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Guddan on zee world, Saturday 21st January 2023 update

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Guddan on zee world Saturday 21st January 2023 update, Police come home. Guddan says why is police here? AJ says because culprits belong in jail not in my house. He says on Diwali where a family celebrates together, my daughter tried harming Guddan. Guddan says what are you doing? AJ says I can’t tolerate your life in danger. Not a single word. Inspector arrest Alisha. Guddan says move, no one will touch my daughter. AJ says have you lost it? Guddan says she isn’t going anywhere. AJ says your life was risked. Guddan says she hasn’t done anything. AJ says how can you say that?

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Guddan says like you can accuse Alisha. AJ says how did a phone blast then? Guddan says it was an accident. Or someone else might have done it. You can’t blame Alisha. There are people who don’t want us to live together. I

trust Alisha. AJ says inspector Guddan is being emotional. Arrest Alisha. Guddan says I will forget all laws if anyone touches Alisha. AJ says I won’t let a culprit live in my house.
Guddan takes the inspector’s gun. AJ says what are you doing? Guddan says I will shoot if anyone touches Alisha. Durga says please don’t do this Guddan. AJ stands in front of the gun. He says come, shoot me. What will you do now? Shoot me? Are you trying to hide her sins? Why? Guddan says she is my daughter and a part of this house. She hasn’t done this crime and she will live with us. Dadi says you would shoot your husband for Antra’s daughter? He is your husband. Guddan says Alisha is my daughter as well. I can’t let her go to jail without any proof. AJ says she has to go to jail or you can shoot me. Guddan puts the gun down. Guddan says okay I don’t have an option, take her. But give me proof. How can the inspector take her without proof? Show me the proof first. Inspector says AJ calls us and complained that your life is under risk. Guddan says it’s my life and she tried attacking me according to you? I trust her entirely that she didn’t do anything. If anyone has to complain against her, they have to come up with proof. Without proof, you can’t arrest anyone. I am sorry I took your gun. A mother can do anything to protect her child. Inspector says sorry AJ but Guddan is right. You can’t complain without proof. Phones generally have faults. And Guddan, never take law and order in your hand.

AJ says you will regret this Guddan. Guddan says I don’t want you to regret either. AJ says Alisha is a culprit. Guddan says you can’t prove it because Alisha hasn’t done anything. Every culprit is innocent until proven guilty. AJ leaves in anger. Alisha goes upstairs. Revati says this blast between AJ and Guddan is better than the phone.

Scene 2
Alisha recalls what Guddan did. Revati says well done Alisha. We thought you would spark small fights between them. But you made her pull a gun on him. Saru says a mother’s love is greater than a wife’s. Perv says this deserves to be celebrated. Alisha throws a pot on them. She says don’t say a word. Revati says we are with you. Alisha says go before I break your face. She locks the door. Alisha sits down. She says why am I angry? They were right? I should celebrate. Why am I angry? Because Guddan stood by me.

Alisha comes to Guddan. Guddan says you want anything? Want to say something? Alisha says I don’t know. Guddan says tell me. Alisha says you think you’re so great that you saved me? You’re not getting any award. Guddan says I don’t want an award. Alisha says who are you? Why would you fight your husband for me? Guddan says I am your mom. I know it is difficult for you to accept that. But I considered you my daughter the day I got to know about you. I know you have anger in you but that doesn’t change the truth. Guddan will always be with you. A mother never leaves her child’s side. I know we are not bound by blood and we are the same age. But relations are made by love, and I really love you. It’s new to me as well. I don’t know how motherhood entered my heart. But it didn’t and it won’t leave now. I will always be with you even if I have to fight your dad.

Alisha stands at the door. Guddan says Alisha.. I know you have seen a lot of pain and struggles and that is why you have such anger. But I also know there is love behind all this anger. Spit this anger out. This pain will keep increasing. Alisha says you will never understand the pain that is there in my heart. Guddan draws a heart and draws pain in it. She says is it how big the pain is? Alisha says no, bigger. Guddan says this pain. Alisha cries and hugs Guddan. Guddan says listen, sleep with me. Alisha says I have to go. Guddan says the best sleep is when you know your family is with you. And you think I only know how to pull ears? But I also know how to sing a lullaby. Guddan sings a lullaby for Alisha. She says my papa used to sing it for me. Alisha rests her head in Guddan’s lap and sleeps. Dadi comes in and looks at them. She says Guddan has become such a good mother. I hope Alisha also understands and there’s only love between Guddan and AJ.

