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The stepdaughters episode 52 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Mayumi and Luisa leaving for their vacation. Isabelle’s former employee found out where they were going and told her. Isabelle met up with Jigs to tell him where Mayumi and Luisa went. Jigs told her that Francis interfered and that is why he lost Mayumi and Luisa. He offered to get rid of Francis too but Isabelle told him not to hurt Francis. She paid Jigs to make sure he finished the job and Jigs left to follow them.

When Sasha and Mum Baby went home, Francis and Bryce were waiting. They told them that the guy who kidnapped Luisa had been following them. Francis told them not to tell anyone where Mayumi and Luisa went.

When Jigs arrived at the place where Mayumi and Luisa went, he tried to ask the people who welcomed visitors if they had seen them but they wouldn’t give him any information. Jigs therefore checked into a hotel and called Isabelle to tell her that it would be difficult to find Mayumi and Luisa. He asked to hire someone else to help him look for them and Isabelle agreed. She also said she would send him rehab or wellness centres in the are since that’s where Mayumi and Luisa likely went to.
Mayumi and Luisa checked into a hotel because their reservation for the wellness center was booked for a different day. They went to the beach to relax but Mayumi lost Luisa for a while when Luisa went chasing after a missing child but Mayumi eventually found her. Jigs was at the same beach but he didn’t see them since he was distracted by girls at the beach.

Francis talked to Bryce about Froilan because they needed to find out who ordered him to attack Luisa. Bryce said it was Isabelle so Francis decided to watch her. He went to her house under the pretense of seeing Hernan and Isabelle told him that Mayumi might get jealous. Francis said it didn’t matter since they already broke up. He also agreed to be friends with Isabelle again.

Jigs found Luisa and Mayumi since they were staying at the same hotel as him. He tried sneaking into their room but they already checked out. Mayumi and Luisa were headed to the wellness centre and were about to leave when Luisa said she had to go to the bathroom. Mayumi waited for her at the reception.

Luisa ran into Jigs and she recognized him as the person who kidnapped her. Jigs attacked Luisa and Luisa called out for Mayumi. Mayumi went to get Luisa and asked the guards for help. The guards tried arresting Jigs but he beat them up. Meanwhile, Mayumi and Luisa escaped from the hotel. They hailed a taxi outside and asked the driver to get them out of there because someone wanted to kill them. The driver was surprised to hear this so he told them to get out of his car because he did not want to get involved.

Mayumi and Luisa got out and headed to the harbor. They asked for tickets to the ship leaving immediately and bought tickets to Cebu. Jigs was able to follow them and saw them leaving to board the ship. He was worried about having a gun but his friend said they could get inside the ship with the help of someone he knew.

Isabelle met up with Nikki and Ariana and told them about her renewed friendship with Francis. Nikki said it seemed suspicious that Francis wanted to be friends again and said that he might only want to use Isabelle as a rebound. Isabelle said she didn’t mind because she might help him forget about Mayumi.

Mayumi and Luisa didn’t see Jigs as they went to board the ship and they were convinced that they managed to get away from him.