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I Do on zee world, Sunday 30th October 2022 update

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I DO on zee world
I DO on zee world

Armaan tells mahira that he wont do anything without her wish, and then leans in to kiss her, while she is terribly at discomcfort, and closes her eyes. He kisses her forehead and then retreats. she opens her eyes, shocked and boggled, at his decency and finds him gone, and standing next to the table.

They eye each other while he signals her to open a gift that he got for her. she opens it with a smile, to reveal a nightgown in it, and she smiles at him, while he is happy. He dims the lights off.

Later, mahira settles herself on the bed, with the same nightgown. As mahira sits on the bed, with the lights off and with her nightgown on, he comes in baretorsoed, and gets atop her, trying to be romantic and physically intimate while she awkwardly plays along. Armaan records this on video, and then hollers to her, while she is shocked, to find a stranger in bed with her, while armnaan shoots this all on video from a distance. She w3akes up with a jerk, and asks him to get lost. the stranger casually leaves. armaan is amused, as he sees him off. She is shocked at his disgusting behaviour. he asks her how would the caption be, “WIFE CHEATS ON LOVING HUSBAND….!!!!” she is aghast and apalled, at his shamelessness, while he continues to taunt her that she would be a celebrity if this video goes viral. She comes to him and breaks off his phone, and asks if he needs revenge for the slap, and gets him to hit her forcibly, and asks him to settle scores for once. Shetells him that he is worse than a human being and is actually an animal. She says that their relation is of hatred, but he didnt realise that she is his respect, his wife too, and asks how could he do this, as this is the most pious relationship of their lives and says that she thought that she could teach him love, and that she and her faith failed terribly, and his will won. he is tensed. she gives him back his wedding ring, and walks off.

Later, mahira comes and doesnt find armaan in the room, and is thankful. She gets a call, and starts looking for where the mobile is ringing. She finds a packet with a mobile in it, and wonders whose is it. she responds. Mahira gets a call from the kidnapper, who asks her to get 5 crores, to the hanging gardens if she wishes to see her husband to safety. She thinks that its his drama, and mocks them that she wont fall prey to his trap now. Armaan is tensed. The kidnapper tries to explain the genuinety, but she doesnt believe, and keeps muttering that she wont listen. Armaan screams and asks mahira not to give the money. She gets tensed. the kidnapper warns that he is okay, but asks her to do as he says, and not even dare to try and inform the police. He cancels the call. She understands that its genuine and wonders what to do.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan comes to find begum hitting herself, as a punishment, while farida is apalled. he begs her to stop. he says that he accepts every punishment. she asks if he wouldnt go back later. he complies. she says that the punishment is as severe as the crime, and she wants that he gives all his property, stocks and shares in her name. farida is shocked to hear this along with him, while she stands stoically. Farida asks whats she saying, as all of it is hers only, and asks what she wants to achieve by this. begum says that its true the other way around too, and asks why are they tensed then, and asks them to give an answer. Farida says that her truth had to come out one day and now she knows she did all this to get property, and that granny was right. Begum turns to ehsaan, and asks why is he waiting so much for, and asks him to get the papers. farida says that the papers are with her, and she wont give them. begum tells them that she doesnt like listening to no, as that enrages the devil inside her and asks if she should show. He tries to warn her, but they face the ire of her black magic and are shocked. They start gagging for breath, while farida understands her true reality. Begum tells that granny and imi are in her captivity, and if they dont hand the papers, then she would ruin the family and the house too. they are aghast. Farida resignedly searches for the papers while begum asks them to hurry up. Granny, captive in the jug, meanwhile keeps screaming to farida to look at her, and free her, so that they can defeat her. But farida involved in searching for the papers, thinks that she wont let begum take ehsaan’s hard work. Meanwhile, The jug starts shaking when granny throws a brick inside. Begum is tensed. farida follows her gaze, and then eyes the jug, and takes it. farida understands that she is hiding something, and hence wants it so badly. she refuses to give it to sanam. Farida is about to rush out, when she finds begum standing in front of her. Granny begs farida not to do this in god’s sake. Farida chants too, and begum is unable to touch them getting frustrated in the muttering of holy chants. Meanwhile, Ehsaan who is tied in ropes, meanwhile tries to unclasp himself free and dial some number, slipping the mobile out of his pant pockets.

