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Love by chance starlife, Saturday 12th November 2022 update

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Gungun recalling Ranvijay’s words. She says I have lost my dad, is this reason not enough. Maya says its Riddhesh’s tervi tomorrow, I have invited all his close friends, you can invite your friends, where is Ranvijay. Gungun asks why are you asking about him. Maya says he is your BF, you have put many posts about him. Gungun says he isn’t my BF.

Maya says I think you both had a breakup, go for the interview now. Gungun asks what did Akriti say about my sindoor.

Maya says she was asking if your husband will go to US with us, did you get married, I have no problem if you married Ranvijay, I just want to know. Gungun recalls Anu and asks did any mad dog bite me that I will marry him, leave me alone. She leaves. Maya says you have to come with me to US. Akriti asks Anu to come soon. Anu asks did you take a leave today. She says my dept is changed, I don’t have much work so I thought to extend holidays, Maya invited us for Riddhesh’s tervi. He asks her to go, he doesn’t want to go.

She asks why, because Charu scolded you, you can go with me, its matter of few hours, then Maya and Gungun will go to US. He leaves. Charu says Riddhesh’s tervi news is published, Maya will be there, but we should go. Anu says okay. Golu and Yug talk about Gungun. Golu asks is Gungun really going to US. Anu says I didn’t ask. Yug asks won’t you care for her. Anu says I won’t stop her, I didn’t do any mistake. Yug says do what you feel right. Anu says I will accept this as fate.

Golu asks can you live without her. Anu says I don’t know. Yug asks can she live without you. He says yes, so she is leaving. Anu stops his bike in front of a car. Gungun gets down the car. He says so you are going to US. She says yes. He says you think you will stay happy there. She says you think I m happy here. He says I do care for you.

She says I want to talk to you, why is Akriti talking about my marriage, talk to her, she is your wife. He says she won’t listen to me. She asks why, she is your wife. He says you are my wife. She says don’t insult me. He says you may find this pride tomorrow. She says never. He asks can we meet anywhere in the evening, I don’t want to come home. She asks why, I m busy today. He says fine, tell me if you have time, I will wait for your call.

He goes. She says I want to go away from you, its already difficult, don’t make it more difficult, I have to go to US soon. Neeti, Khushi and Chavi are with Akriti. They remind her about the dinner plan. Akriti says I really forgot. Chavi asks when are we going. Akriti says Anu isn’t at home, I got my leave extended, but he isn’t taking leave.

Khushi says he is boring, we will go. Neeti says yes, we will ask Anu to come there after office. Akriti says okay, I will ask Anu. Chavi asks her to take permission from elders. Akriti smiles and says okay, I will ask. Neeti says after all, it was your plan. They go to Charu.

Khushi says Akriti planned a womens day out for us, she wants to take us for dinner. Chandru says I will get ready and come. Neeti says just women. Sunanda says I won’t go. Charu asks the girls to go and not take elders. Sunanda argues. Khushi asks can we go. Charu says go and take elders if you want. Chandru says ask Goli also. Akriti says thanks, we will have dinner outside today. Sunanda says fine, I will come, but I don’t know eating the food by fork and spoon. Akriti says its fine, we will also have the food by hands. Sunanda gets happy. Chavi says we will take Goli also. Divya asks Akriti to ask Anu also. Anu asks Gungun are you going to meet me. She says fine, one last time. He asks where. She says wherever you say. He says your fav restaurant, the fall tree, I will book a table. She says okay. He gets Akriti’s call. She asks who were you talking. He says work call. She says we all are going out for dinner, you also come. She says no, I have much work, I have dinner meeting with US scientists, you all go. She gets sad and says he won’t come, he has work. Khushi asks where will we go. Akriti says the fall tree. Dean asks Anu to send the synopsis by mail. Anu says I will go home and send. She asks are you going so early. He says I m going for personal emergency, I will mail you at night. She thinks what’s the emergency. He leaves in a rush. The colleagues talk about him. Anu leaves. Gungun thinks what to wear, it’s the last meeting. Maya comes and argues with her. She says if you lost your dad, then I have lost my husband, I have come to share the sorrow. Gungun asks her not to act, dad isn’t here to see the drama. Maya says you think my sorrow is a drama.

