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My Desire Starlife, Thursday 5th January 2023 update

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My desire on star life Thursday 5th January 2023 update, Rudra reminisces Preesha confronting him that he proved with his heinous act that he is Sulochana’s blood and Arman warning him to stay away from Preesha or else it would be good for him. He apologizes Preesha for lying to her and thinks he will set everything right once he finds Saransh. Sania walks to him and says his mother didn’t perform her graha pravesh yet. He questions about Saransh.

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She says its their wedding night and he should speak romantically with her or else she will shift to some hotel. He shouts at her not to act oversmart as he hurt Preesha and his mother and married her for Saransh’s sake, he insists her to tell Saransh and Ahana’s address. She warns him to dare not speak in high tone to her or else he will never know where Saransh is. He thinks he wants to strangulate her, but needs to control himself till he finds Saransh. He goes into flashback where he marries her in temple and bribes Panditji to perform a fake marriage. Out of flashback, he thinks once he finds Saransh and brings him in front of Preesha, he will kick out Sania out of his house and life.

Arman gives medicine to Preesha and makes her sleep. Chachaji seeing his sad face asks if he fought with Preesha. He says Preesha and Rudra fought and informs what happened. Chachaji says he deserves Preesha and not traitor Rudra, he should make sure that Preesha doesn’t return to Rudra or else Preesha will lose her life. Arman says he will never let that happen and will erase Rudra’s name from Preesha’s life; he doesn’t know if Preesha is in his fate, but she won’t be in Rudra’s fate. He further informs him something important, Chachaji looks shocked hearing that.
Preesha remembers Rudra informing that he married Sania and was in a relationship with her since 6 months. Main Tumhara… song plays in the background. She thinks Rudra is lying as Sania was not in Rudra’s life at all, she needs to find out truth. She calls Bunty to find out about Sania and informs him that Rudra married Sania. Bunty is shocked and says he will question Rudra and find out the truth. Preesha thinks even Rudra’s best friend doesn’t know about Sania and Rudra’s marriage, something is wrong.

Sania tries to sleep on Rudra’s bed. Rudra stops her and says only his wife can sleep in that place. She says if he behaves with her like this, he will never find out Saransh’s location and since she is his current wife, she has right to sleep on his bed. He walks away saying she can never take Preesha’s place. Sania thinks she married Rudra to keep Preesha away from Rudra’s life. Preesha meets Sharda. Sharda thanks her for coming even after Rudra’s betrayal. Preesha says there is something which Rudra is hiding. Sharda asks how can she be so sure. Preesha says by reading his eyes, he was hiding his eyes so that she couldn’t read them; he told he knows Sania since 6 months, how is it possible as he was about to marry Devika at that time, she needs to find out details about Sania. Bunty meets Rudra and asks if he really married Sania. He says its a fake marriage and he will kick Sania out of his life once he finds out Saransh. Bunty hopes he doesn’t break Preesha’s heart. Preesha tells Sharda that Rudra is in deep pain. Sharda asks why did he marry Sania then. Sania walks to them clapping and asks why did Preesha return even after Rudra kicked her out.

Sania humiliates Preesha for returning to Rudra’s house after being warned by Rudra and asks why she is so shameless. Sharda says Preesha is her bahu and will always be. Sania warns Preesha to leave from here soon before being humiliated more and walks way thinking she will finish further task till Preesha is here. At Arman’s house, Chachaji asks him how is Preesha now. Arman says she is not in her room. Sania walks in. Arman angrily asks what is she doing here. She calls him patidev/husband and says they became neighbors now. He asks what is the new drama of marrying Rudra. She asks he can play double standards but not her. He asks why did Rudra say she and him are together since 6 months. She says yes and found out about the love triangle between him, Rudra, and Preesha and taunts that Rudra is a man whom Arman can never become, that is why all girls run behind him. Arman shouts to shut up. She shouts back to dare not shout at her as she is Mrs. Rudraksh Khurana now. He shouts to dare not ruin Preesha’s life now like she used and dumped him and Anvi. She says he acted as loving her and then married Preesha. He says she just got attracted to him and didn’t love him, but got married to Rudra now. She warns that he forgot that she can leave him and do whatever she wants to, but he cannot leave her or marry a woman like Preesha. Once she leaves, Chachaji fumes that he thought this woman went away from his life, but she returned and can do anything.

Preesha returns home and seeing Sania asks what is she doing in her house. Sania asks if she is showing attitude, when she came to her house, did she take her permission. Preesha asks if she wants to take revenge. Sania says she came to complain her husband and FIL not to send shameless Preesha to her house as Rudra is married to her now and Preesha cannot come near Rudra. Preesha warns to stop acting childish as whatever she says, Rudra loves only her and knows he married Sania under pressure due to some reason, she will find out the reason for sure. Sania asks why don’t she accept when Rudra himself told that he married her, Rudra’s choice is modern and he doesn’t like behanji type like her. Preesha says she pities on her, people like create fake identity and are hollow from inside, Rudra loves people and not their looks, they love each other immensely; Sania is standing on an ice block and when she will slip, she will fall flat and should wait for that day. Sania thinks Preesha is right, she will enjoy when she sees Rudra and Preesha’s pride falling flat.

Rudra returns home. Sharda insists him to tell if he really married Sania. Rudra says he is with Sania since 6 months, loves her, and married her. She says Preesha had come here to meet him even after what he did, she cannot believe that Rudra can dump her, she loves him more than he loves her and told there must be some reason that he is lying as she can read his eyes and they were hiding something; he should stop hurting Preesha and tell truth. He says truth is he loves Sania and married her. She asks without informing her. He says its his life and his wish. She says he is her son and cannot lie to her and Preesha and should tell the truth. Sania enters and asks if she wants to know truth, truth is Rudra loves Preesha, she trapped and blackmailed him to marry her; asks if she wanted to hear this and forcing Rudra to tell this; what kind of a mother she is that she is not happy with her son’s happiness and is supporting another woman Preesha who is someone else’s wife and calling her as bahu. She tells Rudra that if this continues, she wants to stay somewhere else with him. Rudra scolds Sharda for hurting Sania and walks away with Sania saying they can spend time together at least. Sharda says she is just bothered about her son and prays god to protect him.

Chachaji asks Arman if he informed truth to Preesha. Arman says he couldn’t due to the unwanted events happened recently, but he will now. Preesha says there is no need to inform as she knows everything; she met Sania outside who informed that she met met Arman and asked him not to let her near Rudra; says there must be some reason that he married Sania, so she went to meet Rudra to find out the truth. Arman asks why she went there even after her insult, if she doesn’t have any self-respect or not. She says Rudra is in trouble and is hiding something. He says Rudra dumped her, even then she is mad behind him. She says she loves him. He says he is not as he married Sania when he was suppose to be with Preesha; Preesha is becoming like him as he loves her even after she told she doesn’t love him, she is madly running behind Rudra even after mentally torturing her. She thinks he is right, but she knows Rudra loves only her and she will find out the reason.

Rudra pushes Sania away after entering room and says they are husband and wife only in front of the world. She says they can develop a relationship now. He shouts to dare not touch her.

She asks if he wants to know about Saransh or not. He calms down. She asks him to take her for shopping and goes to change. He thinks she is wicked and he needs to find out Saransh’s location from her at any cost. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.