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Meet in love zee world, Tuesday 19th July 2022 update

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Manushi walks in as assistant manager and carrying a bathing robe. Meet and Meet Ahlawat in bath tube sees Manushi. Meet Ahlawat sees flash of her and they both get out og bathtub. Manager says we are sorry and ask Manushi to gibe them clothes. Manager ask Meet Ahlawat to help him to wear. Meet put robe on him. Manager ask Manushi to give her towel. Meet try to take but Manushi says I’ll do it. Meet Ahlawat says I want to forget her but she is not leaving us alone.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Manager says I’ll send tea or coffee and he leaves. Manushi aslo about to leave but Meet hold her hand says Manu dee you. Manushi says to Meet ma’am I’ll get tea and coffee for you and leave. Meet Ahlawat sit down and remember what Manushi told him about running away from marriage. Manushi says this is plan and it will definately help to melt down his heart.

Ragini, Babita and Raj at dining table. Babita remember what Jaypratap said to Sunaina about Tej existence and Babita hear Tej calling him. Tej says to Babita look I worked out a lot today now I can pick you up with ease and he circle around with Babita in her hand. Babita says keep me down or I’ll fall and hurt myself. Babita hugs him says I knew you will vome back where were you didn’t you miss me. Tej says I will not leave you and go and a person will be ediot who will leave a beautiful mom like you now please I’m hungry I burnt a lot of calories give me sometime yo eat. Babita says come sit I’ll feed you with my hands, first bite on name of mother and turn to give him bite and se Ragini sitting beside her. Babita im shock takes Tej name, gets sad and leave table. Raj also get up and leave. Ragini says whenever it come to Tej, Raj and Babita gets upset don’t know when he will come.

Manushi says last night I already have created doubt in Meet’s mind. Meet walks in and ask her what is this. Manushi says go from here and don’t call me deedee or else it will be a great problem for me. Meet says one minute you never worked even a bit all your life and now you are doing job in a same hotel where I’m there so tell me everything, you didn’t like yo do job but still you sre doing job in same hotel where we are staying. Manushi says when Preth left me I was helpless and stuck with no money so whatever I got I took it and afterall you took all the responsibilities after father’s death so I never thought if doing but now I have thought that I can also handle responsibilities like my younger sister, I can go and say sorry to mom and dadi and live in comfort, I know I’m bad but not that selfish now I also live with my self respect. Meet says to Manushi you should go back to mom I’ll talk to her she will accept you. Manushi says I hurt a lot I’ll not go back yill the time my life is on right track and you don’t interfere please, I just have this one job and I want to do it honestly, Meet hugs her and thinks I should not tell Mummy and let Manushi do how she wants to and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat thinking about Manushi, and she saying Meet is reason she ran away and then thinks of Meet’s trust and writes on mirror, Meet walks in and sees him says I have to divert him he looks so tensed.
Meet asks Meet Ahlawat did he fail a lot in school, Meet Ahlawat says never why, Meet says why we are here to roam right and I want to buy gifts for everyone and look at you not taking me to shop are you trying to save money, Meet Ahlawat says I’m doing no such things, Meet says you are so cheap, Meet Ahlawat says I’m not, lets go now shopping, Meet says look I’m very smart you are just trying to save money, Meet Ahlawat says I will freshen up and lets go right away, Meet says okay.

Meet asks manager to help with transport and shopping places list for them, he says okay. Manushi looks at them and says I won’t let you go out with my Meet Ahlawat and will stop you.
Manushi asks at reception did Meet and Meet Ahlawat car got booked, receptionist says yes they might be leaving soon.

Manushi sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave holding hands, Manager and staff hand them list, Manushi purposely dashes waiters to grab attention, staff scolds Manushi for breaking antique show piece, Manushi says sorry I got distracted, Manager scolds Manushi, Manushi starts crying, Meet thinks I wish I could help her, Meet Ahlawat about to go to Manushi, Meet stops him, Manushi thinks I know Meet Ahlawat all you want to do is come to me, because I have seen feelings for me in you, Meet Ahlawat says to Meet lets go and both leave.
Manager keeps scolding Manushi. Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave. Manager asks Manushi pick the destroyed showpiece, she hurts her finger and sees Meet Ahlawat looking at her, Meet standing aside.

Manager ask Manushi to pick broken glasses. Manushi get down to pick broken pieces. Meet Ahlawat says to Manager here is my card debit it from my account for damage. Manager says but you don’t need to pay it. Meet Ahlawat says mistakes happen from human beings, no need to scold her this much. Meet says to herself I know how bad you will be feeling inside but still you are helping her he got this behaviour from Raj he also don’t stop himself from helping someone he is his kid, thank god this would help Manu dee. Manager says to Manushi did you see good people come here which help people but you cannot understand now go and do your work and keep your eyes open. Meet Ahlawat about to leave. Manushi says thanks yo her. He walks away and Manushi says sometimes wound on your hand can heel your heart.