In the room, farida says that those who are protected by the lord, ntohing can harm them, and that she can try all atrocities that she wishes.

she rushes away from there, while begum struggles to compose herself, with the after effects of the chants. She is furious and angered and tries her magic yet again, and this time, farida goes blind and isnt able to see anything. she tries to grasp her way ahead, while granny prays ardently too. Begum comes from behind, continuing to cast her spell, while farida nears the holy place where they have kept the shroud. She gets a sudden attack, and the jug falls from her hand and opens up, while she too falls on the ground. Granny is released while begum is angered, and granny is apalled to find farida on the floor, struck motionless. she is apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Kashmir, Hotel
Meanwhile, mahira is in a dilemma remembering armaan’s past behaviour and whether to believe it this time or not. Mahira thinks that its all a drama, and she wont fall for this nonsense, as she has been betrayed long enough by him, by putting on blind trust in him, and definitely now after what he did to her. She is sure that she wont come. Meanwhile, the kidnapper tells armaan that now they shall see how much his wife loves him.

Mahira laments at her marriuage with armaan, that he is always teasing her, and she is an idiot to believe them. She gets a call from the kidnapper again, who tries to bring out the severity of the situation, while she thinks that this is all a joke. when armaan hears her opnion, he is shocked. the kidnapper says that they are pretending to be a perfect couple, whereas the truth he hismelf knows. He says that he shall cut armaan and send it into pieces. she is scared as she thinks its genuine. she then tells him not to hurt armaan, and decides to give 5 crores, to the designated address, and also agrees not to call the police. Armaan stands tensedly. He asks the kidnapper to do whatever deal it is with him, as his wife wouldnt come. mahira is shocked that this is a genuine threat. She wonders who knows armaan here and how did anyone know that he is going to be here. the manager comes with a bouquet and then presents her the same, saying that it came for her. She is boggled. he then asks about armaan, and she lies that he went out for important work. She asks the location of address of the kidnapper from the manager, and is told that its a distance of an hour from here and he can take her there if she so wishes. She denies and says that she shall manage. With the bouquet, she finds her ring, that she had given back to him, with a message asking her not to be oversmart as they have their eye on every move of hers.

mahira comes down, and asks where is the manager, from the butler and gets to know that he is on leave. she frustratedly says that he was just here to the room. She asks him to call him, but he says that he wont be able to come easily, as he lives far away from here, near the hanging gardens. she is shocked to hear this. Later, she wonders that if he stayed there only, why didnt he tell so, and if its just a co-incidence or he too is involved in armaan’s kidnapping. She thinks that in this situation, everyone comes under the scanner. she eyes the manager talking on the phone, and wonders why was the butler lying. she hears the manager speaking to someone on the phone, that what they have planned, everything is going to be okay, and they shall achieve what they want. She is boggled and tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny is apalled to see farida on the floor, lying stunned and motionless. She rushes to her, while begum is shocked too, as she eyes her in a rage. granny rushes out. Meanwhile, ehsaan’s call rings and granny comes there, and finds him tied, and releases him, while screaming that the evil sprit hurt farida. He is shocked to know that she killed farida, and granny is too scared and doesnt let him go, while chanting hymns. begum meanwhile is tensed to see farida dead, scared that her killing shall make her strip away her powers, by the witch’s community. she gets

frustrated, that her identity might be out in the open, and wonders what to do with the dead body. The police bang on the door, and demand to be allowed in. begum is apalled as to what she should do. she says that this cant be, as she cant accept defeat. Then she starts injuring herself bearing the pain. she then pretends to open the door in great pain. She thanks them that they came, as she would have been murdered otherwise. The inspector asks who caused this and whats the matter. she says that she only placed the call to ask them to come. She says that her husband and his mother wanted to kill her. The police asks the constables to search the entire house. Begum gets tensed and says that this isnt necessary, as she knows where the culprit are. He says that they have to collect evidence and hence search the entire house. They leave. begum is scared that they might see the body. farida’s body meanwhile isnt where it was supposed to be. Begum comes to them and says that she got beaten brutally than an animal, and has ghastly tears. He consoles her, and says that they shall nab and punish them.

