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Imlie On Starlife Wednesday 8th March 2023 update

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife Wednesday 8th March 2023 update, Imlie prepares breakfast in kitchen singing in her usual style. Her supporters Arpita, Narmada, Aparna, Rupali, and Radha play antakshari with her. Aditya gets irritated and asks them stop shouting as he is trying to apply for job, he is not any CEO’s friend that he will get a free job and accommodation and hence have to work hard. Aparna says he doesn’t have right to taunt Imlie or insult his guests. Aditya says he doesn’t have anything left in life, his position, his job, his house have been snatched from him and sometimes he feels. Imlie switches on mixer grinder. He says she is doing this purposefully and asks Aparna to stop her.

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Aparna says no, its Imlie house and family, he should ask Malini to do yoga in some other room, anyways he is leaving home in a few days. Aditya says now Imlie is important to her than him. Malini comments he should understand that everyone bow in front of Imlie devi here, he should do his task in room. Imlie gets a call and goes aside leaving mixer grinder on. Juice spills out of mixer grinder. Rupali goes to help her. Imlie asks her to note down address as she got a new project there. Rupali asks Aditya to note down the address. Malini thinks she will not let her reach there.

Aditya gets an interviewer’s call who asks his old boss’ name and number for verification. Aditya gives Aryan’s name and number. Aryan hearing that says he has sent his business card to him to forward. Aditya does it and says it was a reference call, Aryan proved his intelligence and should prove his honesty now. Aryan asks if he doubts his honesty. Aditya says lets see when he gets a reference call. Aryan says he doesn’t tolerate injustice to him or others. Aditya says then he should expect justice from him as he is his biggest culprit. Aryan remembers Arvind’s fire accident. Aditya says Aryan punishes whoever Imlie considers a culprit. Aryan says he would have fired him if he had not given resignation letter. Aditya taunts that his company police changed, now a junior intern can work from home and got position, promotion, and power to order him. Aryan says he said 3 Ps and forgot potential, whatever Imlie got is because of her potential and her article was printed because of her potential, why he has problem with Imlie’s success. Aditya says Aryan forgot to differentiate between personal and professional life and hence blindly supporting Imlie, else he had taught Imlie to dream. Aryan says when Imlie couldn’t become his possession, he is pathetically showing ownership on her dreams, dreams are fulfilled when someone wants to fulfill them, Imlie doesn’t need his help to fulfill his dream; he is neither honest nor mature enough to accept Imlie’s talent and is jealous of her; he has 10 years of experience and is still there, Imlie will grow too big in 10 years and Aditya will be more jealous of her, etc.

Narmada sees Aparna sad and asks what is she thinking. Aparna says her son will leave in a week and blames Malii for snatching her son from her. Narmada consoles her that children will never forget their mother. Imlie hears their conversation and hopes she cannot give her any hope before getting a proof against Malini. She walks to them, gives them vegetable peeling task to divert their attention, and asks them to feed her ice cream as she is going for work. They say they will prepare her favorite food when she returns. Imlie says she will go to work later then. Aparna says she should finish her project first and then have whatever she wants to. Imlie leaves. Aparna prays god to help Imlie complete her project. Aditya speaks to his editor and asks which new Imlie project Imlie is working on now. Editor says she is writing a piece on a local business. Aryan says that area is not safe for women and Imlie doesn’t have a male member, so their company van should reach on time to pick up Imlie’s team. Editor says he need not worry.

Imlie walks to Aryan and asks if she spoke to Malini. He says not yet. Malini walks in. Aryan hides her behind him. Malini says they had decided that their partnership. Aryan says they are not partners, she got a deal for him and its not yet finalized. She says she came to discuss about that deal. He says he will meet her in a restaurant in 30 minutes. She thinks one need to tolerate a donkey’s attitude to get her work done and leaves from there. Imlie asks Aryan to inform her what Malini told when she returns in the evening. He asks her to be careful with her new project and call him once she reaches there. She reaches the project venue and finds its a brothel. She tells a brothel lady that she came for interview. Lady holds her hand and takes her along. Aryan in restaurant gets worried for Imlie when she doesn’t call him back. Malini walks in. Imlie reaches brothel and sees girls dancing. Lady forces her to join them. Imlie says she is a reporter who came for interview and has a team waiting outside. Lady pushes her on floor, and she finally gets into her senses and realizes its a brothel.

