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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 30th October 2022 update

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AJ comes to the woman’s home. Guddan is seein him. she sees him opening door from the tap. Guddan sneaks in. She sees the woman. AJ hugs her. Guddan is dazed. Guddan is in tears. She says so Laxmi was right. AJ comes here to meet someone. Guddan walks out in tears. She recalls AJ being rude to her.

Guddan comes back home. she recalls marrying AJ. She recalls AJ saying Guddan is his wife. He said you don’t deserve this mangalsutra. Dadi says Guddan re you okay? Guddaan says AJ never wanted me to marry him right? Durga says we don’t have time for all this. She says I am saying this beacse your third MIL is coming to this house. Laxmi you were right about that hair. Durga says what hair? Laxmi you knew all his. Dadi says you are mistaken. guddan says

Durga you never considered me your MIL. I will be out now. Durga says this all is rubbish. Guddan says he hugged her. He didn’t even go to restaurant for three days. He is with that woman. AJ comes home. guddan says tell them about their third MIL. Tell them where you were. AJ says I dont’ need to answer all this. Guddan says let me take everyone to the place where I saw you with that woman. I will reveal the truth.
Everyone comes to that woman’s house. Dadi says Guddan AJ can never do this. AJ says I don’t know why are we here at this hour. Guddan says that tap will open the door. She tries to open the door but it doesn’t open. Durga says see her stupidity. AJ was right. We shouldn’t have come here. Guddan says till I prove truth, I wont go from here. This door has to open if it doesn’t I will break it. AJ says are you crazy.. Guddan says I will do this to know why did you lie to me? Come and break the door if you are so truthful. Dadi says AJ break it and show her it is a misunderstanding. AJ throws the rod away. Guddan says see I was right. AJ breaks the door from hand.

They all come in. There is no one in the house. Durga says now she disappears too? Dadi says this must be a misunderstanding. Everyone leaves. Guddan stops AJ and says you know if I am lying or not. He says half truth is more harmful than lie. Guddan says I know you come here to meet a woman.
Durga says to AJ you always ignore Guddan’s mistakes. She should be punished for what she did. AJ gives them all sleeping pills and says better calm your minds. They all leave. Guddan stops AJ and says these tablets can calm them but not me.

Guddan says you know when I was in 8th class, I would always sit n one chair so I can see the board clear. I would never let anyone sit on my seat. I wont anyone have my place in life as well. I will expose everyone with truth.

AJ comes to his room. He saw Guddan outside the house when she followed him. He says I have to hide this secret. The woman comes downstairs and dances. AJ comes downstairs. He says I asked you not to come here. Everyone comes. Gudddan takes off ghunght. She says why did you come running? And who were you asking not to come here? Tell us what is your relation with her? AJ leaves. Saru says I think Guddan is right.

Perv sends video of Siddhi burning his hand. He says I didn’t want to send this but I wanted to show you my love was real. If your wife abuses you.. You deserve to love someone in your life.

Durga says where did AJ go in anger? AJ says to bring the truth here. He brings in the woman. He says I have been meeting her all this time. She takes off her ghugat. AJ says this is what guddan was tryin to show you. Dadi says you already have a wife. Guddan says don’t say anything now. If he wants to live his life with her not me.. I will not come in his way. AJ says don’t do this drama. Guddan says you are still lying. Guddan says when someone acts in front of me I know. Because I am an actor. She says don’t fool us anymore. We all know she isn’t that woman. That woman brought shine in your eyes. I deserve to know truth not this. she leaves.

Kaushaliya says you saw revati how his wife abuses him. He really loves him. You should all. She says no its between them. Kaushaliya says as a human call him please.
Revati calls perv. Saru says you wont pick this phone you have to use her against Guddan. Saru says we have to make them fight each other.

Guddan comes to saru and says here are a few breakup cards you might need. You will have nothing in the end. Guddan says please leave. SAru says I am on your side. I always want to help you. Guddan says but your ideas are useless. Durga says wow Guddan.

AJ brought that girl home and you are not accepting it? Open your eyes and see the third person in your married life. You couldn’t be a good wife or MIL.

AJ recalls what Guddan said. Perv says you are two steps ahead of me. I thought you re home person but see. Let me take your blessings. AJ is angry. Perv says don’t be angry. Not much difference between you and me. You have such young and beautiful wife still have other women.