In the store room, granny and ehsaan are apalled as to how they have been ruined because of this evil spirit. he blames himself for not knowing her too much, and hurrying into marriage. she says that she tried to warn, but somehow her efforts didnt succeed due to her. she says that she knows how she was captive in the jug, and that they lost everything. he says that he wont spare her, and is about to go, when granny stops him saying that they cant go out, as she is dangerous. begum gets the police in, continuing their sob story as to howshe was brutally beaten up by them. The police immediately arrests them, despite their protests. As they are gone, granny eyes begum and tells her not to think, that she won, as the lord is watching everything, and he shall pay her for her sins. She too is taken away. After they are gone, begum smiles, and thinks that with her undue advantage she finally managed to get hold of this house.

Begum later eyes farida’s dead body, as she locks it inside a room, and then evilly thinks that unintentionally, she could get rid of her enemy, and wonders why they didnt realise her powers at the right time. She eyes herself in the mirror, and all wounds heal back. she smiles, and thinks that she can achieve anything, if she wishes, as she is an evil spirit. The doorbell rings and in walks a lady constable with imi, who hugs begum, while she is a little taken aback. The lady constable says that she is here for her protection. begum thanks and says that they dont need. She gets a reply that the trouble has been stopped for now, but not averted completely. Sinde farida is still on the loose, she says that its their responsibility to keep her safe. begum has no option but to comply. imi then asks about the other members, and begum lies that they went to the picnic. imi gets hungry and begum asks him to go and eat anything from the kitchen. he leaves cheerfully. then the constable changes form into the dark old witches. Begum is surprised to see her there. the witch says that she had to come, since she broke her promise. she reminds that the power begum is enjoying is due to her. begum replies that she paid for it, by giving her Imi. She says that she broke their deal nevertheless, as she was instructed not to kill anyone, but still she killed farida, and she would have to pay for that. Begum is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Hanging gardens, Kashmir
Armaan is taken into complete custody, and the terrorists forcibly make him speak up on record what they want him to. But he denies. they threaten him, while armaan says that he wont do anything. He is tortured, while the goons say that they shall target their wife then. Armaan gets enraged. they ask him to comply then. He says that forever their legacy has been rich of sacrifices, and today he shall sacrifice himself for his people, and it isnt just his sacrifice, but many more innocent people, as its their right and they shall have it. They take the shawl that has been drpaed on him, and it reveals that armaan is strapped with a suicide jacket, laden with bombs.

While following the manager, mahira reaches the place where she was asked to. Mahira finds the manager going inside with one of the men, and after they leave, she tries to hide herself behind the drums, but accidentally unsettles the drums in that move, and causes a sound, that makes the men stop and look back.

The head kidnapper meanwhile, in front of armaan, grabs the manager by the collar, and asks how could he be so reckless, as the last time, he almost got the indian army smelling on them. he throws the manager in front of armaan. the manager is hurt and winces in pain. armaan sits tensedly, his hands tied to the chair. The manager gets up and says that he had no clue of his hideout before this, as he is severely hurt in the head. the kidnapper asks if he found only armaan in all of Kashmir for this job. Armaan is shocked that themanager was behind this. The manager then tells the kidnapper that armaan is a big entrepreneur and is extremely famous. armaan is enraged. the kidnapper reminds that if mahira doesnt get 5 crores, then they both die. He also tells that armaan shall be sent tomorrow wearing this jacket, to the Srinagar mall, to kill hundres of innocent lives. he guffaws while armaan is tensed.

In the foyer, the men turn around but dont find mahira, but one of their earrings, which mahirs is shocked to see through the crack from where she is hiding. When she is assured that they have left, she comes out and is about to go ahead, when she is stopped by someone. mahira turns around to find some muslim women, with burqas and niqabs covering their faces.

She is tensed as she confronts them and then turns away. One of them asks who is she, and she turns towards them hesitantly.