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Imlie On Starlife, Sunday 11th December 2022 update

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TV series

Imlie On Starlife Sunday 11th December 2022 update, Malini with Dev reaches minister’s house and gets tensed seeing police lathi charging Imlie’s supporters. Dev asks her not to step out of car until he says. Nishant and Rupali get concerned when Imlie is hurt and try to take her way. Imlie says she will risk her life to get her husband freed from kidnappers, snatches constable’s lathi and shouts to stop.

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Jugnu showing live video asks Adi if he thinks this girl can change things. Adi remembers Imlie risking her life many times to protect him earlier and says this girl can shake the mountain if he wants to. Imlie gives speech that she is here to save her husband like Savitri saved Satyavan, etc. Dev with Malini meets his home minister friend. Home minister offers them tea and snacks and asks their problem. Malini addresses him as sir. He asks her to call him uncle. She says she is tensed since Adi is kidnapped.

Constable enters and informs him that a huge mob is protesting outside with a slogan to free Adi. Minister says its a good news that mob is involved and asks him to call their leader. Constable informs Imlie that her hard work paid off and minister wants to meet her.

Minister praises Aditya in front of Malini and Dev. Constable brings Imlie. Malini gets tensed thinking if Imlie introduces herself as Adi’s husband, Adi’s image will be tarnished for having 2 wives and even mob will stop supporting him. Minister identifies Imlie as state 2nd rank student and praises that its good youth like her are taking interest in current affairs and tells Malini that many youths are supporting her husband. Imlie gets sad hearing minister calling Malini as Adi’s husband. Outside, Rupali tongue lashes senior Tripathis that they hate Imlie, but only she get get Adi out.

Jugnu gets inspector’s call to negotiate. He insists to free their leader Anand Bhai in exchange of Adi and asks him to let him speak to Adi’s wife. Adi thinks he may not be able to see Imlie again. Minister gets commissioner’s call who informs Jugnu’s demand. He informs that terrorist wants to speak to Aditya’s wife. Imlie and Malini at once say they are Adi’s wife. Minister tongue lashes Imlie that he thought she is intelligent, but she is a fool and asks constable to take her away. Imlie says she is Adi’s wife and pleads Malini to let her speak to Adi. Malini says she is Adi’s wife and takes phone. Constable takes Imlie out. Jugnu gives phone to Adi. Adi blabbers Imlie. Malini says its her. Adi asks if Imlie is fine as she may risk her life to save him. Jugnu disconnects call. Malini gets more tensed. Minister asks Malini why Imlie was calling herself as Adi’s wife. Malini says she works at Adi’s house and idolizes him.

Once Malini walks out, Imlie asks why did she lie that she is Adi’s wife as Adi has promised to be with her alwayss; why minister backed off when he found out about her and Adi’s relationship; why Malini lied when she considers her as Adi’s first wife. Malini says her truth wouldn’t benefit anyone, she supported Imlie and Adi’s relationship and fought for them, but its not always about Imlie; they are all fighting for Adi and if she thinks mob and minister personally involve for a common man; Adi worked hard to build his relationship, and once mob and minister finds out that Adi is a bigamist and has 2 wives, they will not support her; minister is helping them as her and Adi’s wedding card reached him and he doesn’t know about Adi and Imlie’s relationship, so she should self-obsessively stop jumping into everything and its her husband’s suggestion.

Imlie returns to Rupali crying. Rupali asks if she spoke to home minister, when will Adi return home. Imlie says let us go home. Rupali asks without bringing Adi back, what happened inside, if Dev and Malini told her something. Imlie asks why she jumps into everything without thinking once, why didn’t she understand that she has nothing special that people will listen to her; Malini and Dev have powerful support and they will bring Adi out; she doesn’t want to put Tripathi family into trouble, etc. Rupali says she alone protected Adi last time and there were no Malini or ministers then, so she should be confident of herself and forget what Malini and minister told, even god is confident of her, etc. Imlie says let us go to police station. Adi thinks why police let Malini speak instead of Imlie, they don’t know about him and Imlie’s relationship, Imlie is alone without any support and will risk her life for him, so god should help her.

Rupali asking constable do look into matter. Constable says police head is busy. Rupali and Imlie decide to distract police constables and imlie goes inside to meet head of department.
Imlie listens that aanand can’t be realesed, as Aanand is more important to us as we can’t risk country security against Aditya tripathi.
Imlie shout that I will save my husband, you all can’t risk Aditya. Female constable drag imlie out.

Satyakam and Methi get all information and they call tripathi house. Aparna take call, Methi ask about Aditya, but Aparna scold them that due to Imlie and your family, we are not able to live peacefully. Let my son stay alone.
Methi cries that how imlie will stay them? Earlier aditya was there to support but now she is all alone. They both decide to visit Delhi.

Malini, Dev meet Kunal so that they get help. KC tell you and Aditya are friend right?? Malini don’t scold me, already Imlie was behaving immaturely infront of media and Home Minister. KC says and you are behaving so maturely right. But dismiss saying I shall support you.

Tripathis think why God testing our patience. Police arrive with Rupali and Imlie, and blame Imlie for intrupting Police work. Aparna scold Imlie that she will be blamed if any thing happen to Aditya. Imlie say i decided not to work, but tripathis doesn’t listen to her and warn her not to do anything at all. Aparna lock Imlies, while Senior tripathis and Junior tripathis lock horns.

KC infrom chartuvedi that police has decided to do search operation. Malini thinks hopefully Imlie doesn’t do immature thing.
Imlie think where is sector 4 and how to reach there. She prays and jump out of window. Imlie reach on middle of road and think where to go, and think Of aditya. He guides that use your trust and you will reach to me by taking any road.

Senior tripathis blame Imlie. Junior tripathis support Imlie and she has right to know about Aditya. Pallavi goes.
Malini decide to go to meet tripathis, to support. Anu says KC was right, you don’t want to divorce aditya, as you still consider yourself his wife. But you are wrong, i respect Kunal, as he is right and he is only one who can help you to move on, he has feelings as well.

Malini says I need tripathis to give moral support. Anu says you will be hurt only. Malini says we are in this situation becoz of you, so keep your advice to yourself and she leaves. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.