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Lost in love on starlife, Thursday 21st July 2022 update

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Virat tells Pakhi that its not Sai’s mistake as she even thanked Pakhi for taking care of Virat in her absence. Pakhi sometimes one insults other even with a thank you. Sai asks if insult is her favorite word as she feels insulted with whatever she says, nobody felt insulted by her words till now as her Aaba taught her to respect others and not insult.

Lost in love
Lost in love

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Sonali yells she speaks a lot and didn’t learn anything even after being out of house for so many days. Bhavani tells Virat that he can praise his wife or do whatever he wants, but if Sai insults Pakhi, she will not tolerate it; Pakhi is elder to Sai both by age and relationship; he should teach his wife how to behave with elders; and if Sai thinks she can insult Pakhi, she will not let that happen. Ashwini thinks everyone are behind Sai and she may go back, so she says Sai didn’t say anything wrong. Bhavnai asks why is Pakhi sad then.

Pakhi asks not to bother as Virat and Sai will not understand her sadness or pain and will insult her more instead. Virat asks why is she exaggerating the issue, she left hospital angrily and even here she is doing same; she should understand that Sai returned for her wife and told her same, how is Pakhi insulted if Sai is fulfilling her responsibility. Pakhi asks where was her responsibility when he was shot, when he went to apology and bring her back, she clearly denied to return wit him; she is reminding him as he forgot his family’s insult or Sai knows to trap people in her talks. Virat stops her and says she doesn’t have to remind him anything and he wants to remind her that whatever happened was between a husband and wife and a third person shouldn’t interfere as when husband and wife reconcile, a third person feels insulted and he doesn’t want Pakhi to feel same. Pakhi asks if she is a third person.

Ashwini says Virat is right, Pakhi should have walked out when husband and wife met, but why did she come here crying. Pakhi says she must be happy seeing her crying. Virat warns her to behave with his mother and asks why is she feeling bad when Sai wants to take his responsibility and why did she create such a big drama for such a small issue. She asks why he only sees what she does and doesn’t see what Sai did, Sai insulted her when she told Sai not to go in when Virat is resting; she is worried for Virat, but he is not worried for her. Sai says she doesn’t think she did wrong as Pakhi wanted to kick her out of hospital when she came to meet her hospital; she wants to ask with what right she stopped her from meeting her husband. She asks Ninad why did he ask Pakhi to let her enter the hospital. Virat says he cannot believe they were doing this to Sai behind him, especially Ninad. He asks Pakhi why didn’t she stop Ninad and Bhavani when they took wrong decision as she always advocates right. Ninad says he did right, but Sai shamelessly came to hospital and even here. Virat asks him to stop as Sai returned for him as she has both shame and responsibility in her. He holds Sai’s hand , leaving Pakhi frowning more in jealousy, and warns Ninad to dare not misbehave with his wife; he is his father, but that doesn’t mean he can misbehave with his wife.

Ninad again yells that he spoke right and Virat is misbehaving with his father for Sai. Omkar backs Ninad and says Sai has returned pitying on him. Virat feels pain, and Sai supports him in concern. Virat says when you are concerned for someone, they experience pain like Sai did when he was shot and madly called him repeatedly, it proves Sai didn’t pity on him but cared for him. He asks everyone if its not a good news if husband and wife fight and then reconcile, then why they are not happy. Bhavani says Virat taught them that they shouldn’t tell Sai anything or else they will be insulted; Virat learned to lie in Sai’s company, earlier he told he will not accept Sai back in his life, but he himself brought her back home. Sai says its obvious to get insulted if they interfere between husband and wife, but she is amazed to find out that experienced Bhavani learnt this so late. Omkar yells that she is insulting Bhavani again. Ashwini says she was just explaining Bhavani. Sonali asks what does she mean. Ashwini says she is speaking right as nobody supported her till now, not even her husband; she is happy that her Virat supports his wife and stands for her. Ninad shouts at her to stop this drama. Ashwini says he is right as her son just came from hospital and needs rest. Sai says she is right and this stressful environment is not good for him. Ashwini asks her to take Virat to her room. Sai says she will be with Virat always and Ashwini should take care of Virat when she goes to college.

