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Razia Sultan on zee world, Friday 13th January 2023 update

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TV series

Razia sultan on zee world Friday 13th January 2023 update, Series begin with voiceover introduction about the serial and Sultan Altamash. Altamash comes out of his palace to address his people. He says on today’s auspicious moon light day before holy Ramazan, he wants to give them gift. He says he is changing his currency coins from today and each person in his kingdom will get 10 coins free. Whoever informs him about moon sight today will be rewarded with 4 silver coins. People praise him.

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Chand begum gets annoyed hearing it. Her servant brainwashes her that her husband Qutubuddin Aibak’s gold coins will be overtaken by silver coins. Mother says with her husband’s demise and new sultan taking over, everything has changed. She goes to take care of eid’s celebration arrangements into haram.

In harm, Chand begum meets her daughter, Sultan’s wife, and says she must be celebrating eid very lavishly this time. Wife says Altamash is here after many eids, else he was busy in wars or in Lahore. Chand begum gets irked hearing that and says she reminisces her husband Qutubuddin Aibak’s eid celebrations and is worried Altamash will ruin his name. Daughter says even Altamash will be pious and very gentle like abbu Qutubuddin. Granddaughter Shazia comes with her handwoven dress for her dad/abbu Altamash. Mom says Chand begum that she has decorated with very intricate designs. Chand asks where is Razia, instead of preparing gift for her father, she must be roaming in Delhi’s roads and ruin royal name.

Razia reaches a place where death sentence is given to traitors by pushing them in front of tiger. Her friend gets afraid and says they should leave right now. Razia says she won’t go without taking tiger’s hair to gift it to her dad/ Servant says it is very risky. Razia orders to open gate and gets into tiger’s cage. Tiger roars seeing her and she falls on floor. Tiger then attacks her and she slides back on ground. Shen then tries to ascend steps when tiger attacks and she slips. She then jumps on a stone bench, gets her dagger back, jumps on tiger and gets its hair. Tiger runs again behind her, but she runs faster than it and escapes out of cage in a nick of time, closing the door. Her servants praise her. Razia says she escaped on time, gives hair to her servant and says she has to get 2 more gifts for her abbu.

Razia ten goes to a secluded dessert. Her servant gets tired walking and asks why did they come here. She shows a tree on a mountain and says she will pick a leaf from that tree as gift for her abbu. Servant says what is the connect between tree leaf and sultan’s gift. She says she will tell later after getting leaf. She does mountain climbing with great difficulty and gets shocked to see that tree is very tall It does not deter her determination and she climbs tree. With great difficulty, she reaches tree’s edge, plucks its leaf and kisses it enthusiastically.

Razia going to market with her servant wearing a veil. Sevant gets afraid and asks what if Chand begum will get to know about it. She asks her to stop worrying and asks a shopkeeper about Nizamuddin jariwala. He says he has better carpets than he makes. She says she came to meet him and walks further. She sees an arrogant man taking over Nizamuddin’s shop and yells at her that he bought it. Razia gets sad and is about to leave when a lady comes out and takes her to Nizamuddin who is very old and weak. Nizamuddin says nobody comes to meet him since many years and asks who is she. She removes her veil and says she is Sultan Altamash’s daughter Razia. He gets happy hearing it and says he must have been alive to see her and asks what she needs. She asks him to give a kowdi/dice. He asks his daughter to bring his old box and gives dice to her. She thanks him and says his 1 dice money cannot be exchanged even with whole saltanat. She asks if lady is her daughter. He says she is his servant, but serves him more than his own daughter. He wants to free her and let her live a free life. Razia says he is exactly the same as she thought and says she will leave now. Nizamuddin says god’s grace is on her and when she can come so long to get just a dice, she will get a very bright future and prays for her.

Razia reaches palace back. Servant informs that Chand begum is waiting for her with other ladies. Chand begum is fuming and as soon as Razia comes, she shouts and yells at her. Naani asks her to listen to the girl. Razia says she went to bring gifts to abbu. Chand checks leaf, dice, tiger’s hair and throws it, saying how can she think she will let her give it to sultan. Razia starts crying. Sultan comes just then and sees dice and other gifts on floor. Everyone greet him. His wife asks how did he come without informing. He says if he had come informing, he would not have known that the prayers because of which he is sultan are being valued with money. Chand apologizes him and says Razia is misbehaving a lot. He tells his childhood story where as a child he was sitting under tree the same tree when a crooked man confines him as his servant, says these hair look like of same tiger in whose cage he waas sent to be killed. Razia says that tiger instead of killing licked his feet. Son asks what about this dice. He says Nizamuddin bought him with same dice and freed him. Over time, with god’s grace, he became sultan from servant. He emotionally thanks her and says her gift is precious than the whole world’s treasure and says he will wear it on eid for sure.

A servant comes and informs him about Nizamuddin’s death. Razia is surprised to hear that and says she met him just today. Sultan leaves sadly.

Nizamuddin’s serant Fathima comes and calls sultan by beating drum as per kingdom rule. Sultan comes out and asks who is this girl. Servant informs that she is Nizamuddin’s servant and as per rituals after his death, she has to be buried alive. Fathima says Razia knows that she has to be freed after Nizamuddin’s wish. Sultan says if she has any papers.

She says no. He says she will be buried alive after eid then. Fathima pleads that Razia knows Nizamuddin’s wish, but servants drag her from there. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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