Dadi says to AJ try to sleep. You will feel better. AJ says I keep thinking how can Guddan do that. Alisha harmed Guddan. Guddan pulled a gun on me for her? Dadi says you’re thinking wrong. AJ says no. Guddan tries to cover up for Alisha every time. She ignored what Alisha does. I am Alisha’s father. I want all the good for her. Parents have to be strict with kids. Dadi says Guddan really loves Alisha. AJ says she is misusing Guddan’s love. I have to be strict with Alisha. Guddan doesn’t understand her way isn’t right. Dadi says enough. Quite now. Lay here. She massages his head. AJ says I am not a kid. I have to talk to Guddan before Alisha crosses all the limits. Guddan doesn’t understand her way isn’t right. He falls asleep. Dadi

says you’re like your daughter. And love is the only solution for you both. No one understands it better than Guddan.
AJ wakes up and sees Alisha Alisha asleep in Guddan’s lap. Guddan says don’t make noise. She will wake up. Guddan says AJ.. AJ says she is sleeping. AJ says you were right. Love and affection can fix anything. You showed me love always wins over strictness always. Guddan says your place is here with me and Alisha. There’s no one right or wrong here. We are a family. Before she wakes up, come sit here with me. AJ sits next to her. AJ says you have given Alisha what she needed the most. A mother’s love that she never had. And I am here. Guddan says everything is right now Please sleep and be at peace. AJ says I hope she doesn’t stay mad at me either. Guddan says she is your daughter. You have to try a little bit. Love should never stop. AJ says I really love her. Guddan says she will understand your love. AJ says no explain me first. Guddan says explaining you dad and daughter, I have lost my mind myself. I sleep with my eyes open. See my dark circles. He says okay okay sleep. I am sorry. Guddan says I haven’t forgotten my dream of becoming an actress can’t afford these dark circles. He laughs and says goodnight. You should sleep too

Scene 2
The next morning, Alisha wakes up in Guddan’s room. She recalls last night. Guddan says good morning. Did you sleep well? Alisha says I made a mistake, don’t think it would happen every day. Guddan says mistakes are fun to repeat. If you want to repeat the mistake, don’t hesitate to come to your mom. Alisha says I slept more peacefully than this in jail. Guddan says yeah, your snorting told me that. I don’t mind that. I am a mother so it doesn’t annoy me. I know you have started understanding my love. I hope you see your papa’s love too.

Laxmi says good morning AJ. Guddan says I will serve breakfast to everyone today. You two sit. Laxmi says we can help you. Guddan says no, you both sit. Alisha comes. Guddan says come, Alisha, sit here. Alisha will tell her what does she like. I made everything. I made samosas for you as well. What would you eat? AJ made something special for you as well. I will serve you that. It’s a plate that says I am sorry. Guddan says this is from AJ. Alisha smudges it with a samosa. Guddan says here is Alisha’s favorite kheer. Alisha says how do you know? Guddan says AJ likes it too. Alisha splashes the kheer on Guddan’s face. AJ says how dare you, Alisha. Saru laughs. She was dreaming about it. Saru says sorry I recalled a joke. Laxmi says you are crazy. Alisha takes the kheer from Guddan.

Saru says our ace card is losing our side. I don’t know what magic Guddan did on that Alisha. Perv says she was eating the kheer that Guddan made. We should forget about Alisha. Let’s make another plan. Saru says there won’t be any other plan. She was our last plan. Kill me and kill yourself too. Revati says shut up okay. Let me think. What’s the problem if Alisha is melting. Saru says our efforts are failing and you’re asking what’s the problem. Revati says you two had only Alisha in mind. But I had more plans too. I know how to end their love story. Alisha knows Antra died. But we have to tell her who is responsible for Antra’s death. Revati says I want to ruin Guddan’s life. Perv says what an amazing enemy you are.

Guddan says to AJ what are you thinking? He says when I think of Antra’s death.. I feel like we should tell Alisha. Before someone else tells her. Guddan says you are right. We can’t base our relation with Alisha on a lie. She deserves to know the truth. Antra was Alisha’s mother anyway. She has the right to know why Antra isn’t with her. AJ says we shouldn’t delay it and tell Alisha tomorrow.

Scene 3
Alisha comes downstairs. Everyone says surprise. Guddan says Alisha, come here. It’s your birthday. Come and cut the cake. AJ says come. Guddan gives her the knife. Alisha stabs Guddan with that knife. Everyone is shocked. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.