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Light Of Love On Adom Tv Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes

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TV series

Light of love on adom tv is a story of how two individuals who comes together to love each other. Pallavi Deshmukh is a widow, but she is much more than that. She lives with her in-laws and is very close to them, despite the passing away of her husband on her wedding night. She runs the family saree shop. Raghav Rao is a business magnate and owns Jayanti Jewels. He is a loner and is all for money. One day, these opposites meet.They both hate each other with all their heart, but they get married due to responsibilities and oaths. Soon, things begin falling into place, and the duo falls in love. However, their happiness is jinxed when it is revealed that her ex-husband is alive and is back to ruin the newlyweds’ live.

  • Light Of Love On Adom Tv Full Story Summary

Pallavi is a widow but still lives with her loving in-laws (Vijay and Sharda Deshmukh) and is scared of getting married again due to the tragic death of her husband (Mandar Deshmukh). On the contrary, Raghav is an arrogant playboy and a rich businessman who also has a bitter past.For Raghav, it is shown that years ago Raghav’s house was burned down which killed his father (Ajit Rao) and brother (Arjun Rao) due to his arrogant self to the townspeople. His mother (Jaya Rao) abandoned and hated him because of it and she left the home along with her daughter, (Kirti Rao).

Pallavi owns a saree shop, she lies about the profit to make her in-laws family happy after her husband’s death. She manages to get enough money to pay the rent but her aunt-in-law, (Sulochana Deshmukh), meddles to get money.

She speaks to the owner to not let Pallavi pay so she begges her for the money and is forced to give her portion of the house in order to save her shop. Pallavi struggles to manage her sister in law, (Mansi Deshmukh) wedding because of the high budget and Sulochana’s constant demands. Pallavi and Raghav soon meet and get off to a bitter start.

After a heated argument, Raghav burns all of Pallavi’s hard work and she has a breakdown as this was the final option for her to overcome her financial issues.

Pallavi misunderstands a situation where she thinks Raghav was hitting a kid and an old man for his own pleasure and she slaps him in front of a crowd.Raghav meets Anjali who is engaged to someone else but infatuated with Raghav. Raghav flirts with her only to expose her truth to her fiancée.

Raghav gathers some information about Pallavi and comes to know she owns a sari shop. He comes to her shop to teach her a lesson. (Amruta Deshmukh), Pallavi’s sister in law is a huge fan of Raghav and has a big crush on him. Raghav still has a strained relationship with his mother and sister who orders him to leave them alone as he constantly keeps check on them. He tries to prove to them he is changing. He decides to bring his family back to their home as his mother is ill but she straightaway refuses calling him a murderer. But after some convincing from Raghav’s sister, Kirti, his mother puts forward a condition; for two days she doesn’t want to hear anything about him from people or on the news.

Pallavi takes a catering order at an elderly home which is actually owned by Raghav. In reality, Raghav is actually a kind man and has a secret life and lives in two completely different worlds; one with him being an underworld mafia don and the other with him helping the poor and elderly under an identity; Ramaswamy. Raghav sees Pallavi at the old age home and he later sees her helping the elderly and begins to see a different side to her.

Anjali in disguise also comes to the home and she hears Pallavi’s conversation about giving food to Ramaswamy. She puts some powder in his tiffin and when Raghav eats it he feels dizzy and falls unconscious.

Anjali takes pictures of him in a compromising position with her and makes it viral. When the news reaches the Raos, Raghav’s mother collapses and is sent to hospital.

Light Of love On Adom Tv
Light of love on adom tv
Pallavi and Raghav

Light of love on adom continues with, Pallavi and Kirti are also revealed to be friends and when Pallavi sees that her friend’s mother is in need of blood she donates her blood to her anonymously. Raghav who is searching the entire city for the person who shares the same blood group as his mother but he is unsuccessful. He gets a call from Farhad who tells him an anonymous person donated blood already; unaware it was Pallavi. Raghav feels highly indebted to this person.

To get revenge on the person who caused his mom to end up in hospital, Raghav reminisces the past events in which he saw Pallavi handing out food in the elderly home and he comes across a photo of her speaking to Anjali which was taken by Raghav’s men. He misunderstands the situation and thinks Pallavi is the one responsible and is working with Anjali to humiliate and bring him down.

Soon, a very big allegation is put against Pallavi by Sulochana. Sulochana claims that Pallavi was pregnant with Raghav Rao’s baby and went for abortion. The family is shocked as the doctor too claims that Pallavi aborted her child. Soon, Raghav clears the air and the doctor confesses that she was blackmailed by Sulochana and that Amruta was the actual one who did the abortion.

Pallavi still gets furious saying that she doesn’t need Raghav’s help. Soon, the Deshmukh Family confronts Sulochana. Later, Sulochana husband (Milind Deshmukh) for trying to play the victim card and pinning the blame on Pallavi. Later, Raghav’s mother and sister get arrested and the former assumes that Pallavi has done it. He vows to ruin Pallavi’s life and reveals to the Deshmukh Family on how the Deshmukh Emporium has been suffering losses from the past two years and how Pallavi has been lying to the family.

Vijay gets furious on learning this and throws Pallavi out of the Deshmukh House. On the other hand, Raghav keeps trying to convince Kirti and Jaya to stay with him in his house Jaya comes up with the idea that the only way Raghav can be handled is with a life-partner and that if he gets a good life-partner, he will mend his ways.

