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Guddan on zee world, Monday 12th December 2022 update

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Guddan on zee world Monday 12th December 2022 update, Dadi says I know what you’re going through AJ. He says I wish we could hate her. I would be easy. But enough I can’t hear my heart anymore. I will have to listen to my mind now. Guddan recalls what AJ and dadi said. Antra coems there. Guddan says you did so much for the money. You made me a killer, for a child who was neve there. But what did you get? nothing? I have all the money.

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Now I have everything. I told you, you wont’ take a penny from here. Antra says you have all the calculations. Who knows if I was pregnant, everything thinks I am pregnant. ANd now AJ would leave you and be with me. All you have is money now. Guddan says you win is for a few minutes only. It won’t last very long. Everyone will see your truth. My family would be with me. Antra

says if he is such an idiot imagine how would I use him. You will lose and I will win for sure.
Durga says to Guddan you can’t be weak. I know you are mad at me. But you can’t give up. You have to save AJ from antra. I don’t know how but please stop them. If they leave, antra wont ever let them come back. Who would save them outside? Please stop them.

AJ comes downstairs with luggage. Guddan is in tears. Bhushan comes. He says I can’t believe you are my daughter. I am ashamed to call you that. I am sorry for what I said AJ. I couldn’t see my daughter’s. She has crossed all the limits. Once she left for you and now I am leaving her for you. Please live in my house. you call me father. Let me do my part. You can live there. AJ says no papa.. How can I.. He says I am your father. Bhushan says Guddan you are the sinner. I am ashamed. He says Antra I know your pain. I can’t ease it. But I can apologize. Please forgive me. I want to support you. Please come with me. They leave with Bhushan.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to her room and recalls moments with AJ. Guddan cries. she recalls how she went to Bhushan. She cried. Bhushan said why are you crying. Guddan said I want your help. she asked bhushan to keep Antra and AJ there. He said what if antra finds out? Guddan said I know they would be safe here. Antra has to be exposed.
Guddan tells Durga. she says I cant do all this. Durga says you can do everything. That’s what AJ says.

Bhushan comes to AJ and says I can’t tell how you how I feel saying all this. AJ couldn’t trust you. Guddan says aNtra crossed all limits. It is difficult to see the truth. She hugs bhushan. Bhushand says I know you would win this battle. Your mothers and my blessings are with you always. guddan says if you are with me, I can save my AJ from antra.

Guddan gives money to durga. Durga says what is all this for? Guddan says you helped me. I don’t want to hear that you helped me save my husband and MIL. Durga says I don’t need it. you accepting me as your DIL is my only remorse. I have changed with time. Please trust me. Guddan says I can’t trust you. I have changed with time too. I can’t accept you and I won’t take your favors. So stop the drama and take the money. She leaves.
Durga says I did all that for money and now I don’t want it. I wish I could see Antra’s reality.

Antra says now I know why Guddan got greedy. She went from this small house to Jindal house. I am sorry I said that about your daughter. Kaushaliya says we are embarrassed because of her. Revati says

we can’t forget what she did. Kaushaliya says please drink the soup. You would feel good. Antra says I and AJ can live in any room. Bhushan says you can sleep with Kaushaliya. AJ and I can sleep in hall. AJ says your heart is big. Thank you.
Saru calls Antra. Antra says I have to attend doctor’s call. Kaushaliya takes dadi with her.
Saru says to antra i have to give you a news.
Bhushan says tp Guddan don’t worry. I have made sure AJ and Antra live separately. Guddan is on video call. AJ comes there and hugs Bhushan. He says thank you for all you are doing appa. Bhushan says we are one family. AJ says we were.. And now we are parted. Because of what I did. I was with antra when Gudan was my wife. I forced her to be what she wont’ ever be. We all have to see this day because of me. I know you must be really hurt. Guddan always said she is all that because of you. How could she forget your upbringing? guddan says in heart you forgot our moments. AJ says I don’t know how could she change. She isn’t the same guddan. I really love her. She only loves money. Guddan says you loved me but you didn’t trust me. AJ says I only want to trust her. My heart doesn’t agree but how can I deny things I saw with my eyes. Guddan says your heart made a mistake in understanding me. But it isn’t your mistake. It is Antra’s mistake. I wish you could know why am I doing all this. AJ says I wish we could be back together. But we are so far from each other now.

