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My desire starlife, Saturday 16th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Ahana saying its a chance to show our designer outfits. Prisha shouts Saransh. Mishka says she spoiled my lipstick, why is she shouting. Ahana says middle class upbringing. They hear Rudraksh shouting. Mishka says poor Rudraksh. Ahana says wait and watch, how I show her place. Maa comes. Ahana asks why are you crying, you also got disturbed by the noise. Maa says Saransh is missing, did he come here. Ahana says he hates us.

My desire
My desire

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Maa says where can he go. She goes. Ahana smiles and says we shall go and see the drama. Mishka smiles. Maa says Saransh isn’t in Ahana’s room, it happened because of me. Rudraksh asks her not to blame herself, he will be fine. Prisha shouts Saransh and runs. Rudraksh asks her to listen. She faints down. He holds her. He takes her in arms. He says Maa, she fainted while arguing with me. Niketan and everyone come. Maa asks Prisha to get up. Niketan asks what happened, where did Saransh go, take her to room, I will call the doctor. Ahana and Mishka smile. He asks them to get lemon water for Prisha. Vasu thinks where did Gopal go without telling me. Neighbors come there.

She says Gopal isn’t home. He shows Gopal’s message… I have deposited 5 lakhs in society’s account and will deposit remaining 5 lakhs soon. Prisha gets conscious. She asks did you find Saransh. Rudraksh says no, wait, you have to get fine first. Niketan says you need rest. She asks where will we find him. Maa says sorry, it happened because of me. Prisha says he can go to Amma and Appa, I will call and ask. Vasu asks Sharma the matter. Sharma asks didn’t he say, Gopal got ten lakhs from the bank, someone has stolen it, he filed the police complaint also, he gave 5 lakhs but the remaining 5 lakhs. She says you know us, why are you saying this. He says I trust you all, I have to tell the society, they will file default case. He goes. She worries. She gets Prisha’s call. She asks did Gopal come there. Prisha asks did Saransh come there, was Gopal coming here. Vasu asks where did Saransh go. Prisha says he is mising, don’t know where is he. Vasu says he didn’t come here, I m scared. Prisha says don’t worry, we will find him, is everything fine, isn’t Appa there, where is he. Vasu thinks I won’t tell her, she is already worried. She says he went out, he will come, shall I come there. Prisha says no, wait for Appa, I will call you when I get Saransh. Vasu says what’s happening. Rudraksh says we should inform the police. Niketan says you know how much time it will take in formalities, I will call the commissioner of police. Ahana says they are worrying as if Saransh is a gold mine. Mishka asks why are we wasting time here. They go. Inspector says it means the kid was in your room.
Sharda/Maa says yes. He asks did anyone come from outside. Prisha says no. He says it might be a kidnapping case. Niketan asks why would anyone kidnap him. Inspector says for ransom. Niketan says but we didn’t get any call. Inspector says then motive would be different, he wants to trouble you, your enemy may dislike you or Saransh. Rudraksh says we have no such enemy. Prisha sends Saransh’s pic to inspector. Balraj comes and asks what’s happening here. Rudraksh says Saransh is missing, so we called the police. Inspector says fine, I will inform you if I find anything. He goes.

Balraj asks Prisha to pay attention on her son, he creates a new problem for them. Sharda asks was he there in our room. Balraj says I went for my meeting. Rudraksh says he is missing. Balraj says he would be hiding, he wants everyone to keep finding him, attention seeker. Prisha asks when did this happen, if he wants anything, he comes to ask me, think and speak. Balraj says he has troubled me a lot, its good he is missing, I wish you never find him, at least there would be some peace. Rudraksh asks him to stop. Balraj scolds him. Rudraksh argues. Balraj raises hand. Niketan stops Balraj. He says its imp that we find Saransh. Balraj says its not imp for me. He goes.

Prisha cries. Rudraksh apologizes on Balraj’s behalf. Prisha says why are you sorry, I m glad to see someone fighting for Saransh, but where is he, did he have food or not. Rudraksh holds her hand and says we will find him soon, I promise, don’t worry. Vasu calls Gopal. She says I got to know about the theft and jewellery mortgaging, you could have told me, come home. She prays. Prisha imagines Saransh and shouts his name. She cries. Rudraksh comes and says you are imagining him, since you are in stress, Saransh didn’t come here. She asks where is he. He hugs her. Sharda comes and says I have to tell something imp about Saransh, maybe we can find him. He asks her to say. She says someone who dislikes Prisha and Saransh, who doesn’t want him to stay in this house, your dad… Prisha says no, Balraj uncle can’t do this.