The first person that strikes her mind is Pallavi, who is a strong and brave woman who can control Raghav and thus, she tells Raghav that she and Kirti will only live with him if he marries Pallavi. To get his family back home, Raghav kidnaps Pallavi and asks her to marry him and tells her that he too would never want to marry her and is only marrying her because of a personal issue.

Soon, Raghav realizes his mistake of ruining Pallavi’s life and goes to the Deshmukh house to tell everyone the truth. He shows them a confession of Sulochana but Vijay does not believe him. Pallavi takes the decision that she cannot live with the Rao Family anymore and says that she has reunited Jaya and Raghav, and that’s what she came to do.

Later, Raghav convinces Pallavi to stay for one month and if he don’t return her family back. He said he will sign divorce paper on 31st day.As time pass both Pallavi and Raghav bond and fall in love with each other. Pallavi came to know that Raghav hit Mandar with his car but isn’t willing to believe it.

She questioned Raghav but Raghav challenged her that she won’t find the actual culprit. Kirti confessed that she hit Mandar to Raghav and Pallavi overhears it. She trys to get Kriti arrested but Raghav defended. It is revealed that Kirti’s Boyfriend (Sunny) hit Mandar and Kirti took the blame for sake of her love.

Sunny fled before been arrested and kirti followed him. Meanwhile Raghav mets an accident and is hospitalized.

In the hospital Pallavi confess her to an unconscious Raghav. It is revealed that Mandar is alive. Both Mandar and Raghav got into a fight.Raghav can’t bear to see Pallavi with Mandar and confess his love for her. Raghav and Pallavi gets married and the series ends with the family taking a group picture to mark their new beginnings…

Light Of Love Adom TV – Details

  • Title: Light Of Love
  • No. Of Seasons: 1
  • No. Of Episodes: 246
  • Premiere: 23rd January 2023
  • Final Episode: TBA
  • Channel: Adom TV
  • Replacing: Cage Of Beauty
  • Dubbed: Twi ( Ghanaian Lan )
  • Original Language: Hindi
  • Original Title: Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali
  • Original Release: February – November 2021
  • Original Network: Starplus

Light Of Love – Cast, Real Names

  • Shivangi Khedkar as Pallavi: Raghav’s wife; Mandar’s former wife; caretaker of Deshmukh Saree Emporium.
Pallavi in light of love on adom tv

  • Sai Ketan Rao as Raghav Rao: Pallavi’s husband; owner of Jayati Jewels.
Raghav in light of love on adom tv


  • Ashok Phal Dessai as Mandar Deshmukh (alias Raja): Pallavi’s vengeful former husband who was presumed dead; Sharda and Vijay’s elder son; Devyani’s murderer.
  • Milind Phatak as Vijay Deshmukh: Pallavi’s former father-in-law; Sharda’s husband; Mandar and Nikhil’s father; owner of Deshmukh Saree Emporium.
  • Sameer Deshpande replaced Milind Phatak.
  • Asmita Ajgaonkar as Sharda Deshmukh: Pallavi’s former mother-in-law, Vijay’s wife, Mandar and Nikhil’s mother.
  • Karan Manocha as Nikhil Deshmukh: Pallavi’s former brother-in-law; Vijay and Sharda’s younger son.
  • Ajinkya Joshi as Milind Deshmukh: Vijay’s younger brother; Sulochana’s husband; Mansi and Amruta’s father; Pallavi’s former uncle-in-law.
  • Snehal Reddy as Sulochana Deshmukh: Milind’s wife; Mansi and Amruta’s mother; Pallavi’s former aunt-in-law.
  • Rutuja Sawant as Mansi Deshmukh: Milind and Sulochana’s elder daughter; Amruta’s elder sister, Rahul’s ex-fiancĂ©e, Pallavi’s former cousin sister-in-law.
  • Priyanka Dhavale as Amruta Deshmukh: Milind and Sulochana’s younger daughter, Mansi’s younger sister, Pallavi’s former cousin sister-in-law.
  • Snehal Borkar as Krishna: Pallavi’s friend and assistant at Deshmukh Saree Emporium.
  • Ragini Shah as Jaya Rao: Raghav, Kirti and Arjun’s mother; Ajit’s wife; Pallavi’s mother-in-law.
  • Geeta Tyagi replaced Ragini Shah.
  • Sayli Salunkhe as Kirti Rao: Raghav’s younger sister; Pallavi’s friend turned sister-in-law; Sunny’s wife.
  • Kushagre Dua as Sunny Ahuja: Kirti’s husband.
  • Himanshu Bamzai as Farhad Nawaz: Raghav’s secretary, right-hand man and friend.
  • Krishna Kaurav as Harish: Raghav’s bodyguard.
  • Jeet Pol as Madan: Raghav’s bodyguard.
  • Shweta Vyas as Esha Madhavan: Raghav’s former girlfriend and obsessed lover.
  • Jatin Sharma as Sumit: Esha’s estranged husband.
  • Sarika Raghwa as Anjali: She tried to get intimate with Raghav despite being engaged to someone else.
  • Saim Khan as Akash: Brother of Pallavi’s friend and Kirti’s love-interest.
  • Gourav Raj Puri as Rahul: Mansi’s ex-fiancĂ©; Asha’s son.
  • Sonal Palan as Asha: Rahul’s mother.
  • Manoj Kaushik as Siddhesh Sawant: Pallavi’s elder brother; Pawani’s husband; Raghav’s brother-in-law.