Manushi in room waiting for Meet Ahlawat says have patience he will come surely. Meet walks in. Manushi says what are you doing here someone will see will create a problem go from here. Meet says I come to see your wound. Manushi says leave me on my condition. Meet says how could I, I’m your sister if you are in trouble I also feel same I cannot see you like. Manushi says if not then close your eyes, if I’m not interfering in your life then why are you, go and tell your Meet Ahlawat I’ll pay him back when I’ll get salary don’t interfere in my life I beg you please leave me on my own. Meet leave. Manushi says I show him wound but why is Meet Ahlawat not coming back.

Meet Ahlawat sitting near window. Meet walks to her. Meet Ahlawat says can we go on shopping tomorrow I’m having headache. Meet says no worries we will ho tomorrow let me bring medicine for you and thinks if I camm at reception and they send Manushi then he will geel more bad, she says to him that I’ll go and get medicine for you. Meet Ahlawat see flashes of Manushi and holding her earing and remember what Meet said to him for not breaking fath in him and go to mirror write his quote but stop in between and gets uneasy.

Raj says to Jaypratap but… Jaypratap says stop I’ll not say anymore if I said anything wrong then tell me, I’ll not say anything will pack my bag and go. Raj says what are you talking. Jaypratap says let me say what I feel, I know you are good people consider your daughter in law as your own daughter that’s why I was quite but after many years I want my daughter to married again so what’s wrong in that, its been years since Tej came or his news.

Tej reading book in market sitting down on road. A couple come and sees Tej says this is first time I saw some begger reading English book must be from good family.

Raj says I want to say. Jaypratap says listen to me if instead of Tej, Sunaina was missing then yoi would also leave Tej to die in her memories, if I have said something wrong then tell me I’ll leave this house without meeting my daughter. Raj says you are right I promise you I’ll also support you for Sunaina’s happiness, I took time to understand for that I’m sorry. Jaypratap says no need to join hands you understood is enough for me. Babita see them hugging.

Meet goes to temple says from the time we have come it’s all mess and pray to god, give Meet Ahlawat strength to fight anything and bless Manushi too so that she can have everything she want in her life. Meet Ahlawat knocks at Manushi’s door. Meet Ahlawat is in trouble because of his past he is fighting daily.

Manushi says finally Meet Ahlawat is back to his better half. Meet says Manushi is trying gather her life together, she didn’t love Meet Ahlawat at all but still she is in trouble because her better half ditched him. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat you, walks to him says come inside before someone see you. Manushi says to God please give strength to Meet Ahlawat so that he can face Manushi. Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi I want to talk something important. Manushi says yes please I was waiting. Meet Ahlawat says there was time I use to love you a lot but you left me alone to I was lost and in pain everytime I use to say to god to bring you infront of me so that I can ask you why you did this to me, but now you are standing infront of me so I’m not feeling anything, yes you are right I don’t care of your existence, my past in standing infront of me, I’m not feeling anything I’m telling you because there are not misconceptions inside you, those damge I paid was for a girl who’s job was on line and if it would be someone else I would have done same, if you think my help as hope then it will be bad influence for you in frot of Meet Ahlawat, remember. Manushi hold his hand sasy I know you are angry on me and you should be, I know I did bug mistake and I know it doesn’t require sorry, everyone hates me and you too, it’s okay because I deserve that.

Meet Ahlawat remove her hand leave. Manushi says this drama was a trailor just wait because that time is not that far, you will come to me because you cannot see me in this condition.

Meet at temple says I’ll take some prashad for Meet Ahlawat too. Tej come and snatch her prashad and start eating. Meet says to him you like sweet and sit with him and says what do you like most, Ragulla, Rasmalae, Rabdi, Barfi, Jalebi. Tej looks at her says understood you like jelabi next time I’ll bring that for you and ask is your hand paining. Meet gets call but drop her phone. Tej picks up and answer call. Meet Ahlawat says hello. Meet says Babaji this is phone not a toy and give me phone, says If you want Jalebi then give me phone. Sun shine on Tej’s face and he shouts start panicking and run away. Meet says what happen to him and answer to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says come fast I’m waiting for you. Meet says yes coming and disconnects call, she gets call from Sunaina. Sunaina crying says I know it’s not good time to talk but I’m not feeling good. Babita standing beside her give her sign not tell tell.

Sunaina says nothing it was like we were missing you everything was feeling so empty. Meet says good you call we were also missing you a lot and says there are many beautiful bangles here send me your list I’ll grab everything for you. Sunaina says I’ll share it and tell how’s everything going there. Meet says everything is fine.

Sunaina says I hope this trip bring you two more closer and disconnects. Meet says how will I tell Meet Ahlawat still like Manu DeeDee. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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