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My daughter Durga on adom tv, Thursday 7th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Durga and Sanjay coming home and getting shocked seeing the house sold board. They see Purushottam’s name board. Durga asks what’s all this, house is sold. Anjana says Purushottam took his revenge, he was saying Durga has cleaned Maayka stain but stained the inlaws. Gagan scolds Anjana. Sanjay asks Gayatri what’s all this. Gayatri says I didn’t wish Durga’s happiness to get low. Durga says we would have left everything and come.

My daughter Durga Series
My daughter Durga Series

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Gayatri says then your happiness would have turned to sorrow. Durga hugs her and cries. Baghbaan…..plays….. Durga recalls her memories. She sees the house and cries. She says I won’t let this auction happen. Guards catch her. They seal the house and leave.

A man worries for Bhagat Sir coming. Bhagat arrives to the academy.

Durga hugs Gayatri and cries. Gayatri says its my fault, I have been friend to that snake so got this poison as gift. Neelkant says we shall leave now. Gayatri writes a letter and leaves at the door. Gayatri says Durga has to go for training, sports authority can come anytime, I don’t want Durga to miss it, so I gave Yashpal’s address there. Durga cries. Yashpal calls Durga and says you are on every channel. Everyone praises Durga. Durga cries. She says I will see tv. Sanjay plays the news on his phone. She sees the news. Yashpal says villagers are here, they are seeing you get respect. She says yes, we all are sitting together and seeing the news, everyone is happy.
Sheela says why did Durga give money to Rajveer, why did he get the money. Brij stares at her. Durga thinks of her Sasural, they all are sad, she is also responsible for this. Yashpal says succeed and make the country proud. Durga recalls Rajveer’s words. Gayatri asks Durga to win gold medal. Durga thinks to get their house back, that will be their real victory. Bhagat gets the national athletes lists. He asks when will they be here. The man asks what will you do calling them here so early. Bhagat says these girls are national level athletes, now they belong to the country, they should be in academy within two days, especially Durga, she is the one who can make impossible possible. Neelkant calls his friends. They refuse to help. Gayatri says we know about our true people in such times. Neelkant says no one will help us, they don’t want to auction house like you.

Anjana asking Gayatri to love in her Maayka. She says I m not like Durga to bring my family on road. Gagan says Anjana is right, we won’t have any problem there. Anjana says everyone can come, except one person. Bhagat meets the senior and tells him that the athletes need good diet and good training. The senior says they will get medal for country. He laughs on the joke. Bhagat gives him examples of the famous and successful woman. The man says there is one Kalpana Chalwa in millions, don’t have hope that women will win medal. He makes fun of women. Bhagat says your watch is beautiful. The senior says its gold plated. Bhagat shows his timer watch and says this watch can get a gold medal to athletes, please its a request.

Anjana says Durga didn’t think for us, else

we would have not been thrown out like this. Gayatri taunts Anjana. She says Durga is a diamond, you will never understand this, if there is no place for Durga there, we won’t come there. Anjana says I can’t see my family on roads. Gayatri says our family is incomplete without Durga, we won’t come without Durga. Durga says don’t worry for me.

Gayatri says I took my decision. Anjana says fine, don’t come, but I will not stay here. She asks Gagan is he coming along. Gagan says no, I m coming. Anjana warns Gayatri and asks her to get rid of Durga soon. Gayatri says you can go if you want. Sheela and Shilpa sit upset. Dadi and Amrita look on. Dadi asks why did you leave food, tell me. Sheela says I don’t like living here. Dadi jokes and asks her to tell the matter. She says Shilpa has become sensible. Sheela says you don’t know the matter, Durga shouldn’t have given money to coach, we also had share in it, we supported Durga, this house runs on Brij’s money, we want share in land also.
Brij asks what are you saying, we will see when we get the land. Sheela says no, decision will happen first.

Dadi says it will be decided later. They all go. Bhagat says I want all athletes here, I want their diet plan details. A man delivers the paint to Yashpal. He says Yashpal has won lottery. Sheela and Shilpa get glad. Sanjay finds no money in his wallet. Gayatri tries to take help. Durga says you want to eat pizza right. He says yes, but money…. She recalls sarpanch giving money to her. She gets the money given by villagers, and says we can arrange food for the day. Sanjay says we will have some food.

Durga goes to the food stall and pays money. He asks her to make food. She quickly prepares the food at the stall. Sanjay says what’s Durga doing. Durga makes a dough platter. She makes veg pizza. She gives the food to Sanjay. He smiles and says not bad. He eats the pizza and likes it. He asks Gayatri to have it. Durga says no, she eats less spice. Gayatri cries happily. Durga gets pizza for them. They eat food.

Gayatri asks Durga to have food with them. Durga says I will have it later. Durga smiles. The officers talk about Bhagat taking much interest in Durga. Bhagat smiles. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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