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The Step daughters episode 36 – Joyprime

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The Stepdaughters On Joyprime
The Stepdaughters On Joyprime

Froilan calling Isabelle and Daphne to tell them but he had found Luisa but she bit her arm and escaped. Isabelle was mad at him for his incompetence.

Mayumi tried to look for Luisa but she wasn’t able to find her. Francis invited her home to his place for dinner along with Bryce and Sasha so that they could meet Froilan. Froilan was shocked to meet Mayumi and recognized her as Luisa’s daughter. Francis told her that Luisa was missing and asked Froilan to look out for her as well.

As they were having dinner, Sasha wanted to know what Froilan did for a living. He said he did odd jobs like construction work and Sasha said it was fine as long as he wasn’t doing something illegal. Froilan’s arm began to bleed where Luisa had bitten her. The rest noticed and asked what happened but Froilan said it was nothing. He excused himself and went to his room.

After dinner, Mayumi said she would continue looking for Luisa since she couldn’t sleep with her mother missing. She was afraid of losing her mother because she was the most precious person to her. Francis however told her that she needed to rest so that she could regain her strength to look for Luisa.

Daphne called Froilan over to invite him over to her place but Froilan got upset with her for leaving Isabelle alone at the hospital. He hang up and texted Isabelle to ask if she needed company but she said no.
Joel went to see Isabelle at the hospital and asked that they have Hernan’s accident investigated but Isabelle refused.
The next day, a woman found Luisa and brought her over to the community centre. She was acting hysterically and asking for Mayumi so a staff member filmed her. She posted the video online and it went viral online.

Francis dropped by at the hospital to see Hernan before helping Mayumi search for Luisa. Isabelle however asked him to stay and watch Hernan for a while because she needed to get some things at home.
Isabelle met up with her friends and asked them to search for Luisa. They saw the viral video and Isabelle asked them to go there before Mayumi saw the video too. One of Isabelle’s friends pretended to be Mayumi but Luisa said she was not her daughter and refused to go with her. She whispered in Luisa’s ear thatMayumi was waiting in the car so Luisa finally agreed to go with her.

Isabelle was glad that the plan to kidnap Luisa finally worked. She called Daphne to tell her the good news and asked her to find a hide out where they could keep Luisa. Daphne called Froilan and told him to find a hide out. He also asked him to find someone who they could take turns watching over Luisa. Froilan gave the job to a friend of his who was in need of work.

Hernan woke up as Francis was watching over him so he called Isabelle to tell her. Isabelle got nervous since he might reveal that she was the one who hit him. She left Luisa in Froilan’s care and left.
When Mayumi arrived at the community centre, Luisa was already gone. The staff told her that her daughter took her but Mayumi said she was Luisa’s daughter. She asked if they had CCTV footage but she was told that their cameras were out of order. They described the woman to Mayumi and she thought it was Daphne.

Mayumi filed a case at the police station accusing Daphne of kidnapping Luisa. Luisa went to the station for questioning but there was no evidence that she took Luisa. We ended as the police released her.