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Guddan on zee world, Monday 7th November 2022 update

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Guddan gives Laxmi water. Laxmi cuts her finger. Shantani says see this is what your friendly attitude does. She can’t work now. Guddan says but I can. We are friends. If she can’t cook I can.

Guddan says something is wrong with these mangoes. They aren’t wet. These are oily. Guddan cuts the mangoes. Shantani shouts at Durga and says be quick. Durga says I wont let you win Gudan.

Guddan washes the mangoes. AJ gives Guddan mangoes in kitchen and says eat some please. She says I am doing this for those kids and rights of my DILs. AJ says nothing can be done with an empty stomach. He makes her eat. durga sees them together. She says I know what to do when they step out. She does something in the blender. Durga says how will you do anything with

this mixer.
Guddan and Durga start mixing the mangoes. Guddan’s mixer doesn’t work. She says my mixer isn’t working. Shantani says with strictness there is no room to such mistakes. Guddan says can I use your blender after Durga is done. I don’t want those kids and AJ’s name to suffer. Shantani says so you accept your defeat? And agree that my way is right. Guddan says for those kids and AJ yes.
Durga turns on the blender. The mango shake falls on Shantani. She screams and Durga and says I asked you to check the blender before doing anything. What did you do to me. Guddan says I am only worried about those kids. guddan says what will I say to those kids now. Guddan says I wont disappoint. Dadi says if we all worked together this wont have happened. gudan says I will do this for AJ.

Guddan sits down playing carrom. Dadi says you are playing this? Guddan says papa used to play this in tension. I have to cool down my mind. She asks everyone to sit and play with her. Laxmi and dadi play with guddan. Laxmi says I play the best. Guddan says I am the best player. Laxmi says you are lucky Durga isn’t playing. Guddan says she can’t beat me. Durga says don’t challenge me. She sits with Guddan and plays with her. Laxmi says I wish we were together everything like this.

Shantani looks at them in anger. Guddan says Shantani we are all playing carrom. Durga was scared and that is why she couldn’t do it well. Now see how well is she doing. Guddan brings in washing machine.

Guddan says I have cleaned it with hot water completely. Guddan puts mangoes in it. She says all three DILs help me. We have to do this for those kids. They work together. Guddan says saru you work too. You wont get a better chance to repent. The shake is made.

AJ comes to the kids. He is sad. Kids say we are waiting for mango shake. Guddan says no more wait. Your uncle got you mango shake. AJ is dazed. Guddan says let’s distribute the shake. she says we also have a shake. Guddan and AJ distribute the shake. Laxmi distributes the cake.

Shantani breaks the carrom. She says durga we lost because of you. Guddan’s wrong way was posed right. Because of your stupidity I lost. ARe you on her side too? Dura says I want to beat her more than you. Gudan and Laxmi come in. Guddan says the kids were so happy. Laxmi and Guddan dance. Shantani stops the music. She says you are so happy right? Can you teach your DIL dance? Or would you fail in dance too? You will teach this laxmi and I will teach Durga. Guddan says I am ready. I have won so many competitions.

Laxmi and Guddan dance with fun. Shantani picks stick and asks Durga not to stop. Durga is tired while Laxmia enjoys. Durga says I wont let you win.
Guddan comes to her room. She says I can’t win it. Shantani gave me a challenge. I can’t win this. AJ says never say you can’t win anything. You can do anything. He dances with her. Guddan says you can also dance? No one knew. He says you dance better. Just feel the music and enjoy.. You can do anything. I will be there for you. You have to win and show your way is right.

Shantani says where is Guddan? Is she scared? Guddan comes. She says I am ready. AJ comes too. Shantani says AJ see how I tell them what is right for the family. AJ says I know you love this family. If you trust your way, you will prove it. I trust you all the best. Shantani says let’s start the challenge. I and Dadi will decide the winners. Let’s begin.

Guddan comes to AJ. She says you think Shantani is right? You told me my way is right. But then you came here? Why are you not saying anything? He gives her badminton racket. Guddan plays and complains. She says I dont’ want to do anything. he says you have to prove yourself. She has been on her terms for ages. You have clear the root. He says only you can do this. Guddan says thank you dost. Her saree gets stuck in his watch.

Durga says I know the songs Shantani will be playing. I have practiced on them already. Saru says don’t take her easy. Saru says we will get Guddan kicked out of this house.
Kaushaliya says to Revati everyone loved the cake you made. Revati says but was ruined by Angat. ANgat comes. He gives revati cake. He says you made an amazing cake. I fixed it and sent to the orphanage. He shows her the sorry cake he made for her. Revati says I am sorry for my behavior. Sorry! They shake hands and become friends.

The competition starts. Durga dances. shantani gives her 9. guddan recalls what AJ told her. She dances on Prem ratan. Dadi gives her 8. Shantani says durga next song. Shantani gets an 8. Guddan dances on dewaani hogai. She dreams of dancing with AJ. AJ sees her and smiles

Everyone claps for Guddan. Dadi gives her a 10. Shantani says first Durga won and then Guddan. Last round will decide. Laxmi says Guddan you danced so well. AJ says she wasn’t trusting herself. Guddan says but my friend trusted me. AJ says your challenge is left. Guddan says I will win it.

Shantani says to durga you have to win. I can’t lose in front of AJ. You and I will lose a lot of things if we dont’ win this challenge. Durga sits down.
The last round starts. Dadi says I will choose the song for this dance. Whoever falls first will lose.

Guddan and Durga dance on dole re. They both get tired. Guddan falls. Shantani says Guddan you lost. Durga you won because you didn’t have another option. Dadi says Guddan you did well too. Guddan says I agree you won. Shantani says your ways are wrong. Guddan says you and durga won. Don’t be scared. You won.
Dadi says Guddan you are a winner for me always. You are a winner for me. AJ says why did you do this drama? You intentionally feel. You can’t fool me. Guddan says what.. AJ says look into my eyes. am I lying? I saw you intentionally losing. Guddan says what else could I do? I saw Shantani scaring and threatening Durga that she will have to leave Kishok. She is my DIL. I couldn’t see her in that pain. My thought won. Dadi says I am so proud of you. Every family deserves a Guddan.

Saru says Durga you showed her a lesson. You could lose Kishokh if guddan didn’t fall. durga says you think I wont because she fell? Laxmi says yes. She fell so you could win. She didn’t want you to go away from Kishok. Laxmi says my MIL and friend won. And you lost ready. Durga is angry.
AJ says to Guddan give me your hand. He takes her upstairs.

Guddan says what happened. AJ takes in front of her mistake board. She recalls how she used to write mistakes. AJ says hold my hand and remove this past pain of yours.