Gungun says you never cared for him, you broke his heart, I m coming to US for my personal reasons. Maya asks what’s that. Gungun says you know the meaning of personal, don’t interfere. Maya asks her to invite her friends in Tervi.

Sargam and Sunanda praising Akriti. Everyone is ready. Goli comes home and asks where are you all going. Sunanda says we are going in a party. Akriti says I m throwing a party, get ready and come. Goli says I m really tired. Everyone insists. Goli says please, I m really tired. Akriti says then you should come, I will take you all for massage chair experience after dinner. Sargam asks who does it. Chavi says chair does it. Goli asks them to go. Sunanda asks her to come fast, else the program will get cancelled. Akriti says yes, table booking payment can get waste. Charu asks Goli to go, get ready fast, don’t waste the money. Khushi asks how will we go, Ankit isn’t here. Akriti says I will book a car. Anu comes to the café and waits for Gungun.

He asks the man to get all the special dishes, he doesn’t know what the other person will have. Waiter says okay and goes. Anu sees Gungun coming and waves to her. She says you have called me here, why. He asks her to have food first and then talk. She sees the multiple dishes ordered. She asks who else is coming. He says just two of us. She asks will we have so much food. She says I didn’t come to have food. He says I won’t let you go without having the food. She says I m not ill, why are you feeding it to me. He says not all questions have the answers. He feeds her by his hands. She says dad was upset with you, he loved you a lot, its dad’s Tervi tomorrow, will you come. He says yes, shall I ask you something, is it imp to go to US. She says yes. He asks why, you will be alone there. She asks who is here for me. He says I m there. She says it doesn’t matter, will you meet me secretly all life and hide to your wife, who am I, don’t spoil your married life, else I will get blamed. The family is on the way in the van and sing songs. They discuss the menu. Akriti laughs. Sunanda asks is there non veg also. Akriti says don’t worry, it’s a pure veg restaurant. Anu asks when will we meet again. Gungun says I will tell you if I have to meet. He says tell me when you book the tickets, I will plan the day accordingly. She asks him to keep things separate. She goes. He leaves his phone there. He goes after her and asks what happened. She says I don’t like your talks. He says I regard you my wife, not Akriti. She asks him to shut up. Akriti and family reach there. She doesn’t see him and goes. Gungun argues with Anu.

He says fine, go to US and get married to a nice guy. She says I don’t want to marry, I so wish that I die and go to dad. Anu holds her hand and asks her to shut up. She says leave my hand… He leaves her hand.

Everyone gets seated. They like the place. Anu’s phone rings. Akriti says this phone ringtone is like Anu’s phone. Khushi and Akriti get Anu’s phone. Anu says remember one thing, I will do the same what you do, if you die, then I will also die, I mean it, you know the meaning of wiping the sindoor. Gungun says don’t emotionally blackmail me. He says think once about me before harming yourself. She leaves. He looks for his phone. He goes back to get his phone. Akriti asks are you looking for this. He says you here. Sargam says we all are here. He takes his phone.

He says I didn’t know you are coming here for dinner. Akriti says you were busy. Anu says I had told about the meeting with US delegates, I had come with them, carry on. She asks him to join. He says I have to go, delegates are waiting. He leaves. She gets upset and refuses to eat. Everyone insists her to eat. Akriti shouts I don’t want to eat, don’t trouble me. They all look at her.

Its morning, Gungun and Maya are in Riddhesh’s tervi. Charu and family come to pray for him. Akriti sees Gungun and Anu seeing each other. She says uncle isn’t with you, don’t think you are alone, I m there, your Jiju and family are with you, your husband and in-laws are also with you.

Gungun asks her to leave. Charu asks Neeti to give their offerings. Gungun asks what is it. Charu says Riddhesh looked moong ki dal halwa, we got some puja items and a copper pot.

Gungun says this is not needed, we have it. Maya argues with Charu. She says you came to give her gyaan, she is with her mum.