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Guddan on zee world, Thursday 3rd November 2022 update

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Gudan says we can’t marry right now. I want your long life. Some women come in with idol and start doing arti in the house. Dadi is with them. Dadi says we have to do this arti. This time is for Mata not wedding. Pandit ji says we can’t do this now.

AJ is in a dark room. Two men are about to give him a shock. Rocky comes. AJ says what are you doing. Why am I here. Rocky says your own brother stabbed you. Why are you still alive? He gives AJ shocks.
Pandit ji leaves. Angat says we can get married later, I will make you wear mangalsutra. Dadi says I know ou are doing it for a reason. you can tell me when you want to. Laxmi says to Guddan luck in your mission.

AJ hits Rocky with head. He beats the men. Rocky gives him shocks and says you will hit me? AJ faints. Rocky calls Durga. He says good news? Durga says she had delayed the wedding. Keep AJ with you. Rocky says he can’t even imagine you are behind all this. I wont let him go anywhere.

Scene 2
Everyone in the house does arti. Guddan says please help me save AJ God. Angat comes and does her arit. He says you are like God to me. Why did you stop the wedding then? I can kill AJ. I wanted to love you only. Guddan says I will marry you. Let me speak to AJ. Angat says I am not stupid. Guddan says I dont’ want anything to happen to him befre we get married. I dont’ want you in trouble. Angat calls AJ. Rocky gives phone to AJ. Rocky says don’t say anything.

Guddan says i know you are not well. Wont you tell me where you are. He says rehab center with Rocky. Rocky hangs up. Angat says stop worrying about him. If I get jealous I can do anything. If you love me, AJ is safe.

Laxmi says I tracked location. AJ might be in this location. Guddan hugs her and says thank you. Laxmi says what if Angat comes and asks about you. Guddan says I need your help. You have to be Guddan for an hour. Laxmi says but he is scary. Guddan says you have to do this. I have to bring AJ home.

Angat says what if she finds out AJ’s location from number? Angat says you have to control that I will tell your secret to other people. Durga says if that happens, you wont marry Guddan. Angat says we are a team. Durga leaves. Angat says I will kill AJ once we get married.

Guddan comes outisde the house. She enters. it is a mental asylum. AJ is tied inside. Guddan enters. AJ feels something and says that’s Guddan’s feel. He tries to break his ropes. Guddan says you are here AJ. AJ breaks a bottle with his leg. Guddan hears the noise. she says I feel like AJ is near. AJ cuts his ropes. All people start making noises. Gdddan is scared. AJ opens the door. Rocky sees Guddan and says how is se here. He leaves all the patients out. THey scare Guddan. Guddan says help.. Rocky and his men try to stop AJ. He hits them and goes towards Guddan. Rocky hits AJ on head and locks him.

Rocky says how is Guddan here and how do Durga and Angat don’t know? Laxmi is locked in Guddan’s room. Angat knocks. Laxmi says I am fine. I will meet you downstairs. Angat says come with me. He comes in the room. Laxmi locks herself in washroom. She tries calling AJ. Rocky and his men rope and sodomize AJ.

Rocky with covered face says who are you and what are you doing here? Guddan says I think your voice is familiar. She says listen.. She says I want to find my husband. He says okay you can come in and check. Angat says Guddan says are you ready? I am worried for you. Laxmi is scared.
Rocky takes Guddan to rooms. Guddan’s bangle drops. AJ sees it.

Angat says Guddan the door or I will break it. He tries breaking the door. Laxmi is scared. Guddan bows down to pick her bangle. She says who is inside this door? Rocky opens the door.

Rocky opens the door. AJ is in a corner. A crazy man makes noise in the room. Guddan gets scared. Rocky stops them. He says madam you should leave. This place isn’t safe. Guddan feels like AJ is near. AJ is tied in a corner. Guddan walks outside.

Laxmi applies mask on her face. She says this is our first pooja together. I have to get ready. He says you re getting ready for me? She says yes. He says okay I am waiting downstairs. He leaves.
Guddan’s chunar headband fell in the asylum. She goes back. Angat comes downstairs. Durga says I dont’ feel like something is right. Guddan looks for it everywhere.

AJ is on a wheelchair. He tries going to guddan but Rocky’s man hits him. Guddan sees her chunri. She picks it and leaves. Rockys says thank God she left. Durga says Angat call Guddan downstairs. Its’ been long we have to start pooja. Laxmi comes downstairs with ghughat. Angat says why this? She says I want you to see my face after pooja. Guddan runs back home. Laxmi does arti. Durga looks for Laxmi. She says Guddan where re you.

Durga looks for Laxmi in her room. She says where is Laxmi. Durga sees her face from the chunri. Durga says so pooja is done. take off ghunghat now. Or let me do it for you. Lights turn off. Everyone says what happened to light. Angat brings candle and says Guddan show me your face. He takes off ghunghat and it’s Guddan. Laxmi comes and says sorry I got late.
Laxmi says to Guddan thank God you came on time. Guddan says I will only do this pooja with AJ. AJ comes and says what are you waiting for then? Guddan looks at him. She is dazed. AJ picks arti. AJ says you thought you couldn’t do it? I told you, you can do anything. He says I know Guddan never gives up. Guddan says I don’t know what to do He says let’s do arti first. They do arti together. Guddan was imagining all this. She looks at her chunri and sees AJ written on it with blood. She says that means AJ is there.

Durga says to angat Guddan was in asylum. Rocky saw her. She is fooling you. ANgat leaves in anger. Durga says Guddan you can’t fool me.

Asmita says when I was gettin ready I took steam my face got burned. He says let me get medicine. she says I already applied. This will get better. He leaves. Laxmi comes and says what did you see there? Guddan says AJ is there. We have to keep Angat’s trust with ourselves.

Angat says to Durga don’t try to create misunderstandings between me and Guddan. i trust her. Durga says to Laxmi where are you these days? so close to your MIL> Laxmi says just staying to myself. Durga says what is this parcel? She saays this is for my husband. Durga says in heart you can’t lie to me.

Angat is asleep. Strong winds blow in his room. He sees kali mata in the window. Angat is scared. Kala mata says your sins have crossed the limits. You have to die. He runs. Laxmi comes and says would it scare him? angat says save me please. He screams. Durga says what happened. He says someone came to kill me. Guddan says this is because of your medicines. You will come to hospital with me. Durga says but.. Angat says I will do what Guddan asks. Durga calls Rocky and says Guddan is bringing Rocky to that asylum for check up. Move AJ from there.

Rocky’s men try to take AJ to another place. AJ beats them. Guddan comes outside with everyone. Rocky’s men beat AJ. They put him on a stretcher. Guddan comes and says to Rocky we wan to get Angat’s treatment done. Rocky checks Anggat. Durga says to Rocky have you moved AJ from here? Go and do it. Guddan looks for AJ Rocky asks his men to faint AJ and take him to factory.

Durga asks Laxmi where is Guddan? SHe says I don’t know. GUddan peeks in a room. AJ is there. Rocky and his men are about to give him an injection. Angat says I have to do all this. He says AJ you have to go through pain I did. Ridoy gives him electric current. Guddan cries. Laxmi says you have to calm down. They can’t see you. Guddan sees Rocky’s face. She cries. AJ takes the rod and gives Rocky current.

Laxmi says please calm down. WE have to be careful. Guddan cries. Laxmi says you have to be strong. Guddan says I wont leave them.