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Laxmi On Starlife, Tuesday 3rd January 2023 update

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TV series

Laxmi On Starlife Tuesday 3rd January 2023 update, Starts in Lakshmi house where, her sister haldi going on; Her jiju comes to her and ask her to get something special for her sisters because he got his first paycheck. She decided that they will get lengha for her, it wil be the best.

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At Arjun house, where dadi, maa and Purva is togather , Purva is trying out outfits for marriage. Where Dadi was annoyed that Arjun has already gotten his love but here this Purva is dreaming to marry him. So, She ask her, she is modern why not she try love marriage. purva replied by saying that she did not like any of them, she always believe getting marriage then love.

The scenes shifts to Lak and Ajay, where she praising him how he do good bargaining and how she likes going to shopping with him.She is talking about Arjun, how she think that he is so rich when in future she will go to shopping with him in mall and stuff.

while they are talking about Arjun, they stop at red signal; where Arjun Dad’s car stop too beside them. She sees him and say that how come i see his dad all the time but Arjun.. noo. She try to hide her face by scarf and told Ajay that his father in law is in car beside them (lol). He gets shock and say “DAD”, she is like what? He is like i have told in office that i am sick and on leave.

He try to look on other side and but see his father is look at their side. which makes them more scared. The Green comes and they breath relaxer when they see the car went by. She said “how if he have seen her with stranger guy on bike, he would not have let her married to Arjun.”

“They were happy that they got save by the scarf and his job and her marriage is Save ”

They come to the shop, where they both selects a pink lengha but unfortunately when she see the price . She refuse but Arjun ask her the reason for not buying the lengha since she said it is amazing . She told him how it’s so expensive and Jiju only have 5,000 but the lengha cost 50,000. So, he get this idea they he will pic of lengha and he knows a shop where they can get duplicate lengha in 5000. they both agree , while taking pic, he gets purva’s call, which he did not receive.
He try tiptoe in th house because he sees purva waiting for him in the living room but she caught him by calling. She ask him why he did not answer his call. He is like why are u waiting so late. She replied by saying that is practicing to be his future wife, he would not like his wife sleeping when he return from work.He was about to tell her the truth but dadi interrupted them by saying that she should go to sleep because the guys don’t like girls who don’t look pretty and in future the kids will be pretty too. She goes away with shy but Arjun did not like what dadi said; so he told her that she is my friend and i want her heartbroken because of me .i want this thing to be over soon. Dadi mumble sorry and said that she will try to help in the matter too.

In the morning, Laki is serving the guest tea, when a person come to drop the lengha. everyone is busy seeing the lengha when her jiji get her in the side and ask her how she baught the lengha because it looks expensive. then she announce to everyone that ” this lengha is paid by jiju and she is the once who chose it ” but jiji still don’t believe her. then Lak told how Ajay knows this shop and got this lengha .
The scenes shift to Dadi who’s excited that about some guest . there is some poor people come to the house, Dadi greeted them with happy smile and introduce everyone in the house and ask where is my stuff. They give her this basket which had he fav food. on the side , Arjun father did not like the scenes .Lak and her sister is sad how she is gonna leave and talking about how they will remain same. they hug each other.

dadi enjoying and introducing Arjun’s mother to the guests present for the upcoming wedding.. while his father is playing pool in the background as usual he would like to be left alone but dadi has other intentions she calls him over with the use of his pet name Duggu..(LOL the look on his face was priceless) and tells him gayatri maucy has arrived.. he says hello and just as quickly states he has to go to the office..dadi wants him to have lunch with everyone but he refuses and takes Arjun along with him in order to discuss an important matter… leaving dadi morose yet willing to cover up for her son’s behavior with the excuse of his busy schedule.. She tells the servants to show everyone their rooms and to take special care of their needs. Once everyone has left dadi shares her true feelings with Arjun’s mother by stating that was the same gayatri who helped them through their tough times.. who helped with the birth of her son and now that same child is overlooking her existence simply because she is poor…

Cut to Laxmi’s house

Everyone is preparing for the wedding and Laxmi tells her father that their uncle is not coming to the wedding because they are poor..while her father refuses to accept this reason for his refusal he states he had talked to him but suddenly something came up hence he could not make it. Laxmi gives her father an innocent look and says you think everyone is like you but I know the truth ever since his business has progressed in Delhi he has completely forgotten us.. and the truth is that he does not want any relations with people of our financial status..

Cut to Arjun’s/Laxmi’s house

Continuation of dadi’s conversation with her DIL.. she states is money what really makes an individual I accept she is not rich like us.. but her heart is much bigger then ours will ever be.. dadi wishes her son would understand the importance of looking within a person to their heart.. she believes that in this wedding her didi (gayatri) may not be able to give a gift but her love and blessings will be enough to make their daughters life beautiful.. at Laxmi’s house her sister says It’s better if he does not come anyways because she does not need blessings from those who believe money is more important then relationships.. Arjun enters in order to calm his dadi down and promise her that her guests are the guests of that house..and they would all be well taken care of.. but under one condition he wants his girlfriend to be sexy not sad..(LOL this was a lovely scene we get to see the bond between all three dadi, Arjun and his mother..) the scene ends with them fighting over ladoos..

Cut to Laxmi’s house

Everyone is dancing and having a good time when Laxmi hears a knock at the door.. she sees it’s a delivery man here to give her the jewellery that went along with the lengha.. she gets excited thinking it’s also a duplicate eagerly accepts it and signs the form.. just then a piece of paper falls, and she is shocked to see it’s a bill for 50,000.. once again she thinks it’s a fake but the man tells her it’s the original.. she get’s angry and has a flashback of her sister wanting to know the price.. she grabs her purse and leaves her house.. most likely ready to blast Arjun poor guy he has no idea what’s coming..

At Arjun’s house the party is in full swing.. unfortunately he is not present and dadi wants to know what his surprise is..she goes to meet her DIL to see if she knew of his whereabouts but she replies that he’s probably getting ready.. we get some sweet jibes here while Arjun comes down and in order to fulfill his promise to his dadi he has transformed her guests by dressing them accordingly.. hence due to their wealthy clothes are accepted by Duggu.. the dadi notices this and states this is magic.. she tells Arjun’s mother that regardless of what I say to you.. you have proven to be a better mother then me because Arjun is a better person then his father… outside Laxmi has arrived and is asking the watchmen to call Ajay but they refuse to let her in because she does not have an invitation.. but when they see she is not about to budge they give in and say they will go in and call him for her..

At that moment Ajay is getting a call on his cell and must move closer to the door for a signal.. where the watchman tells him about Laxmi.. he goes out to meet her but is stopped by another call this time from dadi who tells him to come back quickly because they need the engagement rings in order to start the ceremony.. he tells the watchman he has to go but to tell the girl to wait he will be back to meet her.. Laxmi is given the message annoying her further.. Inside Arjun’s father tells him to go out and personally welcome a guest..where he hears Laxmi complaining about the length of time she has been waiting..

he wonders what she is doing here but is forced to go back in.. after a few introductions Arjun and Ajay both leave in order to meet Laxmi eventually Arjun is shown walking towards Laxmi while the watchman state Arjun sir is coming leaving Laxmi perplexed. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.