Sharda says maybe I m wrong, but I feel your dad disappeared him, he didn’t go to his room, he never does this, we didn’t see him, Rudraksh you know your dad, he can do anything. Rudraksh cries. Prisha asks why would he do this with a kid. He says I was also a kid, he used to beat me a lot, I used to faint down, even then he didn’t stop he doesn’t have senses in anger, he can do anything. She asks why would he kidnap Saransh. He says you are his mum, maybe he did something against him, he will not live in fear, I won’t let wrong happen with Saransh. He goes.

Rudraksh looking for Balraj. Prisha stops him. Sharda says Balraj slept in the guest room at night. Rudraksh checks the study. He says he isn’t here, did he go out. Sharda says I didn’t see him going out. Rudraksh says dad has hidden Saransh, I will get Saransh. Mishka says you did good to make dinner plans. Ahana says I can’t imagine, some chicken, salad and red wine. They laugh. They hide seeing Rudraksh. Ahana says they always spoil our plans, we will hide here and then go out. Mishka says obvious. Rudraksh says Balraj’s phone isn’t reachable, I know him, I m his son. Niketan asks did you find Saransh. Prisha says dad isn’t home, don’t know where is he. Natasha says Balraj went to his office, when he was going, he was saying it, there was no one with him. Niketan says inform us when you find Saransh.

Rudraksh says I can’t wait for Balraj. He leaves. Sharda says you know his anger. Prisha says don’t worry, I will go and see. Sharda says I wish Saransh is found. Ahana says this family is mad, they are ruining my life. Mishka says leave it, didn’t you see Rudra and Prisha together, they have gone out alone, they will have an outing, throw out Prisha from his life. Yuvraj says I have stolen the ten lakhs, did Gopal file the FIR, I will know it from Vasu. He calls Vasu. She gets angry. He says I can never break the relation with you, how are you. She says don’t waste time, don’t call again. He says I have seen a bad dream about Appa, he was worried, make me talk to him once. She says he is sleeping, if you see bad dream again, don’t call. She ends call and says I won’t come in your talks. He says he is fine, he is sleeping when ten lakhs got stolen, she is lying, how to find out, I have to go and meet her, then lets see what’s the truth.

Prisha asks Rudraksh to listen. They enter the office. He says let me go to cabin. He asks about Balraj. Watchman says he didn’t come. Rudraksh says fine, open the cabin, I have to check the files. Watchman says Balraj asked me not to open it, I will lose my job, sorry. Rudraksh says tell him that I told you. He asks for water. Rudraksh checks the laptop. He says we will know where is dad. Prisha asks how. He says just wait. Balraj says thank God I have come here, now I can do anything, I have to just order clothes, I can get kids’ clothes online. He orders the clothes. Rudraksh tries to enter the password. Watchman gets a glass of water. Rudraksh acts to kiss Prisha. Watchman goes. Prisha says how dare you and raises hand.

Rudraksh stops her. He says I didn’t kiss, the paper came in between, relax now. She says don’t act smart, you even kissed. He says I saved ourselves from the guard. She says don’t kiss again. He checks the kids clothes ordered. He says it means dad bought this for Saransh, you got the proof, Saransh is with him. She says I didn’t know he will fall so low, he can’t do anything, he has crossed the limits, I will get Saransh back. Prisha says I don’t know, how is he… Saransh is tied up. He shouts mumma. The red saree woman comes and feeds him water. Saransh says sorry, I won’t say anything to anyone. He faints down. Rudraksh says watchman will tell dad if he sees the laptop on. Prisha says we will take it. Rudraksh says its not a mobile. She hides the laptop under her dress. Rudraksh says we are going, I was busy with the madam, how is she so beautiful. He flirts with Prisha. Prisha says romance in front of everyone, aren’t you ashamed. Rudraksh says she is shy. Watchman says you said you didn’t get the file.

Rudraksh says we got the file. Watchman asks shall I lock the cabin. He checks. Rudraksh and Prisha leave. Rudraksh says if guard notices that laptop is missing, then… watchman comes out. Prisha says we will leave now. Rudraksh says Saransh is with him, I m trying the passwords. He enters Balraj’s birthday. He says its open. He checks delivery address. He says we will go to the hotel and get Saransh.

He calls the hotel and asks if Balraj is still there. The lady says we can’t give info to anyone. Rudraksh says I m his son, don’t act smart, tell me the room number. Prisha says its hotel policy, matter can get worse if she alerts Balraj. Sharda asks what will we do. Prisha says we will go to the hotel. Rudraksh asks will we check every room. Prisha says we will wait for the delivery.

Sharda says fine, I will wake you in the morning. They ask Sharda to take rest. Rudraksh asks Prisha to sleep. They think of Saransh. He thinks sorry Rajeev. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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