drink thandai. Ranbir says I will handle him. He asks Vikram to have a safe landing and makes him sit. Vikram gets up and makes the glass falls down from Rhea’s hand. Aaliya thinks what we will make Ranbir drink now? She searches for the second tablet. Pallavi comes to Vikram. Ranbir asks him to sit there. He gives tissue paper to Rhea. Vikram sleeps. Dida comes there and says he slept before I came. Ranbir tells Rhea that her clothes got dirty and says sorry. Rhea says its ok. Aaliya comes to Ranbir holding the glass. Ranbir drinks the drugged thandai. Aaliya signs Rhea. Prachi gets upset and goes. Ranbir goes behind her and asks her to stop. Prachi asks her to go and be with Rhea. Ranbir says you are jealous. Prachi tells that she will not bear his silly habits, like mom does. Ranbir says I will handle all the house and asks her to consider him. Prachi says Dad has a clean heart, which you don’t have. Ranbir says I have everything like Papa. Prachi says that’s why I call you Baklu. Ranbir says I never lies, I tell what qualities I have. He says I am very handsome. Prachi says it is genetics and you have inherited from your parents. Ranbir says when I dance, I look handsome. Prachi says you dance well with me, I take lead in all the dances and that’s why I shall take the credit. Ranbir says I am a very good dancer. Prachi says I didn’t see. Ranbir laughs.

He says he is seeing three Prachi, he wanted one, but got three. Prachi asks what is he saying? Ranbir takes her to dance. Rhea looks at him. Vikram and Pallavi also dance with him. Everyone claps. Aaliya tells Rhea that the tablet started his effect, and asks her to take him to room. Rhea says how to take him to room, I need your help. Just then a guy comes there and tells that the lady was driving the car. Police Inspector tells that she will not go anywhere. Inspector says 2 hour have passed. The guy says my scooter was scratched by your car and I was about to die. Rhea asks him to take the money and leave. She says we are celebrating the festival and asks him to leave. Inspector asks her not to interfere and says this guy was about to die. Shahana asks Rhea and Aaliya to value the person’s life. Prachi comes to the room and thinks to take the tablet which doctor has prescribed her. She thinks she will get sleepy, but she has to take and thinks to make an excuse when someone asks. She takes the tablet and drinks water. She lies down on the bed and switches off the lights. Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room and rests on the bed. Prachi looks at him.

Ranbir and Prachi sleeping on the bed. They both are drowsy. Ranbir says I love you to Prachi. Prachi asks what did you say? He asks didn’t you hear what I say? He says I said I love you and holds her hand. kya pyaar karoge mujhse plays….Shahana asks if scooter guy shall buy car so that he don’t meet with an accident, it was wrong. Rhea asks did anyone ask you to interfere? Aaliya says if that scooter or car was yours, then be quiet. Pallavi asks her not to interfere. Shahana goes. Inspector asks Aaliya to come to the PS and says you should have confessed or offered compensation to the guy. Aaliya apologizes and says I don’t want to stretch this matter and will pay for the compensation. Inspector asks her to do the formalities and end the matter. Rhea looks for Ranbir and Prachi and thinks where are they? She thinks she has taken so much risk for him and wonders if Prachi is with Ranbir.

She comes to Prachi’s room and finds Ranbir and Prachi sleeping. She shouts what the hell and asks Prachi to get up. Prachi says let me sleep, I need rest. Rhea asks if you are drank bhang. Prachi says I got drowsy with the medicine given by the doctor. Rhea asks what my husband is doing in your room. Prachi says I thought this is my room and gets up to go. Rhea says this is your room and you have brought Ranbir here to do something wrong with him. Prachi asks her to ask him. Rhea blames her for trying to do wrong with younger sister’s husband and calls her shameless. Prachi says I don’t do anything wrong. Rhea asks her to have any shame and says I didn’t define your designation. She says you have your eyes on your younger sister’s husband and asks what sister’s husband is called jija and says shame will be shameful. Prachi shouts Rhea and says I am not understanding your words, just heard 2-3 words and got angry. She asks her to get her stuff and leave. Rhea taunts her. Prachi asks Ranbir to get up and go to his room. Rhea takes him and leaves. Prachi sleeps on the bed.