Pakhi claps and says Sai is amazing and should get world’s most clever award and one more for her dual standards. Ashwini asks what does she mean, what did Sai do. Pakhi says Sai told she came to take care of Virat, but also wants to go to college and someone should take care of him in her absence; Virat is blindfolded and cannot see his wife’s dual standards. Virat says she is blindfolded, hence she cannot see truth; if she ever thought Sai is losing her studies because of him, she just was talking about a few hours.

Pakhi says Sai’s husband and advocate Virat Chavan jumped into field to fight for her; she agrees that Sai’s studies are suffering and she should attend college, but why he thinks others should take up her responsibility; Sai is just acting and running away from her responsibility. Sai says she is not acting as even becoming a doctor is her responsibility which Virat gave her and she wants to fulfill both responsibilities.

Sai says she doesn’t run away from her responsibilities. Studying and becoming a doctor is her responsibility as well and she will fulfill both her responsibilities. Sonali reminds Sai that there are more educated people in the house. Mohit asks everyone to stop for Virat at least. He has just returned from the hospital. How can they be so insensitive that even in situations like this, they want to prove Sai wrong. Bhavani says that she was wondering why Mohit didn’t say anything. Her ‘guru’ is back. Sai says she is not anyone’s guru. She and Mohit can just understand each other and what problem they have with that? Ninad asks Sai why she has problem when Virat and Pakhi have the same bond? Sai says it’s not the same bond and they very well know it. They continue arguments. Sai asks why they are creating a scene when she is just back to take care of Virat. Devyani’s topic comes and Virat speaks in Sai’s favor. He says this house just cannot see anyone’s happiness. Sai forgave him and returned to the home, but no one is happy. Ashwini says she is happy, Mohit is happy. Mohit says some are very upset with Sai’s return and some have cried as well. Pakhi looks at Mohit and asks if he’s taunting her. He says he’s just speaking the truth, but this house doesn’t like someone speaking the truth. Bhavani answers back that it’s Sai’s effect on Mohit. Now Sai answers to Bhavani which leaves everyone shocked. She then tells Virat that she will take him to his room. He says he will go by himself, but struggles. She helps him. After they leave, Bhavani taunts Ashwini that she should be celebrating Sai’s return. Ashwini also taunts back.

Sai helps Virat to sit in the bed. Virat looks at her and smiles. Sai looks at the table and says he kept all her stuff safely. She thought he must have thrown everything away as he was so angry at her. He tells her not to embarrass him more. He doesn’t want to talk about the past. She says they won’t about it again. She was leaving and her dupatta gets stuck. She thinks Virat is holding it and asks him to let it go. She turns back and sees it got stuck and feels awkward. He says if she wants, then he can hold her back with him. She calls herself crazy. She looks at Baba’s photo and says that last time she came because he gave her Virat’s responsibility and this time she came because she took Virat’s responsibility. Virat tells her that he is happy to see her. Ashwini brings food for them. Sai says she was very hungry. Ashwini feeds them both. Sai hugs her and says she missed her a lot. They both get emotional.

Ashwini asks she missed her that much that she couldn’t even call her? Sai says she had turned her phone off because of a khadus jasoos. Ashwini says khadus jasoos? Sai says that she has kept that as a nickname of Virat. She won’t tell why because it’s a secret between her and Virat. Ashwini says it’s good to hear that they have secrets between them too. They have fun moments. Virat’s laughs and coughs. Sai says enough of joking. She feeds Virat and says he needs to make medicine too. Ashwini leaves two alone.

Virat tells Sai that without her, this house didn’t look like a house. When he was in a mission, he didn’t know for whom to return. She asks he didn’t get happy by returning to his family? He says his family is incomplete without her. Sai says she also felt something incomplete. He says, so you finally agreed that you were missing me. She laughs saying she was talking about Devika. She is missing her a lot. For her, family will be complete when Devika and Pulkit will come.

He thinks that he said it with so much love that he’s incomplete without her, but she didn’t even realize it. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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