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My Desire starlife, Thursday 3rd November 2022 update

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My desire
My desire

Kabir while enjoying alcohol with Sulochana laughs on her saying her plan badly failed today. Sulochana throws alcohol on him and asks if she got a dream that Gajendra is giraffe/Sharda’s brother. Preesha tells Sharda that blackmailer must be a known person and she will find out who it is. Sulochana thinks even Preesha cannot find out who the blackmailer is and cannot reach her.

Sharda asks Preesha who must have recorded the video. Preesha says apart from Sharda and Mamaji, there was a third person present there for sure. Sharda reminisces waiter bringing complementary snacks and says he had come in when she was removing Gajendra’s shirt. Preesha says waiter recorded the video for sure and blackmailer must have bribed him to do that, so they should go in the morning and find out truth. Sharda says they should take Rudra along. Preesha says they both will enquire first.

In the morning, Preesha wakes up and seeing Rudra already awake. She asks if he didn’t sleep whole night. He asks how does she know. She says she is his wife and understands him well, they both will support each other in each happiness and sorrows of life. He says he is lucky to have her as life partner. She says she didn’t listen to him and asks him to repeat. He repeats and asks if she is pulling his legs. She says she didn’t hear it properly. Saransh hearing their conversation repeats. They ask since when he is awake. He says since their chatting began. Rudra says then this kid is very dangerous and they should beware of him. They both pamper Saransh and smile at each other. Sonia notices that from window and thinks Preesha is lucky to have Rudra as life partner.

After sometime, during breakfast, Sulochana sees Preesha and Sharda going out and asks if they are going somewhere. Preesha says she is taking maa for routine checkup as she is her gynecologist. Sulochana says even she will get her checkup after 2 days and thinks they have bonded together like a cement. Preesha with Sharda reaches hotel and question manager who had gone to Sharda’s room yesterday. Manager asks if she saw the nameplate. Sharda says he wasn’t wearing nameplate. Manager says he can’t help them without knowing name. Preesha threatens him that waiter recorded client’s video and intrigued into her privacy, she can sue the hotel for that. Manager asks what he can do for her then. She asks to call all the waiters who were on duty yesterday, maa will identify who was he among them. All waiters walk in. Sulochana’s puppet hides seeing Sharda. Preesha asks Sharda if he is one among them. Sharda says he is not the one. Preesha asks manager if any waiter is missing.

Kabir sees Ahana passing by, cross legs her, makes her fall on his lap, and holds her tightly. She shouts to leave her and slaps him saying he did it purposefully by cross legging her. He says he cannot move his leg and came to help her, but she slapped him instead of thanking him. She says she knows his truth. He nervously asks which truth. She says he is a lecherous, pervert, creep and warns if he dares tries to touch him, she will not spare him. He acts acts pleading that he is not like she thinks and then thinks she is so beautiful and he cannot control himself, soon even she will be attracted to him.

Manager informs that waiter Rakesh is missing as he must be up cleaning. She says when everyone came, why didn’t he; she will come again tomorrow. Manager asks waiters to resume their duty. A water walks to servant quarters and seeing Rakesh asks why didn’t he come and explains what happened. Rakesh thinks he should hide for a few days until the issue resolves and tries to leave via back door. Manager stops him. Preesha with Sharda walks in and reminisces planning to catch Rakesh when he tries to escape. Out of flashback, Sharda says he is the one who entered her room. Preesha asks why did he record. Rakesh denies. Preesha threatens to call police and send him to jail for lying. Rakesh agrees that he did recording on someone’s order. Preesha asks who did it. Rakesh says 2 people ordered him to record by bribing him 20,000 rs. Preesha asks how were they looking. She says they were a man and a woman who were wearing goggles and mask. Preesha asks if one was on wheelchair. He says no. She says they will come tomorrow and leaves. On the way, Sulochana asks why did she ask about wheelchair. Preesha says she doubts Sulochana and Kabir as they don’t seem good and even Ahana was complaining that Kabir touches her inappropriately, she will inform Rudra about it. Sharda asks not to inform him without proof as Rudra blindly trusts his mother and will not believe them without proof.

They reach home. Ahana asks where were they as their phone is switched off. Sharda gets tensed. Rudra says there is no need to get tensed as there is good news instead that her son is nominated for this year’s best singer award. Whole family happily congratulate him. Preesha says she knew this would happen and is sure he would win the award. Sulochana says her jagrata pooja worked. Kabir says they are lucky for Rudra.

Saransh says even he will accompany Rudra for award function. After sometime, Preesha walks into Rudra’s room and searches him. He romantically hugs her from behind and says after award function, something special will happen. She says they will go for dinner party with whole family. He says only they both will go and he has booked a honeymoon suite for them. She shyingly says its not their honeymoon. She says there is no time for honeymoon and she is not convinced. He asks what will she gift him if he wins.