Guddan lits candle on Antra’s photo. She says you are ggreat that you spent so many years with AJ. Please help me understand whats’s going on. AJ comes to his room. He takes something from closet and leaves.

AJ gives money to the woman he brought home. He says give this money to her. Guddan overhears. She says I knew this was no that woman.
Guddan follows that girl. She comes to a place. Guddan sees her giving injection to the woman Guddan says what is happening.

She tries to open the door. Guddan comes in.
Scene 2
Dadi is doing pooja with DILs. Dadi says God I hope everything is like it used to be. Guddan says Go heard you dadi. Dadi says who si she? She says we will all know but I want AJ to be here. She says AJ come and see here who’s here. She is the one I saw you with. AJ says enough of spying. Guddan says I did what I should have. Weren’t you with her? Guddan takes off her veil. Everyone is dazed. Guddan says tell us who is she. Why would you meet her in secret? You always say truth. He says this says this is my brother Angat. Dadi is in tears. AJ hugs Angat.

He is dressed like a woman. Everyone is confused. He says who changed my clothes? I must have done something. I am only normal until i am on meds. I try to act normal but I always do wrong. AJ hugs him and says I am with you don’t worry. Come rest. He takes Angat to room.
AJ says this is your new room. Rest here. Your brother is always with you.

Guddan says dadi is that your son? She says yes. Durga says why didn’t we know about him? We only knew he is dead. DAdi says he lost his mental balance. He lost his love he lost mental balance. Dadi says because of the same reason antra was dead. AJ comes and says no he has no hand n Antra’s death. I have tried hiding him from everyone. But Guddan you.. You have to act like a spy all the time. Dadi says can’t we keep him home? AJ says doctor said we can’t keep him with people. I can be dangerous. No one should be seen around his room specially Guddan.

Dadi says I will always have to live away from him. We can’t let him stay here in this house.

Dadi says leave him. Durga says he tried killing me and Saru.
SAru comes near Angat. She spills water on him. She says I am sorry I spilled water on you, I brought it for you. She says I heard about your lover. She was a cheater? You might be really hurt right? Angat throttles her. Everyone comes in. He screams. Dadi and everyone try to release saru from Angat. He faints. Guddan gives saru water. Laxmi says why did he get angry? Did he do anything? Saru says he is crazy. Why would I make him angry? Saru says durga why are you angry? if we stay here, how will we live in this house. durga says we will do what we planned. He doesn’t deserve to live in the house. He can’t live in the house. He will live where he will be treated. Laxmi says but AJ will decide.

Laxmi says we will have to make him decide what we want.
Medical asylum people are taking Angat. Guddan says Angat wont go anywhere. Leave him right now. Or I will call police. They leave. Angat says thank you for saving me. Guddan says no one will take you from here forcefully.

Kaushaliya says revati see this Perv has written letter with blood. He is in love with you. Revati says he is fooling me. Let me go and teach him a lesson.
Durga says he needs treatment. Guddan says but he needs family more. Durga says will you take responsibility if anything happens. Guddan writes, I take full responsibility of keeping Angat here and I will be accountable if anything happens. Guddan says dadi swipe your tears. No one can part your son from you. This is his only way to make him better. He will be perfect if he lives here. Family can do what meds can’t. Hug your son. Dadi ugs angat. Durga says in heart Guddan did a mistake. I will make her punished for this.

Scene 2
Revati comes to perv and says don’t do all this drama. It wont affect me. Perv falls down. His hand is bleeding. Kaushaliya screams.
AJ says who gave you right to decide he will live here? Guddan says I am MIL of this house and your wife. He has right.. AJ says I know what is right for my brother he needs treatment. Guddan says it will get worse if he stays away from his family. He was this way because someone close left him. Only love and affection can fill that space not medicine. AJ says okayy.. But if anything happens I wont pardon you.

Durga says to Guddan you broke your mangalsutra again? You are very used of wearing broken mangalsutra. Because husband loves his wife. We all know AJ doesn’t even consider you wife. You will realize your mistakes but it will be too late by then.

Guddan says you will see how Angat gets better. It will unite whole family, like my mangalsutra. I will wear this when AJ fulfills what they mean.