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Guddan on zee world, Monday 31st October 2022 update

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Guddan and family come to Durga’s brother’s resort. Guddan says to Angat don’t be scared. We will have fun. He says thank you Guddan. Durga says where is my brother rocky? Rocky comes out of swimming pool. He says I am here. He hugs durga and says how are you? Guddan says I am her MIL. He meets everyone.

Rocky comes close to Laxmi. He says my fav bhabhi. He touches her and applies color on her face. He says apply it on my hard face with your soft hands. Laxmi is scared. Guddan sees all this. Guddan says what happened laxmi? You look scared. She says he does this every time. Every year he tries to come close to me. I don’t like this at all. Guddan says what. She says you shouldn’t be scared. He is wrong. Laxmi says I don’t want to spoil everyone’s holiday. Laxmi leaves.

Angat enjoys at the beach. He says to AJ after so many years I am having so much fun. Guddan gives him meds. AJ says you are taking meds so easily? He says Guddan is so nice. Guddan plays riddles with AJ. They laugh. Guddan says speed boat. I am scared to sit on it. Angat says AJ will with sit with you on it. He says Angat please take Guddan on it. AJ says okay. Guddan says I didn’t ask you. Angat did. AJ sits on boat. Guddan sits with him. She is falling. She holds him.

Scene 2
Doctor dresses Perv’s bruise. He says take care of him. Perv says to REvati you think I am doing all this drama? It hurts me so much thinking you think of me that way. I loved ou with all my heart. Kaushaliya says try trusting him. Revati gives his medicine to him and says I hate you. I have no interest in your life. Stop fooling me. If you do this again, I will go to your police department. She leaves. Kaushliya says what is wrong with her. Perv asks her to get out.

Guddan says thanks for the boating. She falls. AJ holds her. He says can’t you see? He says give me your hand. He picks Guddan up. AJ tajes off his shirt and dresses Guddan’s wound. Durga is angry to see this. She comes to Guddan. Guddan says he cares for me even if he is mad. Look at this pearl of mangalsutra of care.

Laxmi brings juice. Rocky twists her and juice falls. He introduces her to his frineds nad says she like a doll. He says lets play holi. Laxmi says no.. He brings colors. Guddan says stop. She says stay away from Laxmi. Rocky says relax. we have been relatives for years. It is holi we always play Guddan. Guddan says when she is saying no it means no. I am her MIL. You wont put colors on her. I know your intentions. You have been taking advantage of her silence. don’t say understanding anything else for no. Guddan says lets go Laxmi. Rocky holds Laxmi’s hand and says I will apply colors. Guddan shoves him in pool. Durga is dazed. Everyone laughs at him. Angat says you did right. Durga leaves in anger.

Perv calls Saru. He says that Revati said nothing matters

to her. Saru says she will play this holi. This anger is her love as well. She says I will ruin Guddan’s holi here.
Rocky plays guitar in anger. Saru comes there. She says are you okay? i know you are angry. You have still wet, you might have flue. You are angry you were insulted in front of everyone. Guddan is like that. She always insults people. No one says anything to her. Rocky says now I will teach her a lesson. This isn’t her house. She insulted me in front of my staff. Now I will make this holi worse for her.

Scene 2
AJ asks angat to sit in the car. He sits on back seat. He says GUddan will sit with you. Angat says you look good Guddan. She gives him hat and says you look good angat. She gives him a basket and says it has your meds and food.

Laxmi says to Saru Guddan isn’t as bad as we thought. she taught rocky a lesson. Laxmi screams. She says these fishes.. Rocky says they are on right table. He says this is for you. You have to eat it. She says I dont’ want to eat it. Rocky says come I will make you eat. He forces her to eat. Laxmi says I said no.. Don’t you understand. She shoves his hand and leaves. Saru says she is speaking Guddan’s language.

