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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 6th December 2022 update

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Guddan wears her earring and gets ready. AJ texts I am waiting for you outside. See you soon.
Antra boils milk. Dadi comes and says you could have burned your hands. She says life gave me enough burns. Antra says ma are you mad at me for that night? Dadi says you are my daughter. How can I be mad at you. Antra says can I cook for AJ and everyone before I leave? Dadi says you have right on this house Guddan took your place but you still are part of this house. You can do what you want.

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Antra asks Durga did you do what I asked? Durga says are you sure? She says yes I am sure. I will ruin their love story. If nothing is left, how would she take my place.

Guddan comes to the decorated balcony. AJ says you have become my weakness. I am so scared to lose you.

AJ reads you taught me how to fought. You are my strength. Guddan reads hi other note, you always read my heart. You always know what’s in my heart. Your wiseness is my strength. Guddan says I know the drama you do to pretend to be strict. but I have seen the innocent kid in you. Guddan reads, I love it when you get mad. AJ reads, you alwasy fix my mood. I love it. Guddan reads, your niceness makes me love you. I really like you. AJ reads, I really like you too AJ. They both smile. They both come in room. Lights turn on and it says I love you. AJ takes off the curtain and reads I love you written. AJ comes to Guddan. Guddan hugs him.
AJ and Guddan come downstairs. Everyone smiles. Laxmi hugs Guddan. Antra says I made the food for everyone. First time I should cook for you all. Guddan says first and last time. Antra says I made kheer that AJ loves too. Guddan says let me help Antra. Guddan comes to kitchen adn sees ANtra adding poison to the food. Antra says this would be the last time. They will all die with my right. Antra doesn’t know guddan is standing behind.

Antra serves the kheer to everyoen. guddan says you made such good kheer. You must be very tired. Let me serve everyone. Come you eat too. Antra says let me get pickle. Guddan says let me help her find it. Guddan says to Antra you can’t fool me again. I know how you are. I can’t trust you again. You tried well but some people never learn. I saw you and saw what you mixed in the kheer. There was nothing in the bottle. Then I tasted it. You thought I would create drama and come off as a liar. Antra says you are not as smart. You were seeing me and I was seeing you. You couldn’t see the bowl that had the poison. It is in AJ”s hand. Guddan says you are lying. Antra says if AJ couldn’t be mine, he won’t be yours. I will destroy everything. Guddan runs and stops AJ from eating the kheer. AJ says what happened? Guddan says it is poisoned. She wants to kill you. ANtra says how can you say that? You know AJ I can never harm you. Everyone had kheer. Guddan says you said you mixed poison in it. ANtra says okay Guddan is right. I mixed poison, let me eat it. She eats it. Antra fains. AJ says antra.. Guddan says call the doctor.

Dadi says in her anger she tried killing AJ. Guddan says she ate that kheer just to prove me wrong. She doesn’t deserve to die. doctor checks her. She says there are two lives involved. Antra is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Doctor says it can be life taking for the baby. Antra says I am really sorry. I didn’t want anyone to know this truth. Durga says you had our heir in your womb. Dadi says I waited for years. This all is your baby’s. We can’t be unfair to this baby. ANtra says I can’t come between AJ and Guddan. I will take care of my child. This is AJ’s child. It would be strong like AJ. AJ I am taking a small part of you with me. AJ says you won’t go anywhere. Guddan you should be ashamed he still trusts you. How much did you charge

doctor to lie all this? Doctor says you can ask another doctor. You can’t insult me like this. She leaves. Guddan says what do you want to prove with this drama? Dadi says she is our family doctor. I know what are you going through. Antra says I would leave this house but stop accusing me. Guddan says you know I have proofs against you. Guddan says I will show you AJ that she is a liar. Rawat helped me with it. I didn’t tell anyone because that would shatter your trust. AJ says what are you saying. Guddan says she was never in coma. She went away from you because of wealth. When you couldn’t give her all that. She left you. Then she came back when you had all the money.
Gudan says she came back and wanted you from me because of the same money. AJ says Guddan stop it. Guddan says I knew it would give you pain but Now I will expose her. AJ shouts stop it. Guddan says I can see you in pain but not you being used. Let me bring the proofs. Guddan comes to the locker.

Guddan brings the locker. Guddan says I never wanted this family to suffer like this. But she forced me to this. This has all the proofs. Guddan opens the locker. There is nothing inside. Guddan says where did it go? It was here. I kept it here. Durga says if you put password how could anyone steal it? Guddan says I am sure Antra stole it. She must have seen the password. You have stooped so low for this money. Dadi says what are you saying. Anta says I have been insulted in my house so many times Guddan says this isn’t your house. Anta says I can’t take this insult anymore. Gudadn says get out of this house AJ says stop Guddan. I know you are in pain but this isn’t right. You can’t accuse Antra like this. ddai says you didn’t do right Guddan. Everyone leaves.

Guddan takes Durag to antra’s room. Guddan says new drama is this. I know you stole the proofs and this all is a drama. Guddan says to durga you have made fun of everyone’s trust. How low could you stoop. Antra says I stole it. I guessed the password. It was so easy. It was your birthday. Your love lost. Durga says you are two and you are one. Everyone is against you.

We changed the reports instead of the doctor. You accused the doctor and made a fool out of yourself. ANtra says better give up before AJ kicks you out of this house. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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