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Guddan on zee world, Thursday 8th December 2022 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Thursday 8th December 2022 update, Guddan says why didn’t you help me when I didn’t do anything wrong? I promise you I won’t leave unless you answer me my questions. She sits in temple.

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Antra screams. She says I saw a snake going to Saru’s room. AJ says Angat let’s check storage box. Durga says in heart, what if they see it Saru’s theft would be exposed. We would be kicked out of this house. Antra says in heart, Saru you would be exposed. Only a thief could catch you. AJ takes off the sheet, there is actually a snake there. AJ sees all the stolen cash and jewelry. AJ is shocked. AJ says what is all this saru? How do you have all this? Dadi says this is our family jewels that were stolen. Saru you stole in your own house? Do you have any shame? Saru says I am sorry dadi.

Forgive me. I was going to return it. AJ asks Laxmi and Durga did you two know? Durga nods. Dadi slaps Durga. Dadi says Laxmi I trusted you. Laxmi says I never stole I only knew. AJ says I did so much for this family. I made all this so you all can live in comfort. You all have made fun of this family. You wojn’t be forgiven. Dadi says yes you all have no right to live in this house. AJ says your residence would be arranged outside. But you better find some work so you don’t have to steal. Kishor says we would leave this house. Dadi cries. AJ says ma don’t cry for people who can’t respect family and values. Come ma. He takes antra and dadi from there. Antra says see all the DILS are out too.
Pandit ji comes to Guddan. SHe says seeta ma fought till the end. They never gave up. The last story of your battle is left. Guddan says you are right. I won’t give up until I break this cycle. She does arti.

Dadi says i am with AJ in his decison. We have forgiven everything your brothers did. But you stole in your house. AJ bore you enough but not anymore. They try to touch AJ’s feet. AK steps back. Guddan comes and says no one would leave. Guddan says let me clear your confusion. I didn’t like Antra. I did all that due to it. but I am not ashamed. But the way I was presented to you, that was wrong. My DILs made a mistake. But they are laxmis of this house. They won’t leave this house. AJ says I decided. Guddan says if as FIL you can decide them to leave this house, I can ask them to stay. You haven’t married Antra yet. I am still MIL here. AJ says this house is mine. I earned all this. Guddan says wait a minute.

Guddan brings some papers. She recalls AJ brought papers that names 51% of the wealth to Guddan. Guddan said no you can’t do this. AJ said you have to do it. Guddan says I am the major shareholder of this property.

Guddan says I am not here to prove myself right, but to prove you wrong for what you did. AJ leaves. Guddan says now take your stuff back to your roo. Guddan says saru tell your husband everything is fine here.

Dadi says you are not the Guddan I knew. You did wrong. Guddan says to antra shocked about the property? The stress looks good on you. Start your countdown. You can’t kick my DILs out. A real MIL keeps her family united. Gudddan doesn’t respect disgusting people like you. I talk like this and show you your worth. I have right on this wealth. If you try distancing me from AJ, my 2% more can kick you in hell. Antra is angry.

Antra comes to her room and tears a pillow. She is angry. Antra says what magic did she do that AJ made her 51% partner. I can’t let AJ do this. I will take it from her.
Saru says to Guddan, what did antra do? Guddan still has 51%. Guddan outplayed her. Let’s go and asks her forgiveness. She saved us. We would be out

of this house. She has money too, She is the major shareholder. Antra can’t do anything. Let’s go. Let’s apologize.
Guddan looks at her empty hand and recalls AJ taking her ring. Saru comes and says sasu ma I am sorry. we made a mistake. We know Antra is bad you saved us. You are our MIL. Durga is here to apologize too. Guddan says wait a minute. Guddan signs a cheque. Guddan gives it to saru and says here are 20 lacs cheques. saru say what is this for? Guddan says you are here because I am 51% partner. You are doing it for money. I didn’t even have to ask why were you kicked out. I know you are a thief. You couldn’t be of this house in years, so how would you be mine. I don’t need your apology or drama. I want Antra out of this house. But you two have encouraged her. Now she did the same to you so you are here apologizing? The relationship you never accepted, now I reject it too. Now go. You aren’t my DIL.

Saru says to durga we can do a lot with 20 lacs. Laxmi says you got 20 lacs. You can buy anything from it except for your MIL’s trust who saved you from being kicked out of the house. SAru says we went there to apologize and she insulted us with this money. Laxmi says I wish you could see the reality. She stood alone but helped her. she saved you. You two can never understand. Durga recalls. Durga says I know everything. We could never see GUddan’s kindness. She saved us from being kicked out of this house. We sold all our relatiosn. She still helped us. Gudan has all the right to be MIL of this house. Saru says what happened to you. I know you are doing another drama. I won’t be part of it now. saru leaves. Laxmi says saru is right. I am sure you are doing drama. Durga says Antra fooled me like she fooled Gudan. She left that snake there so everyone is turned against us. Who would trust us now? Laxmi says what would you do now? Durga says I can’t help Guddan openly but I can win her trust back. I will help her, I will be with her. I never accepted her. But I want to be with my MIL now for this house. I want to fight with her.

Guddan throws away Antra’s stuff. antra says what is this? Guddan says this is my room. Get out of here and go to the guestroom. I told you don’t dare taking my AJ from me. Antra says this is my room. Antra says I am the 51% owner of this house. I decide who lives where. I can even send you to the servant quarter. AJ Comes. Antra says see AJ what is she doing. Guddan says I have the right to live in any room of this house. You can’t even stop me AJ. You know I am the major shareholder. Antra leaves.
AJ holds Guddan’s hand and says money has played you mind. Sign these papers. I want my shares back. Guddan shoves his hand and says when you trusted Antra over me, you lost right to hold this hand. Go hold hand of the one who you made wear that ring. If you do this again I won’t forgive you. If you think like the ring, you would give my right to Antra too I won’t let that happen.

You gave my room and ring to antra but not anymore. I am the same Guddan. You used to force me but now I will rule because I am the owner of this empire. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.


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