She asks what he needs. He says he needs her as they are married for 1 year and should carry forward their family. She nervously says they will talk abou t it tomorrow. He asks if she will meet him.

Rudra gets romantic with Preesha and insists her to meet him tomorrow night after award function. She shies. Saransh calls her to come down. She says she will say yes or no only tomorrow. He thinks she will agree for sure. Next morning, during breakfast, Rudra brings outfits for whole family for award function and tells Kabir that he brought same dresses for himself, Saransh, and Kabir and gets emotional that he and Rajiv used to wear same dress for big parties. Kabir acts emotional. Rudra then says a special dress for a special person and gives it to Sonia. Sonia gets happy thinking she is special for Rudra.

Sulochana gets ready for party and tells Kabir that they should emotionally blackmail Rudra anjd transfer his all properties in their names. Kabir says Balraj transferred all his properties into Saransh’s name and Rudra gets only salary per month like employees. She is shocked and asks how did he find out. He says he bribed advocate and found it out. She says then they wasted their time coming here. He says Saransh’s caretaker mother Preesha will get all the property till he grows up. Sulochana says Rudra himself is poor and they wasted their time on him.

Rudra gets romantic with Preesha and asks if she liked her dress. She says her blouse is small, why he brings her such dresses. He hugs her and says let the world know that rockstar Rudra’s wife is so s*xy. She asks why is he getting so romantic. He says its their honeymoon tonight and insists to says yes to meet him tonight. She says she will think. He insists. Just then Saransh enters and says daadi is calling mamma. Preesha walks with him asking Rudra not to cancel honeymoon suite as her answer is yes. He gets very happy hearing that. After sometime, Rudra gets ready in a tuxedo. Sonia enters and gifts him rose. He says its a priceless special gift and asks her to fix it in her pocket herself. She does and says its looking very beautiful. He asks her to get ready for function. She feels more happy. Preesha helps Sharda get ready. Sulochana walks in. Rudra walks in next to checks and gives Sharda’s necklace to Sulochana. Sharda feels bad, but doesn’t react. Show organizer calls Rudra and asks him to hurry up as show will start soon. Preesha asks Rudra to take Sharda, Sulochana, and Saransh with him, she will come with Ahana, Mishka, and Kabir. Rudra asks if she is sure. She wishes him all the best and he leaves.

Ahana gets ready and asks Mishka to help her fix her blouse hook. Kabir enters and lustfully touches her after fixing hook. Ahana senses that, shouts what is wrong with him and why he tries touch her even after many warnings. He says she told him to fix the hook. She says she asked Mishka and not him. He says Mishka is not here, so he came for her help; she is looking hot and sxy. She says its incorrigible behavior, he should behave with her bhabhi. He says he was just complementing. She warns him to get out of her room. He says she looks more sxy in anger. She walks away saying he is imposisble.

Rurdra with Sharda, Sulochana, Saransh, and Sonia reaches award function venue. Reporters interview him and ask reason behind his success. He says credit goes to his mother, brings Sulochana ahead and says he is nominated this year because of her prayers. Sulochana says her Rudra will win the award. Sharda feels embarrassed tries to leave. Rudra holds her hand and says he is more lucky as he got prayers and blessings from both mothers, he has Devaki and Yashoda maa and whatever he is is because of Sharda. Sharda emotionally says she is lucky to have a son like him. Rudra introduces Sonia as a new singer. Organizer tells Rudra they should speak about award now. Sonia thanks Rudra for giving her a chance and says she wants to sing with him. He says she deserves this. She thinks she is lucky that Rudra came in her life.

Preesha gets ready for function and tells Ahana they are getting late. Ahana says she is uncomfortable in revealing clothes and wants to exchange them with Preesha’s. Preesha says Rudra gave her this sari. Ahana says so what, she will wear another sari if she doesn’t give hers. Preesha agrees and goes to exchange sari with her. After exchanging saris, Ahana says she needs matching jewelry and goes to check on Mishka asking Preesha to wait in living room. Preesha thinks Rudra will get angry as this award is very important to him.

Award ceremony starts, and host starts the event. Rudra calls Preesha and asks where is she, function is about to start. Preesha says she is at home as Ahana wanted to change her dress. He asks her to hurry up and disconnects call. Kabir hugs her tightly from behind thinking her as Ahana. Preesha frees herself, gives him a tight slap, and warns how dare she is to touch her. He gets tensed that he is caught today and prays god to save him. Preesha says she didn’t think he can stoop so low. He thiks maa will kill him, how will he escape now. Rudra waits for Preesha near door. Sonia follows him and asks what is he doing here.

Rudra thinks he should bring Preesha along next time Sonia says her dress is really good and his choice is really good. He gets busy waiting for Preesha. She insists him to complement her. He angrily asks her to go in as he is already tensed regarding Preesha. Organizer takes him on stage to present award.

Preesha continues scolding Kabir. Ahana walks in. Preesha says Kabir touched her from behind like he touches Ahana.