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I do on zee world, Wednesday 5th July 2022 update

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Faiz takes off his jacket, and as haya is locked inside, she starts falling prey to faiz’s pretense, as if he is fighting off the stranger, and starts hitting himself, so as to, show that he got wounded in the scuffle. haya, in her dazed state, manages to open the door somehow, and faiz stands right in front of her. She imagines him to be rahat, and is unable to co-relate her thoughts, and finally collapses, while faiz rushes to catch her in his arms, and smiles.

I do Series
I do Series

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Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer makes him remember that sanam was a girl who only wanted revenge, and hence did all this, by a planned conspiracy. Ahil is disturbed, but he doesnt believe. tanveer instigates him that sanam was an oppurtunist, and hence knowing that ahil loves her, she played him, and got him weak on his weakest trait, and tells that she had tried to warn him, but he was blind in love, and didnt pay heed to any advice. he starts believing, while she adds that despite her telling him not to, he confessed his greatest secrets, and then made him feel that he wasnt wrong, and hence instigated him against his own mother, and didnt let him sign the property papers. She tells him that sanam’s ultimate revenge was jilting him at the altar, to bring infamy to the family. Ahil starts connecting the dots together, as tanveer says that she never let him come close to her, and he remembers seher’s strange behaviour whenever he tried to get closer. tanveer tells him that she knows his heart has been broken, but makes him swear that he wont do anything wrong, or ever take her name again, and asks if he cant do this for the sake of his mother. when she insists, he agrees and complies in a daze, and then retreats shocked and dazed at sanam;s supposed betrayal. Tanveer smirks evilly as her plan works completely.

In sanam’s room, ahil finds the dupatta hanging in the window, and then dials sanam’s number, and finds it switched off. he refuses to believe that this can happen, and when he tries again, he still doesnt get through, and then finally believes on Tanveer’s words, that sanam left him at the altar, and ran away, but wonders desperately why.

he storms out in a rage, and enters his room, asking why sanam did this, while the bride is scared and fearful, as he throws and breaks things around, and collapses on the floor, asking why she left him like this, and if she wanted money, he could have easily given her all the riches in the world, and believes that sanam only wanted revenge, and then says that he wont ever see her face ever again, and that he hates her to the core. He sits in the lobby, reminisceing all of sanam’s romantic and memorable moments with him, bewildered and dazed, trying to still search for sanam around him, and then breaking into tears, inconsolably when that doesnt happen. He is shocked and drunk, while latif asks where is he going. Ahil starts saying that every corner and every inch of this house, reminds him of sanam and her memories. Latif asks where would he go at this time in the night. Ahil asks her to leave him alone. latif doesnt relent and says that she would go along.

Scene 3:
Location: Peer Baba’s Residence
Sanam tells them what tanveer did to ahil, and psychologically crippled him. She says that ahil never got to see tanveer’s true face, and she can make him do anything, as he feels whatever he is, is due to tanveer, but now he is changing, and loves her, and hence has started believing her, in whatever she says. sanam says that the minute tanveer is exposed, then he would know that tanveer doesnt love him, but has just used him. dilshad and seher listen intently and tensed.

Later, Sanam prays to the lord, that she is dying to meet ahil, as every moment spent without him, is meaningless, and that she is starting a new life tomorrow, and asks the lord to give strangth and power to their love and relation, so that nothing can break it.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As tanveer comes in the room, to assure the bride, she starts lamenting tearfully as to what was her mistake, as she was promised something, but that didnt happen. The bride asks tanveer that she said everything would be happy and merry, then why does this whole environment seem so gloomy and sad. tanveer tells her that destiny and situation dont change overnight, and that today she entered ahil’s room, and soon she would make sure that she also enters his heart. The bride is scared, while tanveer smiles, and adds that till then, she shouild just do what she is told, and not use her brains. the bride is scared, while tanveer is determined. She is about to leave, when she hears her footnail scraping, which reminds her of the way she had found her. She remembers how she had found her in the village. The flashback begins. Tanveer talks to a lady, while ahil’s bride is working in a village house, in white, while the lady says that this girl always brought them grief and sadness, and still tanveer wants to take her. tanveer asks her not to overthink and bother about them, but instaed just hand over the girl to her, as this girl shall change her destiny, and she shall be given so much money, that she cant believe.

