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The stepdaughters episode 22 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Hernan having dinner with Luisa, Daphne, and their partners. Daphne spoke fondly of the time she and Hernan shared as they worked and traveled together but Hernan asked her not to put much meaning into it because it was a typical working relationship. He pointed out that Luisa had yet to visit Hongkong and offered to take her there for their honeymoon.


Daphne felt upset so she dropped a glass, pouring its content on Hernan’s clothes. She offered to wipe it for him but Luisa reminded her that she was his wife and did it herself.
When they went to the ladies’ room, Luisa asked Daphne to keep away from Hernan. Daphne told Luisa that she misunderstood the situation and even though they were friends.


Luisa told her knew she was only pretending and instead asked her to do things for Hernan that only fit her job description as his secretary. She said she would do the rest as his legal wife.


Daphne was not willing to let Luisa have the last win so when they were leaving the restaurant, she pretended to injure her leg. She told Hernan that she couldn’t walk to her car so he carried her inside, leaving Luisa mad.

At work, Francis tried to speak to Mayumi because he wanted to find out why she wouldn’t accept him but she ran away from him. She went to the lady’s room but Francis followed her there as well. Mayumi would not give him a chance and decided to leave again but Francis grabbed and kissed her. Mayumi slapped him and stormed out before he could apologize. He tried to go after her but Sasha ran into him and said she would take care of it.

Sasha spoke to Mayumi and asked her what she wanted from Francis because she got mad after seeing him with Isabelle but she wouldn’t still accept Francis after he explained what happened. Mayumi said she wanted him to leave her alone but Sasha said it was time she too accepted her feelings for Francis.


At home, Luisa was still mad and told Hernan that she didn’t like it and that he carried Daphne. Hernan humored her and said that he only did it because she was injured. He then carried Luisa so that she wouldn’t be upset anymore.


The following morning, Francis tried to speak to Mayumi and apologize. He also wanted her to tell him whether she had feelings for him and Mayumi said she didn’t like him. Isabelle ran into them and wanted to know what they were talking about. Mayumi said that Francis wanted to accompany her to the blog con launch for their product and Francis agreed to go with Isabelle.


Daphne told Isabelle what happened the previous night and they decided to work together to keep making Luisa jealous. Isabelle called Luisa to tell her that Hernan and Daphne were locked together inside the office and she suspected something fishy was going on.


During the blog con, Isabelle hang around Francis and even the reporters suspected that they were dating. Mayumi got mad seeing them together so she walked out. Francis went after her and insisted that she admit her feelings for him. Mayumi however told him to leave her alone and pushed him away from her.


A car was backing up and suddenly hit Francis. He collapsed to the floor and Mayumi was frantic, thinking that he got injured. She finally admitted that she liked him and didn’t want to see him hurt. Francis woke up with a smile and asked if it was going to take him getting hit by a car for her to admit that she liked him. Mayumi apologized for pushing him and Francis said he would accept her apology if she agreed to be his girlfriend.


Mayumi brought Francis to the office since he said he didn’t need to go to the hospital. She was glad to admit what she felt for him but was still worried about Isabelle.


When Luisa arrived at the office, Daphne pretended to faint and Hernan tried to help her up. Luisa slapped Daphne and asked her to stop flirting with Hernan. They pulled each other’s hair but Hernan stopped them from fighting.

Daphne left the office with Isabelle and they were glad that they made Luisa react. Isabelle was confident that Luisa would finally leave Hernan but Daphne thought she might get fired instead. Isabelle said she would never let her get fired because she wouldn’t lose the people who were loyal to her