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Guddan on zee world, Sunday 25th December 2022 update

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TV series

Guddan on zee world Sunday 25th December 2022 update, Laxmi gets AJ and Guddan out of the freezer. Guddan says thank you, you got us out of here. I would freeze there with that cold company. Laxmi says we have to be careful.
Dadi says to antra get ready. It’s haldi time. Antra says they didn’t come? Dadi says who? She says no one. I will tell you.

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Some men come. Antra says why did you take this long? Dadi says who are they? She says they have some work to do. Dadi says she is going to get honda’s body and take it out of here. She texts Guddan. Guddan asks AJ to get in the freezer. She says antra is coming here with her men. Guddan locks the freezer and hides. THe men open the freezer. Antra says Mr. Honda you are dead. Now I will burn you. So I get done with you forever. See you in hell. They

take the freezer.
The men and antra come to a jungle. Antra put petrol on the freezer. she says bye forever. She burns the freezer. Dadi and Guddan are hidden there. They are scared. The men and antra leave. Guddan recalls Angat put gun on a thug. He gave him money and asked him to get AJ out before burning. HE said antra would see it. Guddan said she wants to get done with it. She won’t open it now. Angat said Guddan you are smart. You saved AJ. Gudan says because of AJ’s bravery we are able to get this mission done.

AJ says are these happy or sad tears? Guddan says stop it. AJ says I don’t know how to thank you. Guddan says we have to complete our mission.

Scene 2
The haldi starts. Bhushan and family come in too. Antra comes and sits on her side. People start applying haldi on antra. Antra says Guddan, AJ wanted you to be part of all the rituals. Come do it. Guddan says yeah I am doing what I am here for. She says apply haldi on AJ first. He is your ex after all. Guddan applies haldi on AJ and Antra. Guddan says I have all the interest in honda now. Not AJ. AJ gets a call. He says I will be back in a while. Antra says Honda would be here if he cared about you. Guddan says where is he? Antra says I don’t know where he is. I only care about AJ. Guddan says if you have done anything to Honda tell me. Antra says he is in London. Guddan says he told me and not you? Tell me or I won’t leave you.

Honda comes in. Antra is scared. He says antra.. I am coming for you. The room is dark. Everyone stands still. Guddan says where is Honda.. Antra says there.. Guddan says can’t you see him? Honda says antra I will kill you. He comes to her with dagger. Dadi says what happened antra. Antra says can’t you see honda there? He will kill me. Durga says you said he is in London. He isn’t here. Antra runs. Honda says you killed and rawat. You killed your brother. You will pay for your sins. Antra is scared. She hits her head on wall and faints. Everyone rushes to her. Guddan says she fainted, how would we get truth out of her now.

Guddan says you made a mistake in your overacting. she hit her head and she has fainted. Dadi says what would we do now? Gudan says she would open eyes and confess.
Antra opens eyes in a mortuary. She screams. Honda comes to her and says I rule here. Antra says don’t come near me. He says I did you did to your brother and me. You’re dead. antra says I can’t die. He says I have killed you already. Antra screams. AJ says try to walk if you’re alive. You are dead. SHe can’t move. He says look around there are dead bodies only. Antra says this can’t happen. He says confess your crimes before you go to hell. Antra says no one can kill me.

She says I killed my brother and you. You can’t do anything. Death can’t come

without my permission. AJ laughs. Lights go off. Guddan and everyone come there. antra says what is this.
Guddan turns on lights. It is their house. Guddan says you said God can’t do anything to you. Your ego brought you here. Whole world will see your evil face no. Your confession is recorded. Now I have all the proof to send you to jail. You took my family, my husband killed Rawat. You will pay for your sins. My God is with me. Now your whole life would be your jail. Antra says what are you all doing. Get me out of here. This Guddan is lying. Guddan says you are alive and you will live your life in jail. Antra says ma please help me. Gudan says why would anyone help you? They are my family and with me. I have proof against you. AJ takes off his beard. Antra says AJ you..
Saru says why are you doing this. Laxmi releases her. she says you acn go now. Saru says that means antra is caught. She is such a trouble. Durga slaps her and says are you crazy? She asked us to let you go. Antra has confessed. Saru coms downstairs and says I was about to tell you AJ and Honda are same person.

AJ says antra we have all the proofs. You’re going to jail. We have your confession. Antra says ths is Hodna.. This can’t be true. How are you all with Guddan? Today is my haldi. Everyone stands with Guddan. aJ says we were all with Guddan and will always be. AJ says I was there in old man’s place to marry Guddan. We fooled ou with the honda thing. You confessed your crime..

Guddan says congratulations. You are standing now. Antara says I won’t leave you. She slaps guddan. AJ shoves her hand and says I am with my Guddan. I am with her. I will never repeat my mistake. I am with Guddan and will always be. Antra says you will all pay for fooling me.

Dadi slaps her and says you broke our trust. We gave you love and respect. She slaps her and says thsi is for my Guddan’s insult. She slaps her again and says this is for separating my Guddan and AJ. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.