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Meet in love zee world, Friday 8th July 2022 update

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There will be update for Thursday due to repeation of Episodes by Zee world:

Meet studying and see a shadow passing by and follow it. Meet thinks he is a thief. Man giving light signal to someone outside door. Meet rush towards man and push him down, remove his cover.

Meet in love zee world Series
Meet in love zee world Series

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Manushi in her room says I never did this muchwork how much I did today, I should rest or else I’ll feel exhausted tomorrow and lie on bed but breaks and calls Kunal. Kunal outside room sees her says I gut hurt because her so much now its her turn now I’ll give her sleeping pills and run away tomorrow with everything. Kunal rush to her says how did you fall come get up and says I’m sorry it’s that ritual which my family want to do. Manushi ask what ritual. Kunal says you have to sleep on floor and I’ll sleep on bed afterall husband are next to God. Manushi says but bed is broken. Kunal says don’t worry I’ll get other one. Manushi says we are equal so why don’t you sleep on floor I’ll sleep on bed. Kunal says I have no problem but you have to pass the test and show her CCTV camera. Manushi says no problem I’ll sleep on floor. Kunal says you will be great daughter in law now I’ll get bed and leaves. Manushi looks at camera says I’ll sleep on floor.

Meet sees Isha and says it’s you what you were doing late night. Isha see light signal and says to Meet I was hungry so came to eat fruits. Meet sees the light signal says these must be thief I need to catch them, I’ll go from window. Isha thinks if Bhabhi catches them then she will beat them and what they will do to me and start acting as uf she got hurt. Meet walks to her says what happen, I’ll call your brother wait. Isha says no he must be sleeping and there are no thief outside it’s our guard uncle who checks is everything alright inside house, you might have not notic that. Meet says okay are you feeling good now it it paining a lot. Isha says I’m feeling better now, yawn and says I’m sleepy bye good night and start walking. Meet stops her look at her dress.

Manushi on floor. Kunal on bed check Manushi is she sleeping and try to take keys from her waist. Kunal thinks keys are not here then where are they and how will I steal all the jewellery then and remember he said to Manushi it’s winter and if you don’t take proper care of your bruise then it will pain life long in winter so do one thing have this painkiller and sleep, says it was effort to give her medicine let’s check again and go to Manushi and find keys under her pillow and take out open luggage and take jewellery box says thankgod I got this she troubled me a lot. Kunal open box and get’s a punch on gis face from box says she is so clever.

Meet ask Isha you were going towards door with shoes and shawl but kitchen is other side. Isha says it’s cold that’s why I took shawl. Meet says okay what about torch shoes and door. Isha says it’s enough says if you are not sleepy then do time pass with me every girl is not like your sister who tell lie to everyone and walk back. Meet thinks what Manushi did someone should not do in her life but what Isha is doing she is young but her behaviour, what happen.

Next morning. Meet on call says don’t worry you will get you delivery on time just share me location. Isha walking. Meet calls her. Isha ignore so Meet run towards her says you are going college without having breakfast. Isha says I’m not hungry. Meet says okay come sit one minute and says you were saying yesterday every girl is not same, you are correct I over think too much but sometimes people do mistake unknowingly. Isha says please bhabhi don’t start like yesterday night. Meet says I’m talking about Dede you know what she did wrong she never trusted her family if she would have share with mom then nothing could have happen and if we know we are not wrong then no need to worry about talking to parents, when it come to safety then parents always stand with there kids that’s why I always tell everything to my mom and feels like I’m not stuck in any situation and after all mom is here to help, don’t think I’m lecturing you, I don’t have younger sister so I consider you as my sister and talking to you, now you won’t go to college without having breakfast go and sit on table I’m bringing breakfast for you.

