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Guddan on zee world, Tuesday 24th January 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Tuesday 24th January 2023 update, AJ says are you out of your mind? He is a criminal. What he did to my daughter. Guddan says he didn’t do anything. Durga says how can you take his side? AJ says are you calling my daughter a liar? Guddan says I am only standing with the truth. Vikrant didn’t do anything. AJ says I am with Alisha. Even if I have to go against you to get my culprit punished.

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Guddan says nothing is more important than truth. AJ says how can you do this being a woman? Why would my daughter lie? Guddan says Alisha is accusing Vikrant. Aj says enough. You don’t know what are you saying. Guddan says you don’t know the reality. Dadi says you got an animal out of jail. AJ says I will take this man to jail. Guddan says he hasn’t done anything to go to jail I won’t

let him go to jail or even out of this house. AJ says this is about my daughter. Guddan says she is my daughter too. AJ says this man has to be in jail.
Guddan says he doesn’t deserve to be there. Laxmi says you are a woman yourself. Guddan says that is why I am stopping a woman from accusing a man wrongly. I would have stood with her if she was right. I won’t let Vikrant be punished because of her lie. AJ says you are wrong. Why would Alisha lie? Guddan says I am only with truth. You can listen to him. AJ says Alisha is the daughter of this house. Guddan says she is our daughter. I am your wife as well. Why can’t you trust me? He says this is about my daughter. Guddan says she is am with Vikrant. I won’t let you do wrong. This is equally my house. I won’t let an innocent be punished. AJ says he is a culprit. Gudda says so am I then? Kick me out of this house as well. Dadi says what are you saying? For this culprit, you will leave this house?

Alisha says enough. I am responsible for it. I shouldn’t have been there. Durga says no it isn’t your mistake. Alisha says because of me you’re fighting. I am so bad. AJ says enough Guddan. He says it isn’t your mistake. Alisha says I am a bad person. Guddan is right. I shouldn’t have gone out. Dadi says don’t blame yourself. Durga says he is an animal. It isn’t your fault. Alisha slits her wrists. AJ says what are you doing? I am always with you. Guddan is coming there. AJ says stay here. I will never forgive you for bringing this criminal here. Laxmi bring first aid. AJ takes Alisha to room. Guddan says in heart you’re like your mom antra Alisha. You did what she used too. I judged you very wrongly.

Scene 2
AJ says why did you do this? Alisha says because of me you and mama were fighting. Please stop her from leaving the house. Durga says to Guddan can’t you see Alisha’s pain? please don’t help the criminal? Guddan says you think I don’t love my daughter? Durga says are you doing that because she is your stepdaughter? Guddan says I am her mother but my daughter is wrong. I will stand with the truth. Don’t make fun of my motherhood like this. Durga says we are not with you then. You are alone in this battle. We can’t stand against Alisha. Durga says Laxmi, let’s go. Laxmi says no. I will stand with the truth. Vikrant is innocent. Guddan is right.

Guddan says to Laxmi no one would trust us. Laxmi says I know you can never be with wrong. Alisha is antra’s daughter too. She can do something like this. Guddan says I can bring her on the right path. She is my daughter. Laxmi says even AJ isn’t with you. Guddan says he can’t see the truth.
Dadi says please don’t cry Alisha. AJ says we are all with you. If you need anything let me know. They leave. Alisha says he still thinks there is a misunderstanding? Guddan has to be hated. I will take everything from you Guddan.

Guddan comes to her room. AJ says why do we have to hate and still be together? Guddan says our mission is the same but our paths are different. Sometimes in the fight for truth, we have to stand against our own people. AJ says you’re wrong. Guddan says our truths are different. You can’t see your daughter’s lie. AJ says why would any girl lie? Guddan says yes she is trapping Vikrant. She wants to take revenge on me. She thinks I killed Antra. That’s what she told me. AJ says she always knew about Antra’s death. Before the party, she told me about Antra’s death. Alisha said I know everything. I know it was all a mistake. Guddan won’t ever kill Antra for no reason. AJ said thank you so much. I love you.

AJ says to try to understand, she has changed. Vikrant is fooling you. Vikrant should be out of this house. Guddan says I will prove what truth is. He says you can stand with Virant. Nothing is more important than Alisha’s truth.

Scene 3
Perv says to Alisha you’re just like your mom. Revati says you have done so well. Saru says Guddan and AJ must hate each other now. Saru says someone had to suffer. Alisha throttles Saru. Revati says we aren’t your enemies. Guddan is. Revati says I will kick her out of this house.