Rhea is taking Ranbir to the room. She tells that a big mistake was about to happen. Aaliya helps her take Ranbir to the room. Shahana sees Ranbir in Rhea’s room. She asks what Ranbir is doing here and says he shall not be here? Rhea says who are you to decide? Shahana says I am his sister in law and questions her. Rhea says I am not answerable to you and insults Shahana for not having any respect. She says I am Ranbir’s wife and I hope you got a strict reply, and says a husband and wife sleep in the room together, and says Prachi herself asked me to take Ranbir to room. Shahana thinks Prachi can’t say this and goes to her room. Prachi is sleeping. Shahana tells her that Rhea has taken Ranbir to room, so that she can celebrate honeymoon with Ranbir. Prachi says she had the tablet of pregnancy and sleeps again.

Shahana thinks Doctor had said that she will sleep after having pain relieving tablet. She thinks how to stop Rhea? Rhea asks Ranbir to get up and asks her to see who is infront of him. Ranbir opens his eyes and imagines Prachi infront of him. Rhea gets closer to him to kiss him. Pallavi stops Shahana and asks if she is peeping inside Rhea’s room. Shahana says Ranbir is inside. Pallavi calls her shameless. Shahana tells that if Rhea stays with Ranbir today then all relations will be ashamed. Pallavi says they are married and I have blessed Rhea to give me a grand son or grand daughter soon. Shahana says Ranbir loves Prachi. Pallavi says Ranbir is my son and asks if he asks for the moon, then shall I give him, No. Shahana says then you wouldn’t have given him sun. She says Ranbir is drunk and don’t understand what is happening? Pallavi says even Vikram is drunk and tells that he can differentiate between other woman and me. She says you are on tourist visa and if you disturb Rhea and Ranbir, then I will cancel your visa here and will throw you out. She says Dida is not here and Vikram and Prachi are sleeping, so nobody will help you. Shahana thinks Prachi needs me in the morning. Pallavi says I will be here so that nobody can disturb my son and daughter in law.

Vikram wakes up and thinks it is late. He thinks he has a headache and calls Pallavi. He checks the list and thinks he has forgotten to invite Rishi Oberoi and his family. He thinks to call them. He calls Rishi and invites them for holi party. He says he is entering in hotel business and heard that he (rishi) is entering event business. He invites them for the party and asks if he will come. Rishi says we will be there and says it is our priority to celebrate holi with you and your family. He thanks him for the invitation.

In the morning, Prachi wakes up and sees Shahana sitting on the sofa. She asks what happened? Shahana says I was sitting here all night and couldn’t sleep. Prachi asks what happened? Shahana says you will know in sometime and requests her not to think Ranbir wrong.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir and I was on the bed together all night. Aaliya says wonderful and hugs her. Shahana says Rhea said that you sent Ranbir with her. Prachi says yes, I sent him and tells that Rhea came and fought with her, so she sent Ranbir. Shahana says you have done a mistake and tells that I am afraid that Rhea has celebrated wedding night with Ranbir.

Rhea tells Aaliya that they couldn’t celebrate wedding night and she was about to kiss him, when he slept. Aaliya says nobody knows that you didn’t have a wedding night with him. She asks her to lie down beside Ranbir and says she will call all the family members here. She asks her not to close the door from inside. Rhea asks what are you saying? Aaliya says I will tell that you didn’t wake up on my call, so I get scared. I will push the door and then everyone will look at you both. She asks her to do as she said and asks her to lie down on him.

Prachi says Ranbir can never do this. She runs. Aaliya brings Pallavi to the room. Pallavi smiles seeing Rhea and Ranbir sleeping. Rhea pretends to wake up and says you are here? Ranbir looks at Rhea and gets shocked. He asks how did I come here? He looks at Prachi and gets more shocked. Prachi goes away scared. Rhea asks Aaliya to give her gown.

Pallavi says we shall not disturb the kids, they will surprise us about the grand child surprise. Aaliya kisses Rhea’s cheeks and says I am so happy for you. They leave. Ranbir looks at Rhea.