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Light of love on adom tv, Wednesday 8th February 2023 update

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Light of love on adom tv Wednesday 8th February 2023 update, Asha sees Pallavi and Raghav together gets angry and leaves.
Pallavi asks Raghav to step back says she can manage. Raghav says why do you girls always play this victim card, Pallavi says I am no victim just can solve my problems infact we women go through lot of problems, Raghav sags you are right and please do a thing stay away from me and I have work for you, please deliver sarees for female employees of my store.

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Pallavi gets a call from College where she delivered sarees and got order for their ither branch, Pallavi thanks her.
Pallavi accepts Raghav’s order and thanks him, Raghav says you have impressive stubbornness, will message you details and leave.

Kirti thanks Pallavi, Akash says to Pallavi he wilk drop Kirti no issues, Raghav says I will drop Kirti, Amruta says Raghav do come in next function, Raghav says okay and sees Kirti has left with Akash. Raghav scolds Pallavi for crossing his path again, Pallavi says you are here to trouble her again, so I will cross your way, and remember exactly in 29 days I will hace showroom in place of your shop and leaves.

Sharda asks Pallavi to go get Kumkum, Pallavi gets it, Asha pushes it, and scolds Pallavi for touching Kumkum, and then insults Pallavi says she first was in his arms in front of everyone and then with him in her bedroom, I thought she is a good girl but I am sure she has affair with him, Pallavi says Aunty there is some misunderstanding, Vijay says enough, Sharda defends Pallavi too and both scold Asha, Pallavi says Asha aunty please listen, Asha says she is widow that won’t change, Sulochana apologize to Asha, Asha says she doesn’t want Pallavi to be part of marriage. Milind says to Asha this is not fair, Asha says its upto you, Mansi’s in laws or Widow Pallavi and leave.

Sulochana holds Pallavi’s hand and pull her inside and say you wont attend Mansi’s wedding swear on that, because of her affair my daughter’s wedding would break, Vijay raises her hand, Sulochana pushes him away and says calm down you already have one heart attack and second your body wont resist, Sulochna says to sharda you call Mansi your daughter right than show it ask Pallavi to stay away, Milind says Mansi herself wont like this, let’s go talk to Asha, Sulochana says you all just want to break my daughter’s happiness, Pallavi says enough I promise I won’t be part of Mansi’s family, Sharda says why did you do this, Pallavi says enough of this, no one sees a person in me but just that I am a widow so they find new reasons to insult me, no one tries to understand being widow is not my destiny, I didnt chose to be a widow it was an accident and its not a fault and no one can say a word to them for this, when Mandar expired Sharda stood strong against women who wanted me to wear white saree and break my bangles but enough now I can’t take this anymore, Kaku I won’t attend Mansi’s wedding. Sulochana leaves.

Kirti thanks Akash for dropping her and leaves. Raghav steps out of car and walks to him and says stay away from Kirti, Akash says who are you and what is your problem, Raghav starts hitting Akash and says stay away from Kirti and I am her elder brother Raghav Rao and your Pallavi Deshmukh’s relative so I hate you, stay away and leaves.

Mansi gets ice cream home and sees everyone upset, Pallavi cheers her up and diverts her attention, and asks her to go sleep for her next day function, Mansi says okay and leaves. Pallavi asks everyone to swear to not tell Mansi truth. Vijay says this is not fair, Asha crossed her lines, Pallavi says she wasn’t lying Raghav was in my room, he came to my room to tell me that my blouse has one hook open, and tells whole story, Sharda says we have fulk trust on you, Milind says we all trust you and all should go to sleep, Vijay leaves, Sharda says he must be tired.

Sharda walks to Vijay and asks whats wrong why did he walk off, Vijay says I didn’t expect this from Pallavi, she was with a guy, Sharda says do you have any idea what you are saying, Vijay says I am not, but being in same room with unknown guy, Sharda says this list of people to point at Pallavi is endless and we don’t want to be part of it. Vijay says I am just saying I didn’t expect this from her and leaves.

