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Laxmi On Starlife, Saturday 31st December 2022 update

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TV series

Laxmi On Starlife Saturday 31st December 2022 update, The episode begins with a man taking laxmi’s fathers measurements in order to make a suit for him to wear to the upcoming marriage.. he seems uncomfortable and is worried about the cost. He says Laxmi never listens to anyone.. and she enters by stating similar to him she affirms regardless of what he says he will wear a suit…

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Enters Bua who brings up Ajay.. which angers Laxmi and she says she does not want to talk about him and at that moment he calls from outside.. he has collected the bedding’s from all of their neighbors so the guest at the wedding can sleep comfortably.. Laxmi looks at him annoyed and he calls her to come down and help him get everything out of the truck and in to the house.. She gets in to the truck in order to help him.. but refuses his hand to get down and falls on the bedding.. Here we have an adorable ArMi moment where he looks on as she tries to keep the feathers out of her hair.. (It was a lovely sequence and we also get to hear new lyrics to their background music..Embarrassed)

Finally we have their confrontation.. Laxmi questions Ajay as to the greeting card and at first he tries to evade the situation.. but we all know she is not about to let him go that easily.. and she starts to ask him why he lied to her leaving our Ajay mumbling and making an effort to come up with an excuse.. until she states why didn’t you tell me you worked for Arjun just because you would have to do something for me.. Loved the expression of relief on his face in this sequence..
She forces him to tell her about Arjun.. and asks him to promise he will take her to meet him the next day leaving our Ajay/Arjun in a real dilemma..

Arjun’s House

The wedding planner is giving dance lessons.. and as usual dadi and the mother are sweetly takings digs at one another… while Arjun’s father is discussing business in another room.. the ladies turn the music up in order to see who is the better dancer disturbing the father… he comes out and turns it off.. giving them a bit of a shock.. but then eagerly joins everyone in the celebrations.. along with Arjun…

Laxmi’s / Arjun’s House

Laxmi eagerly tells her bua and sister of her plans to meet Arjun the next day.. and here she gets a bit filmy and says when you want something badly enough the entire universe helps you to reach your goals..LOL.. she calls Ajay her angel.. (only if she knew…)..

On the other side Ajun discusses his new dilemma with his grandmother.. he wants to know how can Arjun introduce her to Arjun (good question one we are all eagerly waiting to see the answer to..) dadi tells him to tell her the truth.. but Arjun wants to know if Laxmi loves him for who he is or for his house and money…

The episode ends on Laxmi daydreaming about her dreams finally becoming reality.. and Arjun’s conflicted emotions he is happy yet afraid of the outcome of their meeting.

lakshmi standing in front of the mirror, deciding on her clothes for the great meeting with Arjun, and finally decides on a Green Anarkali style suit. After she gets dressed, her bua enters and praises her, saying that she is looking Sexy.
Lakshmi’s sister enters the room, only to find clothes strewn all over the bed and as she tries to clean it up, our Lakshmi, in her usual cheerful and dreamy self, blabbers on about looking like Sri Devi from Chandani and making Arjun fall for her the moment he sees herLOL

The next shot shows Arjun managing wedding preparations while his father enters and sists beside him and informs him that he wishes to talk about Arjun’s marriage. At the same time, at Lakshmi’s place, her sister tries to make her realise that wedding isn’t a joke like a movie or something, and wants her to be serious about it while Lakshmi in her own way brushes her off adding vehemently that she is not going to budge from her dream of getting married to Arjun Agnihotri. Her sister leaves saying that marriage is a union of two souls such that they merge within each other and Lakshmi again thinks about her dream and wishes to know Arjun’s fav clour and decides to ask Ajay about the same.

On the other hand, in the Agnihotri mansion, Arjun’s father makes it clear to him that he wants him to get married soon and enquires about the reasons for him and Daadi rejecting the girls that his mother finds suitable for him. He enquires if Arjun has any love interest in London or Kanpur or somewhere else. Arjun denies feebly and at that very moment he get a call from Lakshmi, which he rejects and avoids his father’s question about the caller saying it was the manager and that he would talk to him later. His father tries to talk to him about getting married to his friends daughter, when his phone rings again and his father asks him to answer it and get his work done. Its Lakshmi who asks him about Arjun’s favourite colour and he feebly responds green. On being asked by his father about the call, he again lies, saying it was the decorator’s assistant asking about the flower arrangements. Just then Lakshmi calls again, and questions him, if she should leave her hair open or not to which he suggests her to leave them open. His father leaves and he heaves a sigh of relief. He suddenly realizes that Lakshmi is coming to meet Arjun in front of him(Ajay), and is worried as to what he would do.

Here, Lakshmi’s father comes home and Lakshmi notices that he is worried, On asking he says that due to hlidays, the number of guests coming for the wedding would go up and that would mean higher expenses on account of gifts,etc. Lakshmi suggests that they visit the wholesale market and buys gifts at cheaper rates for the guests. Her father agrees but as he gets up to leave, he feels dizzy and Lakshmi finds out that he has slight fever. She insists on him taking adequste rest for him to be fit for the wedding while he insists on going to the market since Lakshmi had some work(meeting with Arjun). Lakshmi denies saying that her priority at that moment was her sister’s wedding preparations and forces him to stay and rest while she shops.
Her father is proud of her and Lakshmi is happy, She thinks to herself that her family comes before her love and that the separation that they would endure would make their love stronger.

Arjun is shown in the office going over the arrangements while expecting Lakshmi to call anytime. The seemingly gay choreographer enters, as does Arjun’s friend ajay. the choreographer tries to flirt with Arjun which he subtly avoids. He gets a call from Lakshmi and is nervous about the outcome but is relieved when Lakshmi explains to him her problem and inability to meet Arjun that day due to her urgent impending shopping trip. Arjun initially plays hard to please saying that he took the pains of cancelling Arjun’s appointments to fix her meeting with him but Lakshmi pleads saying he had to do it as a part of his duty as a friend. Arjun is curious as to when she has been waiting to meet him for the past 10 years, how could she let go of this chance to meet him when he himself is willing to meet her. To this Lakshmi responds by saying that though Arjun is her dream, for her, family comes first. Arjun is impressed and tells her that Arjun is lucky that a girl like her likes him. she reminds him about cancelling the meeting to which he asks for something in return. She invites him to eat Gol-Gappe with her near Baba Banarasi Barfi BhandarLOL, to which he agrees without even knowing what Gol-gappe areWink
She thanks him again and asks him to be there within 15 minutes to eat and help her in shopping.

Arjun is having a hard time trying to remember the name of the place when Ajay offers to help him reach the place. He reaches there running to find an angry(yet cheerful) Lakshmi who tells him to value time since she has been waiting for him for the past 10 minutes. Arjun glances over her and admires her dressed in his favourite colour and compliments her for the same. They share a cute eye-lock and thats where the episode ends. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.