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My daughter Durga on adom tv, Thursday 30th June 2022 update

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Episode starts with Gayatri and Yashpal asking Durga to focus on her training, her race and future. Yashpal says tomorrow, your fate will be decided. He blesses her. Rajveer says you should just focus on your goals, all the best. Gayatri says I will wait for you, this practice will be last one for your nationals. Rajveer asks Durga to just run. Durga smiles. Shilpa says I bought a jacket for Durga’s race.

My daughter Durga Series
My daughter Durga Series

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Dadi and everyone smile. Sheela argues with Amrita. Dadi asks them to stop it. Some men bring some goods. Yashpal says this is for Durga. Annapurna asks what is it. He says everyone will know it in front of Durga.

She says he loves Durga a lot. Dadi says yes, she has gone through a lot for us. Yashpal asks them to make sure, no one touches the box. Gayatri encourages Durga to win the

nationals and erase the stain on her name. She asks her to forget everything and focus. Haan ye lakshya hai tera….plays… Durga recalls her life’s journey. She thinks of Aarti and her dad. She practices and runs a lot. She finishes the training. Durga comes home. Sanjay pampers her. He takes care of her diet. He gifts her a timer watch and wishes her all the best. He feeds her fruits.
Yashpal buys some paint boxes. He says I want strong color, which can erase old stains. He thinks after Durga’s win in nationals, I will erase the stains from the wall. Then my Durga will end the stain on our name forever. He pays money. He thinks maybe this lottery makes our fate good along with Durga’s win. He leaves. Gayatri wishes Durga. Durga’s Dadi and Amrita come to meet her. Gayatri welcomes them and asks them to sit.

Gayatri says Durga has got energized seeing you, family gives big courage. Dadi takes Gayatri’s permission and makes Durga wear a protective pendant. She blesses her to win. Sanjay says Umang got something for you. Durga likes the gift. She sees the cute greeting. Umang says you will win in the race. She thanks him and gifts him chocolate.

Dadi and Amrita come home. Dadi says I have made Durga wear the protective thread, Lord will make everything fine. Sarpanch and others come. Dadi welcomes them. Sarpanch says its a big day for all of us, Durga will win nationals and make our name shine. Everyone claps. Sarpanch says we will get a lot by her victory, Aarti’s dad has written this letter to me. They get shocked.

some men troubling a girl. Durga sees this and gets angry. She goes to beat them. Another girl joins Durga in fight. The girls catch the men to beat. The men run away. Durga says come, we will teach them respecting women. The man says see how girls are running. Durga catches them. She asks what did you say, we should not forget our place. They apologize. Durga asks the girl is she fine, take care. Another girl says I would have handled this, you both didn’t need to come in between. A girl Palak introduces herself. Durga goes.

Sarpanch says its a big day for all of us, Durga will win nationals and make our name shine. Everyone claps. Sarpanch says we will get a lot by her victory, Aarti’s dad has written this letter to me. They get shocked. Someone enters the house to some gas container. He wears a mask. Sarpanch says he has written that its of much pride that Durga will run in the championship, if she wins, I will not break any house to make the dam. They play dhol and clap. Yashpal thinks what is Aarti’s dad planning. The man goes ahead inside the house.

Durga recalls the past. She says when I remember that bad day, I feel bad, I led my life to clean this stain from my family, I want the people to apologize to my family. The man spreads the smoke inside. Yashpal says what’s this smoke. They all cough and faint down. The man leaves. Sanjay says I m proud of you. He hugs her. The man says I did my work. Aarti’s dad gives him money and asks Durga to get ready for her destruction.

Its morning, Durga wakes up and smiles. She says its time to fulfill dad’s dream, where is Sanjay. She gets a bouquet and says so everyone wants to wish me in ground. She gets ready and reaches the ground. She looks for family. She gets another bouquet. She reads the note….. Not now Durga, we will meet before out death. She gets shocked. Aarti’s dad comes smiling. She throws the bouquet.

He says you can use these flowers for your family’s funeral, I will explain, we had much hide and seek, its time for final decision, it will be about your family’s lives, you have to decide this, win their lives as prize. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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