Guddan cries. AJ is in tears too. AJ sees her picture.

Scene 2
Antra gives Bhushan juice. She says I am part of this house now. Who does all this for people now. Bhushan says don’t say that. He drinks the juice and throws the glass. He sasy juice is so hot. It burned my tongue. Antra says if you lie it would burn. I know you are with your Guddan. I know everything. I have everything on my eyes. When Guddan spoke to durga saru heard. Antra says you made a mistake by trusting her. Bhushan says you can’t do anything to my daughter. She says how would you save yourself? Bhushan picks the phone. Antra takes the phone and video calls Bhushan. She says what are you doing with my dad’s phone. Antra says you will see what I do. She tears her saree. Bhushan says what are you doing. Antra says if you mess with me again, I would defame him everywhere. Guddan says don’t you dare to do all that to my dad. Antra says now you see what I do to him. Guddan says don’t even dare. Antra screams. She says ma.. AJ.. See what happened to me. AJ comes there. AJ says are you okay? Bhushan says there was a lizar it gell on her and her saree got stuck. AJ says go change Antra. Antra smirks and leaves.

Bhushan says she is so dangerous. You have to do something. She can stoop so low. Guddan says dont’ worry. I will do something. Guddan says I won’t silently. You will pay for dragging my dad in all this.
Gudan comes home. Bhushan says why are you here? We are not related to you anymore. AJ says you have everything. Why are you troubling your dad now? Guddan says in heart I have to do this for my papa and family.

AJ says you have everything Guddan. What do you want? Guddan says I don’t wanna see your face. You left your stuff there. AJ says I am sorry you had to bring it here. thank you. Kaushaliya says I don’t even want to see your face after what you did. They all leave. Antra says you do such acting, your dad is an actor too. I know you are scared and that’s why you are here. Guddan says I am scared for my family. Not for myself but you won’t understand. I would ruin your game. Antra says how? Guddan says here are my property and cash deposit papers. I have named everything to you. Take it and get out of my and AJ’s life. You can get these papers checked. After that, you won’t interfere in my an AJ’s life. Antra says you named all this to

me for AJ? But I have to think about what to do.
AJ looks at his stuff. It has all the stuff all Guddan brought for him. He recalls their moments with each other. AJ says we are so far away from each other. We can’t be together.
Gudan prays and says I hope I get my AJ. Nothing is more important than my family.

Antra comes to Guddan and says you were thinkning if I would accept your deal? It was a good deal. But I have two conditions. I would only sign them if you agree. Guddan says you’re having fun right? Antra says I want to win with fun. I want something this money can’t buy. Your loser face is more than anything. I don’t wanna see you happy with AJ. You have to pay for all that you did. I killed my brother for you. I would be happy if you lose your family. Guddan says you want me to marry someone else? Antra says I have chosen the perfect guy for you. Come in guddan’s husband to be. An old man comes in. Antra says you like older men. So now deal is you would divorce AJ and leave his life forever and start a new life with this man. And I would let your live with this guy. His wife died, he is old but is a nice man. He was so excited, he has got his sherwani ready too. The day you marry him I would sign these papers and go away from this family. You can easily do it. Why are you so shocked? Accept this deal or I would ruin your family’s life. Think about it and sign, but don’t delay so your family suffers.

Laxmi hears. Laxmi says Guddan.. Guddan locks herself in her room. She cries and recalls what Antra said. Laxm says please open the door. I know you are hurt. You are not alone. Please open the door. I would tell police everything. Guddan comes out. Laxmi says I can never leave you alone. You taught me to stand by with family. Guddan says my husband and family are in danger. I can’t risk anyone’s life. Laxmi says how can you agree to it. Guddan says I am ready to do anything to save my family. Laxmi says how can you.

AJ thinks about Guddan. He recalls their moments. The song tujhe kitna chahne lagay plays. Guddan sits down and cries as well. They both try to sleeo.

Guddan’s phone rings. It’s AJ. He called her in sleep. Guddan hears his breath. Guddan says I know you are hurt but I have no other way. I can do anything for you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.