The girl is shocked and tearful. the lady tells tanveer not to get this girl back ever, and tanveer smiles. she starts rpogressing towards the girl, who is in tears. tanveer asks why is she crying, as her life is about to change, and that she doesnt need to cry, promising her all the riches and luxuries of life. She blesses the girl and leaves, saying that this girl belongs to her, and keep her safe till she doesnt come and take her. Tanveer leaves. the bride wonders what game is the lord playing with her, and how she came from the frying pan into the fire.

While latif stops ahil from drinking, ahil says that now he wont be able to live in peace, as his rest, his love and his life were taken away by sanam, when she left. He says what all sanam did for him, and how he just got betrayal in return, after sanam made him a better man. He says that she could have said just once, that she wasnt happy or doesnt want to marry, he would have left her with a smile, or waited for her all his life, but now he would get nothing, but memories, of the once intimate moments, and which are now memories of her painful betrayal. he collapses on the floor, saying that his love taught him a better lesson, and that its good that he got betrayed, as he got sense in him, but he wont let it ruin him.

Ahil, in his drunken state, says that he would remove sanam and every memory of hers in his mind and heart, from this very second. latif is apalled, and ahil says that he doesnt need anything or anyone, not even the alcohol. Ahil throws the bottle far away, and they fall on sanam’s feet, and it pierces in her feet. Seher makes her sit down, and attends to her wound. she starts venting out her anger and frustration at the idiot and the careless person who did this. sanam asks her why is she so angry, as she isnt that hurt, but whoever threw the bottle, must have had a great wound on his heart, and hence is trying to find solace in the alcohol. she asks for mercy on the man, and seher is stunned at her generosity.

She starts making fun and teases her for her caring nature, which doesnt even make her believe the pain. Sanam smiles, and says that she doesnt know that person, but she knows the pain of love, and when the love isnt near, then the person is distraught, and hopes that even enemies dont have to face this pain. she is oblivious that ahil is nearby. hearing this, seher is drawn to rehaan’s thoughts. Sanam asks whats the matter, and she asks her to come along, as its getting late. sanam asks who all praise her, and what do they praise her. Seher and sanam leave, to go to dilshad.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Haya wakes up, with her hair and clothes dishevelled, and then finds faiz sleeping bare torsoed beside her, under covers, as she eyes their reflection in the mirror. She remembers the earlier night, and the attack on her. faiz pretends to be asleep still. She starts composing her clothes and is distraught, refusing to believe her worst fears, that they consummated their marriage. faiz gets up and asks why is she crying. she desperately asks faiz what happened last night, and how did they end up in the same bed. She asks him to tell clearly what happened.

He pretends to be hesitant. He says that yesterday that happened, which happens between two lovers. Haya is shocked. He says that there’s nothing wrong, as they are made for each other, and she had said that she accepted him whole heartedly, then why is she crying now. She says that this cant be. He asks her to look in his eyes, and says that this wasnt the way, they imagined their first night, but whats done is done, and they shouldnt talk about this with anyone else, not even rahat. She is distraught at his mention and rushes out. faiz smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Graveyard
Dilshad picks up a leaf, filled with dew drops, from asad and zoya’s grave, and takes the drops on her hands. sanam asks whats she doing. Dilshad says that she is trying to take the memories back, and tells as to how her mother used to mix dew drops in their oil massage, and this would serve as her blessing once again. she puts the drops on their heads, and prays to the lord, that they have suffered enough, and now they should be empowered so that, they can avenge their parents’ death, and can take the price of eah and every tear of theirs. dilshad says that today is very special, as both the sisters are there with her, and she feels her responsibility is over now, and wants to go tp punjab. They both vehemently protest that they wont let her leave alone. dilshad says that she is fine, and now that they two are together. Sanam asks how can she leave, at this happy juncture of her life, and seher adds that she met her just now, and she wont let her leave now. Dilshad says that she is helpless, as if she stays, then their lives are entwined in hers, and she doesnt want to be their weakness.

Seher says that she empowers them, and asks who would take care of her. dilshad says that she would be at peace there. She asks them both not to stop her, if they love her. they both comply, and say that they wont stop her. dilshad says that she knows today is special, as she is going to tell ahil the biggest truth of his life, but it wont be easy on him, as he is blinded by tanveer’s fake love, and asks sanam not to lose hope. before going.

Dilshad asks the girls to promise, that before going, they shall take their revenge, from tanveer, for every wound that she gave them, as she remembers tanveer’s massacre. She makes them realise that they have the energy and power and strength and courage, as twin sisters, of their parents, and that they cant ever leave each other, and makes them promise on that.

They promise tearfully, with renewed determination and vigour to end this enmity once and for all, and have their revenge from tanveer. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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