Next day Sharda asks Nikhil did he see Vijay, Nikhil says yes he saw Vijay gonon his scooter but no idea where. Nikhil records Milind narrating importance of today’s Pooja. Mansi walks to them and asks Nikhil why is he decorating Bamboo it was Pallavi’s job, also she isnt picking calls.
Pallavi in shop keeps getting calls from Mansi, but avoids.
Pallavi tells Krishna that Raghav has taken back complaint, Krishna says he won’t do so easily what is the deal, Pallavi tells her that she has challenge him that she will bring shop in profit in 1 month and if she doens’t she has to leave Hyderabad and he will build his shop over this, and this time I will win.
Krishna says but how will we do this?
Pallavi says not really but we have to grab all opportunities we can and also it is time to show people what Pallavi can do and now I am going at Raghav’s for briefing of new sarees he wants for his female employees.
Krishna asks her is she sure.
Pallavi says I trust myself and no one can stop me now.

Pallavi at Raghav’s, Raghav working out, Pallavi asks him to get ready she will wait, Raghav says I dont have all day for you, if you want take briefing or else he will hire someone else, Pallavi says don’t you have some other tricks and tactics, just wear clothes and comes out and next time before pulling out something like this just imagine would you like it if someone walked in front of your sister or mother this way, I am waiting out. Raghav walks to her and says you talk too much today, Pallavi says thats your issue.

Nikhil on call with Abhishek asks him to talk to Harish, that he will do the work later but not now, theres wedding at his place, Sulochana calls Nikhil and asks him to go check the whole she asked him to get dug for pooja, it is important it has to be 6 ft, or else the bamboo won’t fit in and if it moves ot wouldn’t be a good sign, Nikhil says okay and goes check its only 4 ft, Mansi asks Sulochana where is Pallavi, Sulochana asks her to keep quite and just go get ready, Nikhil says Sulochana os crossing lines too much always behind Aai, Baba and Pallavi. Sulochana asks Nikhil is all good, Nikhil says yes.

Raghav says your collection is so bad, Pallavi says you have no Knowledge, so first sit and carefully listen to what I am saying, and shows her different Fabrics of different region, Raghav checks on line with Pallavi’s information, Pallavi gets irritated, Raghav asks Pallavi all states have their own pattern, Pallavi says yes, Raghav says I want my shop saree to represent whole India, my shops are all over India and I want one saree that will represent all regions. Pallavi says this isnt a joke, we have a diverse culture how is this possible, Raghav says not my problem, and if you can’t let me book your ticket, Pallavi asks when you want sample, Raghav says one hr, Pallavi says done and leaves.

Pallavi thinking about how will she represent whole India in one saree. Vijay sees Pallavi walk out of Raghav’s house and goes Inside and asks him what were you doing in my daughter’s room, Raghav says why didn’t you ask your daughter, Vijay says I did and please stay away, Raghav says she keeps crossing my ways, and if this upsets you so much ask her to stay away and get her married, Vijay says I dont need your advice, for me my respect in the society is very important and looking at you it is very clear that doesn’t matter to you, keep away from my family, Raghav says money is everything not respect and with money comes respect and I’m here at top and your daughter down and I have 1000 of girls like her behind me and I have no intention to play with her, so please leave.

Sulochana scolds Milind for being upset, Milind says you didn’t do right with Pallavi, Mansi walks to them says what did she do, this is why Pallavi isn’t here, Sulochna says I have no intentions of fighting with her and Pallavi is just jealous because you are all day with Rahul and she isn’t getting any importance.

Pallavi tells Krishna about Raghav’s demand, Krishna says how is that possible and stay away from that Raghav, Pallavi says focus on the challenge and not Raghav. Pallavi says to Krishna that Mrs. Rama Krishna gave them an order of saree, that will help her.

Sharda asks Vijay why did he go at Raghav’s? Vijay says to tell him to stay away from my daughter, and I saw Pallavi there and why did she go there. Sharda says he is owner of shop might be some shops work. Vijay says Raghav was shirtless there thats enough, ask Pallavi to not meet him, Sharda says okay I will but he is owner they have to interact, Vijay says then Nikhil will ve with her in the shop, to handle all outside works.

Pallavi asks Krishna to get saree, Krishna says its at your house, Pallavi says but Mansi’s pooja, how will I go home. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.