Guddan is with Angat and AJ, Guddan and Angat dance. AJ says calm down. Guddan says we are havin fun. She take selfies with Angat. A car was about to hit Guddan AJ saves her. He says be careful. Angat brings ice cream for them. He says share it.
AJ says to Guddan why did you come with me? She says then go I will roam alone. He says should I? She says yes. They part ways. Rocky sees Guddan is alone.

AJ asks Angat if he has seen Guddan. He says no she was with you. Her phone is with me. They look for Guddan.
Rocky walks after Guddan in a resort. He says you can’ go anywhere from here Guddan. He is about to put his hand on Guddan. AJ comes. He hides. Guddan hugs AJ and says I was scared. He says you were talking so big. They walk out.

Kaushaliya says to Guddan Perv needs care. Go to him please. It is holi. Revati says why are you forcing me. I will tell Guddan. Kaushaliya says I am your mother I want good for you. She says should I ask papa? Bhushan says what happened? Revati says papa I wanted your permission. Ma wants me to celebrate holi with Perv who is married.

Guddan walks on beach with Laxmi and Saru. She says I am scared of water. Saru says so you can’t do anything? Guddan says I can do anything. She walks near the water. Saru says to Laxmi let her go.
Saru says to Rocky you couldn’t do anything right? i have one more chance. I have sent Guddan in the waters. You have to do what is next.

Bhushan says are you crazy? You are asking your daughter to go and celebrate with a married man? Kaushliya says no no siddi and perv are alone. So I thought we should go there. Bhushan says it better be no other story. Revvati says you are doing to me what even a step mother wont do to her daughter.

Guddan in the water. Rocky comes towards her. Guddan is scared. She tries to go away from him. A hand touches Guddan. It is Perv. He picks her and takes her out.
Guddan and Perv come to beach. A girl says buy these lantern. This is for lovers. Guddan and aJ take the lantern and blow it. Gudan is happy.

Guddan shows her mangalsutra to Durga says. she says AJ did the second pearl duty too. He saved me and he did his responsibility towards me. The last pearl s left. Durga says so proud? Third is still left. You insulted my brother. I know my brother more than anyone. Guddan says he was harassing Laxmi. I am sad you couldn’t see Laxmi’s discomfort. You should have stopped your brother but since you didn’t I had to do this.

Angat is on ship. He says this is all so beautiful. I am glad I came here. Guddan comes. She drank wine instead of cold drink. Guddan says this is a real fun thing. I drank it myself but I have control on myself. Otherwise you would say I am irresponsible. You know this is what I am. Why are you always angry. Sorry I made a mistake. AJ says you didn’t have to drink to say all this. And you are not drunk your break doesn’t smell like wine. Guddan says I did this so you are not angry at me. I will wait for the day your anger is gone.

Saru says to rocky you are so useless. He says your plans were small things. I will make Guddan regret coming here for life. Saru says I hope you have planned something big.

Scene 2
Holi party starts. Guddan picks colors to put on AJ. She is going towards AJ. Guddan says happy holi. AJ holds her hand and says I dont’ play holi. She says but why so much anger at colors? He says why don’t you understand. He leaves. Durga applies colors on her and says play holi with me. AJ doesn’t consider you his wife. AJ doesn’t even like you. The third pearl is never going in. Guddan says this is your MIL’s first holi. she applies colors to Durga. Guddan says before the day ends, AJ will play holi and make me wear mangalsutra too.

Rocky comes there with his thugs. He shows Guddan to them. He says now I will show Guddan who I am.
Saru says Laxmi you and I will splash this bucket on Guddan. Guddan is with Angat. She says I wont apply color on anyone until I apply it on AJ. saru an laxmi splash the bucket. Guddan and Angat sit down. they throw t on each other. Guddan and Angat laugh.

Angat says to AJ I need water. Gudan goes there too. Guddan says you are such an angry man. SHe falls in colors tub with AJ. guddan says now when you are colored happy holi. AJ takes her out. AJ says why are you laughing Angat? he says nothing.

Durga says you have to plan all this with angat? Are you fooling yourself? Guddan says I wont consider this my win until he applies colors himself.