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Lost in love on starlife, Saturday 25th February 2023 update

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Lost in love on starlife Saturday 25th February 2023 update, Virat trashes MLA Gulab Rao for character assassinating Sai. Sai stops him. Goons attack Virat. Virat trashes them again. Savi encourages Virat to teach them a lesson. Sai stops Virat again. Gulab Rao comments Laila is protecting Majnu. Virat trashes MLA agvain and ttries to crush his head with a stone. Sai stops him again. At Chavan nivas, Bhavani asks Pulkit where is their special guest.

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Pulkit calls Harini in. Harini lost in her mobile bumps on Bhavani. Pulkit and Pakhi ask her to apologize Bhavani. Harini asks them not to pester her. Bhavani says its okay and asks Harini to hug her. Harini asks if she watches too many serials that she is being too melodramatic. Pulkit warns her to behave with her grandma. Harini starts listening to music again.

Bhavani says she doesn’t want Harini to fall in someone’s love and hence will keep her at Chavan Nivas. Pulkit asks her to stop saying that in front of Harini, its good Devi has gone to USA for her treatment or else she would have felt bad. Karishma says Harini can stay at her own house with her parents. Pulkit says she is right. Ashwini tells Pulkit that he would be busy at the hospital whole day, so he should let Harini stay at Chavan nivas with so many relatives. Ninad says Pakhi will help Harini in studies. Pakhi agrees. Pulkit asks Harini to remove her headset and listen to them. Mohit says he will show Harini her room. A cigarette pack falls from Harini’s packet.

Savi gets concerned seeing Virat’s bleeding nose and says he needs first-aid. Sai tells Virat that she doesn’t need anyone’s help and can herself handle goons like Gulab Rao and others. She says he is bleeding and needs treatment. Virat says this pain is nothing in front of the pain he is going through since years. Savi insists Virat to get treatment by her mother or else she will not move from here. Virat agrees, pampers Savi and gets her and Vinayak into car.

Chavans are shocked to notice a lighter falling from Harini’s pocket. Bhavani asks her if she smokes. Sonali says it must be her friend’s. Harini says its hers and asks them to relax as everyone smoke. Pakhi says Chavans don’t smoke and she as a family member shouldn’t smoke. Harini says she is not their family member and asks her to stop acting so cool and senior citizens trying to control youngsters. Ashwini says she is part of their family and they all care for each other. Ninad says smoking is injurious for health. Pulkit says Ninad is right, so she should quit smoking. Karishma says she will throw cigarettes away. Harini warns her to dare not touch her cigarettes and tongue lashes everyone for trying to control her. She asks if its a house or jail, she doesn’t want any interference in her life and they shouldn’t disturb her when she is in her room. Sonali asks her to calm down and have some food. Harini warns her not to bother about her food as she will mange it herself. She asks Mohit if they can go now and walks away.

Bhavani accuses Pulkit of giving a wrong upbringing to Harini and says she knows how to control Harini. Pakhi asks her to calm down and asks everyone to have food while goes and calls Virat. On the other side, Savi cleans Virat’s wound. Sai brings first-aid box and asks Vinayak to stay back in her house until his treatment is completed. Vinayak tells Virat that he didn’t want him to be treated Sai, but Sai is treating them both. Sai says its Virat’s old habit to blame others for his mistakes. Vinayak asks how does she know baba when they met for the first time. Pakhi calls Virat’s number.

Vinayak says his mother is calling and picks it. Sai feels disheartened. Pakhi asks why wasn’t he picking call, if his treatment started. Vinayak says yes and he felt better after today’s treatment, he is at Savi’s house who is nursing baba’s wound after he got injured while fighting with the goons. Pakhi gets worried for Virat and asks Vinayak to give phone to Virat. Sai asks Savi to come along. Pakhi hears her voice and asks Virat who was it. Virat sits speechless. Pakhi asks how did he get injured and how is he now. Sai walks to kitchen feeling disheartened. Usha asks if its because Virat is speaking to Vinayak’s mother, asks who attacked Virat.

Sai says MLA Gulab Chand’s men. Usha says Virat saved her from MLA. Sai says Virat is habituated to put her in trouble. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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