Isha on table sitting worried. Ragini sees her face ask why aren’t you eating this is gour favourite macaroni. Isha thinks what should I do should I tell mom hold Ragini hand and says I need to talk something. Ragini looks at her neck says where is your gold chain that locket was your favourite, you never remove that where it is. Isha says she noticed now how will I tell her I sold it, says I was getting bore of it so I removed it, it’s in drawer. Ragini says okay is there something else, do you need more pocket money or you are going on college trip, yoi can share with me tell. Isha says I want to say that form tomorrow don’t cook oily food for me I’m starting to diet. Ragini says okay I’ll ask Bhabhi to make diet chart for you and cook accordingly, something else you want to say. Isha says no I’m leaving now for college already late.

Meet Ahlawat passing by and greets Ragini. Ragini says wait you coming from workout, yoi should do meditation and yoga too with exercise. He says doctor suggested me that. Ragini says yes you will feel less angry. Meet Ahlawat says when did you saw me angry, when. Ragini says actually I see Meet angry in kitchen, when I went to kitchen early morning she was sleeping there thankgod Bhabhiji didn’t see her, you must have said something to her. Meet Ahlawat thinks she was in kitchen whole night, did she took label thing seriously, says to Ragini no we didn’t fight I’m going and will talk to her. Ragini says okay and Meet Ahlawat leave. Ragini turn and see Isha book says now she will look for this book.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and see her sleeping on chair wake her up. Meet wakes up in shock and spill water on him. Meet Ahlawat says put your pipe down and what were you doing. Meet says I was washing my bike and fall asleep. He says you could have said to Mani Kaka or anyone else. Meet says how bike know if it’s been cleaned by servant or owner after all this is my father’s bike I like to wash it by my hand I feel good and my father too. He says wait I’ll clean it let me help you. They both wash bike together. Meet Ahlawat ask her tell me one thing didn’t you sleep well last night. Meet says why are you asking this are my eyes swelled up she looks in bike mirror says I slept a lot because of mattress that’s why they are swelled up and think I cannot tell her I was studio whole night or else he will be worried get’s up and ask you slept well then why are you so slow, let me do this you go and get ready I’ll send breakfast for you, I’ll clean it and leave for job. He stop Meet and ask what happen is there something you are hiding. Meet says it’s your office first day get ready soon and leaves. Meet Ahlawat says she left this in middle why is she behaving weird is this because of curtains we removed she was unable to sleep well and went in kitchen to sleep.

Kunal sitting in porche area. Manushi walks to her says good morning. Kunal says not good it’s bad morning. Manushi ask how did you hurt yourself. Kunal says when you were asleep I thought of bringing wood for you but I slipped there. Manushi ask where else did you get hurt. Kunal says no only here near eyes. Manushi says get up hold this showl, go there and cover yourself, stand on this. Manushi take other clothe run away says I’ll count till 3 then come towards ne running. She counts till 3 Kunal jump and run towards him and slips on soap water. Manushi smile and stand him up and ask where did you got hurt. Kunal says my back hurts. Manushi says tell something big did yoy got fracture or something. Kunal says what do you want. Manushi says you wasted all the soap water of aunty now how she will wash clothes. Kunal says what are you trying to do. Manushi says I’m trying send you your house my in-laws house, if you would have fallen badly then my father is law would have called us. Kunal thinks she is so much clever, says to love my money not me. She says I genuinely love you, I don’t feel good you are suffering because of me. Kunal thinks I know everything she is trying to break my bones because of money, now I’ll plan something else to steal her jewellery.

Meet at her house. Anubha see her happily. Meet says what happen, I was near by so thought of come here and meet Dadi. Dadi says good you should come and surprise us like this now sit I have your favourite ladoo, I asked Ram Lakhan to bring. Meet take ladoo and guve Dadi to eat. Dadi get’s emotional says you are so good I feel good after seeing you and says you both talk to eachother I’ll go and offer food to God and says to Anubha to take good care of her, she walks away. Meet says to Anubha what happen. Anubha says Manushi was her favourite but she hurt her so bad it will take to heal, she keeps her busy in pooja. Meet says you take her Badrinath, she will good outside or else she will go ill, I’ll book tickets for you. Anubha says look at you always worried about us and other one insulted us so much we feel betrayed. Meet says, saying truth I’m worried about Manushi too, don’t know who is Parth and what he do, how he come suddenly into her life, we should apply for marriage certificate for Manushi as it’s safety matter, you call to registrar office I’ll talk to Ramesh uncle and take certificate. Anubha says if you are saying I’ll do it and tell are you taking Manushi’s name infront of Meet Ahlawat. Meet says no I’m not taking and he also said I need to close that chapter. Anubha says my God always bless you this way, I’ll said to you everything will be fine. Ram Lakhan at door says you will go without meeting us.

