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Guddan on zee world, Monday 17th October 2022 update

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Durga says what does that guddan want? Guddan comes. Durga says what now? You are a guest here. She says let me do what am I here for. She says I wanna show you something so you know why I came here. Durga says you are a liar anyway. She is leaving. Guddan holds her hand. She says you need to see this video. Guddan shows her the video.

Someone mixes something in Revati’s drink. She says someone did that and forced me to marry. I know AJ can never do that but then who did this? You have to help me find out. For AJ. Saru comes in and says don’t expect any help from us. Laxmi sasy our shoe wont help you either. I can’t see because of you. You harmed me. Guddan says what did I do? Lets go to doctor. Saru says stop this drama. Laxm says I don’t need any

help frmo you. I can’t see because of you. Guddan says when did I say you need my help. I only needed help from Durga. Laxmi says we three do things together. Guddan says I was asking for this house. I thought for AJ you would help me. she walks out. Durga says I will help you. If you are right then I don’t mind. Guddan says high five. Durga says I am doing all this for AJ. Guddan says I have planned everything. I will tell you.
Durga says to Saru and Laxmi I am doing all this for. Guddan’s sister was abducted. We can keep an eye on her this way. She lied to us. She wanted our money. She wont win till I am there. Saru says wow you are so clever.

AJ is sleeping. Guddan sees his eyes. She says those eyes were like of a devil.. AJ’s eyes are innocent. She tries to take his book. He pulls hand Guddan’s hand goes under him. Guddan takes her hand off slowly.
Guddan comes to kitchen. Perv comes and says why are you so scared? I came here for water. It is so hot. Guddan is leaving. He says we can be there for each other in nights like these. Your husband is useless. She says you are a fox and he is a lion. Better be scared of him. Perv pulls her hand. He says wow I got scared. Tell me why are you worried? I am a policeman. I can help you. She says I don’t need your help. He says your sister is so loving.. Guddan hits him. She says don’t take her name from your dirty tongue. she leaves. Perv says you will see when I marry her.

Durga tries to wake Guddan up. Durga gets scared and says what are you doing in my room? She says those eyes.. I drew them. These are of the man who kidnapped her. I don’t know who he is. I need your help. That person wanted me to marry AJ. Why would anyone want that? Kishor wakes up. Durga takes Guddan outside and say a lot of people came in that wedding. How many eyes will you see? Se says we can invite all those people.

AJ comes downstairs and sees the whole house decorated. Guddan is arranging things. AJ says what is all this for? She says it is our reception. He says what? She says this is my plan. People will have to come to reception that kidnapper would come to and I will catch him. If he doesn’t come I will even know that way.
Laxmi says tell her this is stupidity. Saru says yes. AJ says what happened to you two? Guddan says it is because of me. Saru says please stop this party. We are not well. AJ says to Guddan you said it was a secret. This party is a stupid idea. she says I did all these decorations. I am very smart. Don’t take me lightly. Dress up, don’t be boring. He says I wont do anything. Dadi says why wont you? AJ says you are with her in all this? Dadi says of course I am and so should you. GUddan says you are right. Se says I will find that kidnapper and prove you innocent. AJ says okay do what you want. I wish you all the best.

Revati calls Guddan. She says today is my reception. Revaiti says now? Kashaliya says it is your reception and you didn’t even tell us? Guddan says you can’t come it is okay. Kaushaliya says we will come obviously. Kaushaliya asks Revati to get ready. Guddan receives her parcel.

Perv comes and sees the house decorated. He says why so decorated? Perv sees the sketch of eyes on the paper. He sees eyes on brown paper.
Guddan says it will be a masquerade party. She gives masks to everyone. Perv is scared. He recalls kidnapping Revati. Perv sees saru and says what is all this? She says Guddan wants everyone to come and wants to check everyone’s eyes. She has got masks so she can identify the kidnapper. Perv is dazed.

Scene 2
Laxmi says how do I look? Saru laughs at her makeup. Laxmi says please fix this. Saru fixes her makeup.

Durga says no kidnapper ever came to this house. All of this party is useless. Saru says we have to teach her a lesson. Guddan collides with Perv. She says can’t you see. He says I am in front of you can’t see either. She i makes him wear the masks. Perv stops her hand.

Perv says this is such an old idea. She says old is gold. This mask will show face of the real culprit. Dadi comes and says Guddan I want to do some rituals I know we arranged this party for culprit.. Perv says everyone knows your plan already. Guddan says everyone knows it already. Dadi says there should be dance performances. She says I have to focus on kidnappers. Dad says this way kidnapper would be distracted too.