Guddan is cooking. She recalls what AJ said. Alisha says Guddan, you won’t stick in this house. Guddan says you lied to AJ. You are using your smartness in the wrong places. We are no your enemies. I am your mother. Alisha says you are my enemy. You killed my mom. Alisha shoves Guddan and leaves.

Guddan gives food to Vikrant. She says please eat something. He says everything is lost. My name is defamed, my proposal is gone. I have never bee accused of something like this. I won’t be able to live if this allegation doesn’t go away. Asmita says she will be exposed. She has done something wrong. I have to bring her on the right path but I have an idea.

Vikrant says to Alisha why are you ruining my life for your anger? She says my mom died. He says that it isn’t my fault. I lost my wife too. I don’t blame anyone. Guddan is your mom now. She loves you a lot. Alisha says she has to suffer for my mom’s death. I will ruin her life. She leaves. guddan comes out. She has recorded everything. Vikrant says do you think this would work? She says it has to. It’s about your and Alisha’s life.

Alisha is crying. AJ sees her. AJ says what happened? She says I keep recalling that accident. AJ hugs her and says I am with you always. I am so sorry you had to suffer all this. Come, I will make you something to eat. I am always with you. He has to pay for his sins.
Laxmi says this video proves Vikrant is innocent. Vikrant says let’s show it to everyone. Guddan says we won’t. Vikrant says then? she says it also has proof of Alisha’s mistake. I should talk to Alisha once and make her realize her mistake. Vikrant says she won’t listen. guddan says she might understand if we talk to her again. Laxmi says you love her a lot. Guddan says she is my daughter. Vikrant says what if she doesn’t agree? Then we will show this video to everyone.

Alisha is brushing her hair. Guddan says you can’t untangle things with hate. Alisha says leave me alone. guddan says I can’t leave my daughter alone. Alisha says you’re not my mom. You are AJ’s wife and my mom’s killer. Guddan says you think you did right by ruining an innocent life? Alisha says I can ruin many lives for my revenge. Guddan says I thought you might understand but I have to tell your truth to everyone. AJ would be broken because he trusts you. But I have to stop you from going on the wrong path. But I have to. She shows her the video.

Guddan connects the video. Alisha says please don’t show this video to everyone. She is crying. Guddan says I have to tell this to everyone. Alisha says please don’t. Guddan plays the video. There is no voice. AJ is angry. Alisha says without sound it speaks for me. AJ says how dare you Vikrant. Alisha says he was forcing me to take the FIR back. AJ says enough. I will kill him.

AJ is about to slap Vikrant. Guddan says stop. AJ says get back. Guddan says I won’t be able to forgive myself. AJ says I have to take my revenge. Guddan says we will all die in this revenge. Alisha changed the video. AJ says I don’t know what do you want to prove. Guddan says even if you can’t stand by me, I will stand with the truth. He is an innocent man. AJ says he harassed our daughter. You’re helping him? He raises his hand and says don’t force me to become something I am not. If anyone has sympathy with this criminal, they can also leave this house right now. AJ says one more thing, if I see him again, I will kill him. He goes upstairs. Dadi says what is wrong with you Guddan. durga says elders are never wrong. Listen to dadi at least. this man is a criminal. Vikrant says everything is over. No one can see my truth. Thank you that you tried to help me but I have lost. You shouldn’t leave your house for me. I will be grateful to you. He leaves. Guddan says the truth will never lose. I will come out. I will show everyone what truth is.

Guddan recalls what AJ said. Alisha shoves her hair and says untangle your hair now. Guddan says you got a chance to show lie to everyone? I will do anything to show them truth. AJ comes in. Alisha says you love me. Why would I lie to everyone? I know I am not your real daughter but please understand what happened with me. Alisha says to AJ, I wish she considered me her daughter and got my pain.

Revati says AJ and guddan are in front of each other finally. I am so glad. Saru says nothing can save them from Alisha’s fight. Perv says their own daughter is ruining their life. Alisha is even more dangerous than Antra. Revati says would you do something or only let Alisha do everything? Do you remember what happened to Antra? Aj and Guddan always come back.

AJ says what is wrong with you Guddan. I can’t believe you’re my Guddan. Alisha accepted you before. Guddan says I am doing all this for my daughter. The truth has to come out. Please let me do what I want. I am doing this for Alisha.

AJ says Alisha isn’t lying. Guddan says I know you can’t trust me. You can’t see Alisha’s lie. We can’t let her ruin a life. AJ says I am with my daughter. We can’t be together here. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.