Meet walks to them says how can I leave without meeting you. They say we know about you in market already. Meet says why not you are not less then spy and says go inside. Meet hold door lock and ask Lakhan to bring screwdriver. Ram says now you don’t need us to help you for your exams, noe Jiju is there to help you. Lakhan says to Ram although no body could teach better then us but Jiju is also good. Meet says this is right he is sharp but he just joined back to his work and I don’t want to give him more stress so that’s why I was asking for your help. Lakhan says then take help of Raju bhaiya, he could make us clear so you could top them. Meet ask who is Raju bhaiya. Lakhan says every kid know him, tall and handsome. Ram says he is best, you can bet. Lakhan says it’s free. Ram says you can have all his video on net.

Deep and Meet Ahlawat in car. Meet says don’t know what is their problem. Deep says what problem if have issues then I’ll go. Meet Ahlawat says why you will go, everytime meeting is conducted in our office and if location is changed then it’s been informed before hand. Deep says why it feels like it’s not about shifting it’s something else tell me or how a flexible person can be so rigid about shifting when you know it’s normal in meeting. He says but sleeping in kitchen instead of bedroom is not normal. Deep got confused and ask who slept in kitchen. He says Meet sleeps in Kitchen. Deep says you are not looking after her, what she can do you are her husband, I think she must be thinking about someone else you also think her as your friend. Hey says she is not that kind of girl. Deep says I was kidding and I would suggest go and confess her. He says you are right illygo and talk to her tonight.

Meet park her bike near college gate. Isha surrounded by boys on other side of college gate. Boy saying to her we told you to come alone so who were you sending out last night. Meet sees them. Bay hold Isha hand and ask tell me. Meet says who are they troubling and walks to them remove boy and see boy holding Isha hand. Meet says leave her hand. Boy says I won’t go from here. Meet remove his hand and slaps him says if you try to hurt or do something wrong I’ll call commissioner, did you understand go back. Isha says bhabhi please don’t talk like this they are my friends. Meet says no need to be scared if them I have beatun many like them. Isha says they are really my friends and you are insulting them, I was handling but you came and slap him, you are involving so much in ky life last night also you lecture me this was not expected from you. Meet says you will say lie was also not expected and these don’t look like your friends, I’m not involving in your life Chachiji told me you left this book so I came to give you. Isha says whatever this is my life no need to involyin this. Meet take her away and says listen to me I noticed you were sacred when your phone was ringing and last night there was jo watchman I asked him and I have common sense that you were not going to take friends, the way they were talking to you is not how friends talk, now tell me what is the problem, Isha I trust you but your environment would take yo to wrong path so please teel me. Isha thinks should I tell or not a biy show his phone to Isha, she lashes out at Meet says it’s nothing like that im getting late for my calss and walks away. Meet says there is something, what is she hiding.

Meet Ahlawat thinks what was the reason Meet was sleeping in Kitchen. Isha calls Meet Ahlawat. He asks what happen.

Meet walks in and greet Isha. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet I want to talk to you our Isha is smart and mature, she knows who should be her friends and I think a girl has every right yo choose her friends like boys, it’s her lookout who should be her friends. Meet says I do understand but I thought it was something else. Meet Ahlawat when she is spending her time with male friends then we should not interfere in between.

Meet says listen I know she is smart but sometimes there is time which make conditions to hide things from our older one and then we go on wrong path or unable to yell true. Meet Ahlawat says if something like this happen then Isha will come to me and tell because I’m her good friend too so take care from next time.

He take Isha to have something. Meet thinks Isha didn’t tell truth to Meet Ahlawat I want need to find out what’s happening is she in trouble. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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