Perv says how do I save myself from mask party. He wears shades.. He says I can’t do that.
Per comes to Siddhi nd says GUddan is looking for my eyes. Do you wanna laugh? Laugh but you can’t even. I kidnapped Recati and got her married. He throttles her. Guddan comes and says what are you doing. He says I was giving ehr medicine. Guddan says stay awya from Siddhi. He says every husband isn’t like yours. She says don’t do this drama in front of me. Go now. I have to get her ready. Perv says get her ready well.

Guddan is getting ready. AJ comes in. She says why didn’t you knock. He says this is my room. She says a girl lives here too. Her blouse is open she is having her bed behind the mirror. He says move.. SHe says my blouse is open. He says I can tie. She says no.. How will I go downstairs with this blouse. He says why did you arrange the party. She says I arrnaged so much and you keep saying why I did that. I wanna prove you innocent. He says if you have problem I can keep my eyes close and tie t. He ties Guddan’s blouse. She says you had to get ready too? He says yes.

Guddanc comes downstairs. People ask dadi why such late reception. Guddan says you don’t need duration to celebrate and be happy. Dadi says Guddan is right. Kaushliya meets dadi. She says Guddan is so lucky. Durga says yes she is very lucky. Perv says hello mother in law. I mean mother of mother in law. You got gift for her? She says yes it is my daughter’s reception.
Perv asks Revati dance with me. Guddan comes with Siddhi and places the wheelchair between them. Sh says I knew you would miss Siddhi. Spend time with your wife. Guddan says I was scared he would come close to you. Revati says please listen.. Guddan says I hate that perv. Revati says this is important. Please listen.

Revati talks to Guddan. Guddan asks what are these masks for? why you look scared? Revati recalls Kaushalia arranging her wedding with Perv. She is about to tell her but AJ comes there, he sees them and turns to leave but Guddan says you can stay here, you are a relative too, dont worry. Revati whispers to Guddan that when did you start trusting him? you always said that he married you by cheating. Guddan says I dont think like that anymore, he cant do it ever. Revati says I want to attend professional workshop for baking but you know Maa. AJ says I know a good school, I will talk for your admission. Guddan says see he easily solved your problem. Revati leaves. AJ recalls Guddan’s words that he can never cheat her. He says Thank you. She is shocked and says you said

thank you to me? Guddan says sorry for putting your life in danger. AJ thanks for taking care of Maa, Guddan says sorry for messing with your wife’s photo. AJ says thank you for bringing it. They both smile at each other. Aj smiles and leaves. Guddan laughs and says I feel good by saying sorry to him, I will find kidnapper today.
In party, Perv is there and thinks to stop Guddan. Guddan comes there. Dadi makes her meet guests. Guddan focuses on everyone to find kidnapper. She glares at their eyes. Durga pulls her aside and says stop glaring at them, they are high profile guests. Guddan says yes. Durga says dont do any mistake, its about respect. Guddan says I will find that person after wearing mask, she leaves. Guddan says I want to find kidnapper to save this house’s name, I will find him.

Perv thinks that Guddan must have hidden mask box in her room. He leaves Sidhi’s wheelchair and goes to her room. AJ is already there so Perv hides and finds mask box under bed, he thinks that she cant do anything without this box.

Sidhi’s wheelchair moves towards stairs. Guddan runs and holds her before she can fall. She asks where is Perv? I will find him. She makes her moves away from there and goes to find him.

Guddan comes to her room and finds Perv there. He is stunned to see her. She asks what are you doing here? AJ turns and ends call. Perv says Mr. Agarwal wants to AJ so I came to call him. Guddan says you know about your wife? take care of her, leave. Perv eyes box. AJ asks him to go to Perv. Perv reluctantly leaves. AJ says to Guddan that you did nice by bringing Sidhi to party, Perv will also remain away from your sister. He leaves. Guddan says I will take box with me. She takes box with her. Perv sees it and thinks that if she starts this then I am gone.

Dadi comes to Guddan and says I have been finding you, I have planned boys vs. girls dance, Guddan says what about masks? Dadi says we can make them wear later but this your and AJ’s reception first. She takes box and says I will hide it in my room till then, she leaves. Guddan says Dadi doesnt realize how important it is to find kidnapper.
Perv sees Dadi holding box, he throws Sidhi’s wheelchair towards her, box is about to fall down but Perv holds it and asks if he can help her? I will take it. He takes box and smirks. He thinks I know what to do about these masks. He closes door and hides box.

Scene 2
In party, Dadi says that now girls and boys will dance. AJ says I cant do all this. Dadi says when your mother can do it then why cant you? We will see if you can make Guddan lose or not. Guddan whispers that I cant dance with him, he gives me feels of a teacher.

Dadi says okay, I am old and nobody listens to me. Guddan says dont be angry, I will dance for your happiness, girls will win and make AJ lose too. AJ looks on.