Imlie questions brothel lady since when she is doing this job, she is a Bhaskar Times reporter and has come here with her team for an interview. Lady pushes her on floor angrily. Imlie is shocked. Aryan waits for Imlie’s call and thinks if she reached her project venue. Malini confronts him to pay attention to their deal and keep his other task for later. He agrees. Lady orders aides to throw Imlie in a room. They do so. She knocks door and pleads to let her go as she is a reporter. A girl already present there says madam doesn’t spare anyone, its a place where one has to die many times each day but cannot commit suicide. Imlie asks which place is this. Girl says its Mirchi Bazaar, a brothel area. Imlie breaks door glass and warns to open the door or else she will call police. Girl taunts that they have many ways to shut our voice. Imlie says a knock is enough sometimes for that.

Malini tells Aryan that he should have accepted her offer long ago. Aryan says he would like to win and didn’t know to what extent she can go to attain success. Malini asks what is his plan. Aryan says for that he wants to know how far she has gone. She says its not necessary for him. He says he wants to know which strategy worked and which failed. She agrees and starts. Imlie calls him, he disconnects call thinking why is she calling himw she knows he is with Malini and messages him. Goon stanches phone from her and orders her to wear a dress and come out as many admirers are waiting for her. Imlie resists. He orders the girl Gilehri to get her ready and come out. Aryan thinks why didn’t Imlie reply to his text.

Malini starts her story how Aditya and Imlie had an affair behind her back and noticing Aryan busy on phone and asks what is happening. He says he does multitasking and asks if she is sure that Aditya and Imlie are not having an affair at this time. Malini says its impossible as Imlie is on her assignment at this time. He asks how does she know. Imlie shouts she will kill the monster. Gilehri says if she kills one monster, 100 will barge on her; even she used to fight before but eventually gave up, she wanted to be a dancer but fate tied ghungroo in her legs. Imlie says she should fight for herself as she is having Seeta maiya’s biggest devotee’s support. Gilehri asks her to stop her speech as nobody helps each other here and she will die here, but if she wants to be alive, she should wear ghungroo and dance in front of monsters. Imlie says she will wear ghungroo to make them dance on her tones.

Aryan asks Malini how does she know about Imlie’s assignment. Malini remembers noticing Imlie’s assignment address and thinks she forgot that he wants to separate Imlie from Aditya and not himself, so she cannot tell him where she sent Imlie. Aryan insists. She says T house talks only about Imlie 24 x 7 and she was thinking. Aryan excuses himself to call Imlie. Imlie wears a dancer’s dress and tells Gilehri that she will record all the illegal activities at Mirchi Bazar and expose it, its her sting operation. She knocks door and tells goon that she is ready. Aryan thinks Imlie must be busy in interview, so he shouldn’t disturb her.

Aditya gets happy noticing editor’s call and says he doesn’t work for Bhaskar Times now. Editor says he called him to speak to Imlie as her phone is not reachable and she hasn’t reached assigned venue yet, is Aryan there. Aditya says they both are not here and he is not their personal secretary, disconnects call and thinks they must be roaming around somewhere. He gets a call again and says he doesn’t know where Imlie is. Real estate agent calls him and says he found a rented accommodation for him. Aditya says he will come after sometime. Aparna hearing his conversation asks why is he shouting taking Imlie’s name. Aditya says he doesn’t want to talk about her daughter now. She asks if she was talking to broker and really wants to leave this house. Aditya says he just wants everything to be normal again, but its not possible and he accepted this bitter truth; he will not ask her to leave Imlie and himself will leave this house.

Goon orders Imlie to follow him. Imlie picks ice breaker and tries to attack him. He turns and asks what is she doing. She says she is having leg sprain and hides ice breaker between her ghungroo. She notices lady trashing a girl and says she just needs body and not tongue to earn money. Lady then takes Imlie to her customers and forces her to dance.

Camera falls from Imlie. Customer asks lady if she wants to get them arrested. Lady slaps Imlie and orders goon to lock her in a room. Aryan disguised as a customer says he needs this item. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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